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Thank you for playing!

Thank you for playing!

Hi! Thank you for playing.

The AI isn't the best and can be improved a lot (as I already mentioned I plan on switching to active ragdolls for both the player and the enemies) but for the jam it does the job.

And to answer your question, I work as a software engineer as a daily job so yes, all the code is written by myself :lol. It's not the prettiest or the most performant but I got a little rusty with Unity as I didn't really touch in the past year.

Thank you for playing. 

I disabled the collisions of the table because I didn't want it to cause glitches with the enemies as there was not enough time to make the enemies "smarter". 

If I indeed come back to polish this game and add movement using active ragdolls I will also improve the arena.

Fun little game. You should add a scoring system and some attacks/power-ups.

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I had a really good time playing this game. Clever mechanics you got there but you should definitely change the restart key binding. Holding all 8 buttons is a pain in the behind

You should make the character be more snappy when walking. Also you should improve the level generation. Other than that interesting and fun game. I couldn't get past 30 score :(

Aaaand now I hate squirrels. Interesting mechanic indeed. A bit dangerous though for the ones with seasick.

Your cat Alex did a great job with the game. Congrats!!! 

Congrats on finishing your first game. If you polish it a bit more you could turn it into a fun mobile game.

Good luck

A bit addictive once you get the feel of it. With better UI and models I think it would grow into something nice. Good job!

I enjoyed playing your game. One thing that I'd improve is the spawn rate of the water bottles. 

I would also improve the movement and add some effects during the attacks. Other than that a fun little game

Love these types of games (although I couldn't finish it). You did a good job with the story telling part.

Cute little game. 

If you add some power-ups like speed boost, a shield etc and some variety to the level it would become a good mobile game.

Also as it was already mentioned, an indicator about the remaining distance would be a big improvement

Thank you for playing. Gang Beasts was indeed my inspiration. I also tried to implement active ragdolls for movement but I failed miserably :lol and returned to the classic mechanics just to submit a playable game. I want to continue to experiment with the ragdolls in the future

Nice idea. You should add more visual effects and more attacks (avalanche, rain etc)

As @Ender mentioned earlier I would also slow down the character a little. Other than that, keep the levels coming!

Nice game. 

You should try to make the characters walk on different paths. I built the hotels in a straight line and I couldn't loose. Also you should improve the fonts, it's really hard to read the money and health amounts.

Really cool start. I would improve the gravity force after jumping, the character falls really slow and it's sort of hard to land on smaller platforms

Really fun game. I would definitely go for expanding on the idea.

One thing that I would add is different abilities to the characters so that they would help (or incommode) each other. Think about different jump height, speed, weight, double jump, dash etc.

Hi! Really nice and fun little game. I only got to level 5 in my first run but I will continue playing for sure. 

Personally I would continue to expand the idea and have a full game at some point.

Hi! Thank you for playing. Indeed the movement is a bit wonky. The initial idea was to use ragdolls for movement and grabbing/throwing (think about Gang Beasts) but I couldn't get it ready on time due to the fact that I didn't work with ragdolls that much, so I reworked the whole movement mechanics during the last day.

Hi! Thank you for playing. You are 100% right about the mechanics. I will experiment more with active ragdolls and hopefully improve the whole experience of the game.

Hi! Thank you for playing. The initial idea was indeed to use ragdolls even for movement and grabbing/throwing (think about Gang Beasts) but I couldn't get it ready on time due to the fact that I didn't work with ragdolls that much so I reworked the whole movement mechanics to have something playable by the end of the jam. I will indeed experiment more with active ragdolls and hopefully improve the whole experience of the game.

It became more and more ambitious while developing it. The idea was to make a simple find x, y, z objects and leave the island. But ideas started to grow day by day. Because of my daily job I couldn't make it even more impressive. If I put together the days that I spent working on it, it was more like a 2 weeks game. 

I had a great time working on it and playing other entries. Thanks for the feedback and for hosting this jam andddddd.....keep 'em coming!!!

HAHA!!! It seems to me that you really trained it right.

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Unfortunately not. Spamming the click is the only option. I didn't have time to work some more regarding the combat because of my daily job. After 8 hours of programming at work I found it hard to do it again at home for my game LOL.

You can find weapons spread around the island like an axe, a pistol and a katana so you won't have to spam so much as they deal far more damage. With the pistol you can also kill in one shot if you aim for the head.

I really enjoyed playing your game. I beat it in 19 minutes. Am I good or not? LOL

It was a little bit confusing at first, but in the second run I managed to beat it. Nice little game you have here.

Thanks. Yeah, it seems that I forgot to add the Credits txt file in the final archive. It was like 2AM when I submitted the game. I will upload them here as soon as the rating is over because the uploading is disabled at the moment.

Until then you can check the credits here ->

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Haha, thanks. It was a nice little touch to the game, fun to implement. It is also a true friend and helps the player during combat.

Thank you. I will will keep you guys updated on discord with further changes I'll bring to this little game.

Thank you!!!

Nice and challenging one. Good job!!

With a little more work on the controls and more levels it will be a good game. Cheers!

Really enjoyed the turn based-ish idea. Good job. You could do something with the BG music, it's kind of annoying. Also you could add some more sound effects, nicer graphics and in my opinion it will do great as a mobile game. Cheers

Smart idea with the puzzles and the atmosphere. Good job!

I enjoyed it. If you ask me, you should probably increase the fire rate or reduce the cooldown for the special abilities. Cheers