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What is a good platform to blog about my game development experiences?

A topic by Crazyface Games created Oct 16, 2017 Views: 302 Replies: 7
Viewing posts 1 to 4 seems like a great place to share my games and get some feedback but I was wondering if anyone had a reccomendation for a good platform to share the development experiences with people. I know there is tumblr, medium, wordpress and a few others but I want to be in the right place to interact with people interested in game development.

Any input greatly appreciated!


I personally like to use Twitter. The number of characters is limited and you can't say much but you can use GIF's or other media. What I like about Twitter is that people will interact even if they don't know you. The game development/indie game development community there is pretty big and it is easy to find interesting content to see and give your opinion about it. I can give you a couple of people to follow if you are interested.

Regarding the right place as you say, it's really subjective to me. You can find a platform that you are comfortable in and you can develop your community there or interact with other developers. There is not one "good platform", if you fit well somewhere than it is a good platform for you but for some others it may not be so. 

Thanks for the reply! I am definitely interested in getting some more people to follow on Twitter. I am a heavy Twitter lurker :P But I hope to become more vocal with this whole experience.

You will get there over time 

I follow quite a bit of people on Twitter, here are some people I remember @sylvia_ritter@EC_DanielFloyd@punchesbears@talecrafter.

Maybe you want to check out my twitter following list or we can discuss wider via Twitter. If so here it is my Twitter @WimGames. I'd be glad.


Tumblr is home to many game developers, but interacting with other people is... quirky, as you might have heard. Twitter is good for getting to know people and letting them know what you're up to, but not a blogging platform in any way, shape or form. As for WordPress, I was never fond of their hosted platform, but I have been running their software on my own website for 7+ years now. (Migrating away now for a number of reasons.) already has devlogs for individual projects. The feature looks good to me so far -- as a light user -- and we can hope for per-creator blogs at some point.

My advice? If you can afford the costs, go with your own website. I pay $15 a year for the domain name, and $60 a year for hosting; you may be able to do with less. You'd have to be active on various social media platforms anyway; might as well point everyone back to one central place that represents you.

Speaking of which, another great community for game development is Open Game Art. While somewhat biased, as the name indicates, it's a good place to meet like-minded people and discuss any related topics with them. And pretty much every game development platform has its own, so if you're a fan of a specific language, engine or library look them up.


We've started to create a blogging platform with our devlogs feature, but we'd like to make it more general purpose. If you can tell me more about what you're trying to accomplish maybe we can get something together for you.

Just being able to blog about my experiences in general  and not about a specific project would be super awesome.

A blogging platform would be great for I was planning creating a website for this purpose but I wasn't sure if it would work getting people from here to watch my blogs. 

Adding a search hashtags option would be nice. This way I think more people would notice. I don't know how it is going to work but I'm really looking forward for this platform.