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Who to follow

A topic by WIM Games created Oct 04, 2017 Views: 209 Replies: 5
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I'm looking forward being more social on Itch community but I don't really know who to start following. I mean there must be some people who are popular here and who post interesting content. I'm even looking for indie developers to follow, discuss or share ideas. 

If you have any ideas please let me know. :)


Some celebrity game designers, both indie and less so, are on, but are you after celebrities? Most of the people I follow are either friends and acquaintances from other circles, or else people I met via game jams, and as such it's a rather personal list.

I see. I don't really have any developer friends. I like your idea of meeting people via game jams. 

Thank you for your reply


Feel free to reach out!  I like the look for your game, minimalist & slick!  I am neither famous nor post interesting content (bar releasing a game 3 weeks ago!) but happy to bounce off ideas.

@notimetoplay has a good point with the jams - it is a good way to connect with other devs.  There's also a heap of discord channels out there with devs/players to chat with.  I personally like the Butterscoth Shenanigans discord, these guys have built a great community!  They also have a fun weekly podcast full of industry tips.

I'll reach you out. Thank you for your suggestion!

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Just did a bit of googling and as it turns out, there is a discord channel!  Not well advertised, but might be a good place to start ;)