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Really fun, but don't like the music that much. It just doesn't pump you up, but thats my only proplem with the game.

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I'm so glad I found this game, because this is exactly the type of horror game we need. I just freaking loved playing it through!

Well then your welcome!

srry for bothering you with the questions, but I played the game and I think it is a really cool concept. I was wondering who is the killer since the player doesn't know or did you want the player to just decide for himself.

Thats what I thought but when I do that nothing happens my dude just puts his head down.

How the heck do I shoot I would like to play, but I can't even get past the first part because I don't know how to shoot

It was really fun and how change the enviorment was fun, but I wish it wasn't so short. Really fun though!

I thought this game was great and loved the combat mechanics and pixle art style. I can't wait for it to be fully released!

This game was so cute and I can't wait for it to be out fully! Had a lot of fun playing it!

I never thought about that, but it is like The Page Master.

I loved playing this game all the way through it. I played it till I got all endings and Iloved the story so much I still can't get over it!

I'm in the 3rd chapter, but so far I love this game and love the jumpscares that get me everytime!


I'm sorry, but this game I just hated it I'm sorry, but I did.

This game has everything I could want and thats why I can't wait for the full version! The art is so cute and I've been looking for a musical game where mash the buttons on time. It was a little funny at some parts. I can't wait for the game to be done, so I hope this game will be a hit for you!

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This Is Not da WAE!

Hey I'm still looking for an artist, if anyone can do that!

My score is 5300! I think it would be cool if the game gets harder the more you progress.

Ok, but still thanks!

Hey thanks for the help, but if you can make music, I would love if you made it for the visual novel! That also means I'll let you play it before it comes out!

I have one, but can you do music or anything else you think will help!

Srry, but what?

Hey! I'm trying to make a Visual Novel. This means I need like background art instead of models. If you can do art that would help!

Hey! I know its been a while since we have talked. Remember when we first started talking, because the game said not for windows. HAHAHAH! Well its doing it again. It might be because I'm using a new computer, but yeah. SO can you fix that for me or tell me what I can do! Also I really wish we could talk more like back then! Still can't wait for the `full game!

Well you are Papyrus the cool guy!

Check your email now.

I don't know if you can do this on Itch, if you can tell me how, but I would like to be able to private message people on itch instead of commenting on games or talk in a discussioun where everyone can see it. Just a suggestion.

I'm 12, so I don't have a paypal account, meaning I was going to make the game free. I'm gonna be the writer for the game, so if you join I'll send you details on the story of the game. I sorrta have game-making experince. `\(- -)/`Eh?

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Ok, I first made a topic saying I need a artist, but now I'm thinking something else. I would like a team so I can make this visual novel I'm thinking of to hopefully be a hit.

I'll need an

  • Artist
  • Programmer
  • And possibly a composer

If you would like to help me through all of this, we could have a whole team and you can talk to me on my gmail- catslavemaster@gmail.com(IGNORE what my gmail name is.) 

If you do join me I'll send you details on my game. I can't pay, so you can get to play my game first if you help me make this game, again, a hit!

Your Welcome.

Your welcome!


I'm having a problem where on the second night if I die I can't click retry, menu, or quit. So if you could plz fix that.

I don't want to say anything about your mom that will offend you, so I'll put it like this. I feel like people should be free with what they want to do and not be judged by other people like there from another galaxy. Your mom was on the wrong puting it all like that. I had fun seeing what happened in your life.

This game wasn't really fun, it was hey lets see if this game can give you a heart attack FUN. Seriously, it scared me and I was sitting in my chair thinking, Jumpscare? Anyways it was fun and scared me (Obovisouly).

This game wasn't fun... It was beuatiful. The music was lovely including going through it, even if it's so short I honestly loved it!