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Home Invasion - made by one person in 10 hours

A topic by TripleRGames created Oct 09, 2017 Views: 276 Replies: 8
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Hello fellow devs,

Welcome to Home Invasion!


Game Logo and title
This is my first ever published game. Its a fast-paced First Person Action game. This game was made for a game jam by one person in around 10 hours using Unity Engine.


Main Menu

Who likes rats? Nobody!

What would you do if you came home from work one late night and you find your house full of them? Start throwing stuff around.

Use almost every furniture item around you to kill as many rats as you can. Keep in mind that they like to multiply and they come in waves.


Throw chairs around
Kill the horrible creature

Have the best of luck and may the Rat God sleep so you can kill his creations.

Get it here -

DISCLAIMER - this game was developed to be a playable prototype. Bugs may be found. I will be happy it you will post bugs and repro-steps here. The game is under development, more items will be added to the house, more and powerful rats will be implemented.

I like the idea of making the game in about 10 hours. It's really cool actually. I have one question though. About the models; how were they done? I'm just curious.

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Thanks for the feedback. 

Regarding the models, most of them were made by using Unity primitives (cubes and planes) because of the short timespan.  I will remake them for the next version.    Others like the sink, bin, bathtub, toilet, chairs, lights and the rat were made using Magica Voxel, a free software that lets you build voxel 3d stuff really easy.

I checked out Magica Voxel, looks like a fun easy to use program so I hope you'll have better models in the future versions. Keep up! :)

I already started working on remaking the models., I will post a devlog these days. First time I modeled something. I'm not that much of an artist, programming is thing lol.

And yeah, Magica Voxel is really easy to use, after watching a 5 minutes speed-modeling of a character I was able to create one on my own.

I checked your Omega game today, really nice concept but I was unable to pass the first "obstacle" when you reach the camp. Shame on me, haha.

I'm out you checked out my game. To pass the camp you need to be quiet which means you need to walk or stop make a few stops. There is a noise meter below but it's kinda unnoticeable (will be fixed in the full version).

Yeah, that was a thing I wanted to mention. When you start the game there is no dialog box where the user can select Full Screen or Widowed. It starts in a Windowed mode, but the window is quite big (I played it on a 15'' laptop screen with 1920x1080 resolution) and the bottom of the screen is blocked by the  Windows Start bar. That's why I couldn't see the noise meter you mention.

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Hello again everybody,

First gameplay trailer is up on my Youtube channel. Any feedback or advice on how I can improve this project is really appreciated.


Hello again. The game was updated today. New models, new sounds, quests and much more were implemented.

Check the new game trailer