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I saw your post on twitter of my fan art!

I started drawing Fan Art at 9:00 and finished it at 9:57. You should see it on your twitter page! :)

Just read the reply..... OK. I love the new update and the graphics are much better. Also I played the ending twice, because first time I did it I flung off the cart. HA HA HA! :)

And I been meaning to ask are the boots behind the table a dead body?

Ok, i'll play it right NOW.

Can you make it after every boss fight you get a checkpoint.

Just saw your retweet. Thanks So MUCH!!! :)

I was asking if you could play a diffrent song.

Can you play any kind of music, if you can how?

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Thanks! I really can't wait for the full game and I was thinking when the full game does come out the 5 gods could be boss fights! Thanks again though! :)


I've rode them, but i'll try again..... (Later).

I got above, but bow do I get on the Comet.

I'm going to sleep and my game just updated since my computer is slow, so I'll get evrerything soon.

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Anytime! And PLZ make more games like this on Itch

I just got home from some stuff and saw yor comment. Last night I thought you were asleep. My game just started updating when I got on my PC, so i'll do it after it updates. Thanks for the advice, because I was jumping on the coments over and over.

Forget it. I lost my last life. I'm probally going to try again tommorow. Filledwith RAGE!



I think I get what to do, but are you talking about jumping on the asteroids?

Thanks! I almost did it I'm going to try again right now!

I got 19 skulls, I have no idea if I missed one or what. I'm going to play again, but when I beat the game with 19 you probally know I was pretty mad! 

I got the duck then lost all my lives. Got the duck, lost all lives. Got the duck 3rd time and finally got to listen to everything it says. Now back to getting all skulls.

I went under the bridge into a hole and I can see the duck, but I have no idea how to get to it. Also i'm on my LAST LIFE. PLZ tell me how to get to it before I fall down and lose my life. Yes the game is on as we SPEAK!

I'll try to find the rubber duck, but i'm only finding 13 skulls. I'll keep looking though!

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Ok i'm going to play it right now again to find everything and I can't wait for the full game to come out. Thanks for clearing the story up for me, it all sounds great and I do remember the god you meet in the end of the demo.

It dosen't matter, its probaly just because my computer is pretty crappy.

What is the story of the game and can you get all companions and skulls in the demo. By the way really enjoyed the game and I maybe screamed a bit falling off the bridges.

Created a new topic Great Game

It was silly and took me a little while to figure out how to beat the game. The ending was even more perfect.

Not Bad!

Im downloading it right now, THANKS!

Every time I click launch it says theres a error.

It wont let me play

why is it not avaible for windows.


You should be able to play it now.

How do I play the other games  its only letting me play 1000 years!!!