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It became more and more ambitious while developing it. The idea was to make a simple find x, y, z objects and leave the island. But ideas started to grow day by day. Because of my daily job I couldn't make it even more impressive. If I put together the days that I spent working on it, it was more like a 2 weeks game. 

I had a great time working on it and playing other entries. Thanks for the feedback and for hosting this jam andddddd.....keep 'em coming!!!

HAHA!!! It seems to me that you really trained it right.

If by Asset Flip you mean "3D models from asset store put together to create a FPS game with 2 levels, boss battle and puzzles IN LESS THAN A WEEK for a game jam by ONE guy who is a PROGRAMMER not an artist" sure, it's an asset flip. A FREE and web playable asset flip. Thanks for the comment!

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Unfortunately not. Spamming the click is the only option. I didn't have time to work some more regarding the combat because of my daily job. After 8 hours of programming at work I found it hard to do it again at home for my game LOL.

You can find weapons spread around the island like an axe, a pistol and a katana so you won't have to spam so much as they deal far more damage. With the pistol you can also kill in one shot if you aim for the head.

I really enjoyed playing your game. I beat it in 19 minutes. Am I good or not? LOL

It was a little bit confusing at first, but in the second run I managed to beat it. Nice little game you have here.

Thanks. Yeah, it seems that I forgot to add the Credits txt file in the final archive. It was like 2AM when I submitted the game. I will upload them here as soon as the rating is over because the uploading is disabled at the moment.

Until then you can check the credits here ->

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Haha, thanks. It was a nice little touch to the game, fun to implement. It is also a true friend and helps the player during combat.

Thank you. I will will keep you guys updated on discord with further changes I'll bring to this little game.

Thank you!!!

Nice and challenging one. Good job!!

With a little more work on the controls and more levels it will be a good game. Cheers!

Really enjoyed the turn based-ish idea. Good job. You could do something with the BG music, it's kind of annoying. Also you could add some more sound effects, nicer graphics and in my opinion it will do great as a mobile game. Cheers

Smart idea with the puzzles and the atmosphere. Good job!

I enjoyed it. If you ask me, you should probably increase the fire rate or reduce the cooldown for the special abilities. Cheers

Smooth gameplay, nice graphics. Well done! I like that online leaderboard system. I'll look into it myself. Cheers

Add some objectives/story and you will have one neat game. Good luck!

This really had me almost killing my keyboard. Well done haha

As I mentioned in the comments of the game page. Great story, great gameplay!

Thanks for the comment :)

Yeah, possessed humans are really powerful LOL

Really challenging and nice ending. Good luck with the jam.

I finished the game for this game jam. Here's a short video I made for it.

You are an alien. Use your psychic powers to control the population into destroying their planet.

Hello again, today I've worked a little more on the models. Here's a speed modeling video I made.

Hahaa, I feel you bruv. Same for me. One of my 2k18 resolutions is to learn to  make some low poly art in a decent amount of time.

Noice! Looks like I'm not the only one doing voxel art here lol.

Keep it up!!!

Hello fellow devs!

I started today to sketch a game prototype.

After finishing the core mechanics I decided to chill while doing some modelling.

As I'm no artist I used Magica Voxel software to model some of the people, cars and buildings. This is what I came up with.

Please note that both the male characters were made in the past for an update of another project of mine, hosted here, on, called Home Invasion. The girls were made on the male's skeleton.

Chars and Cars
People and Cars
Some of the buildings

Hello again. The game was updated today. New models, new sounds, quests and much more were implemented.

Check the new game trailer

Yeah, that was a thing I wanted to mention. When you start the game there is no dialog box where the user can select Full Screen or Widowed. It starts in a Windowed mode, but the window is quite big (I played it on a 15'' laptop screen with 1920x1080 resolution) and the bottom of the screen is blocked by the  Windows Start bar. That's why I couldn't see the noise meter you mention.

I really like that you want to revive the classic RTS genre and I hope that this project will see the daylight as a full game which I know it's a difficult task for small indie studios.

I'll definitely check your demo as soon as I find some time. The first game I ever played was Age of Empires so this will awake some memories haha.


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Hello again everybody,

First gameplay trailer is up on my Youtube channel. Any feedback or advice on how I can improve this project is really appreciated.


I already started working on remaking the models., I will post a devlog these days. First time I modeled something. I'm not that much of an artist, programming is thing lol.

And yeah, Magica Voxel is really easy to use, after watching a 5 minutes speed-modeling of a character I was able to create one on my own.

I checked your Omega game today, really nice concept but I was unable to pass the first "obstacle" when you reach the camp. Shame on me, haha.

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Thanks for the feedback. 

Regarding the models, most of them were made by using Unity primitives (cubes and planes) because of the short timespan.  I will remake them for the next version.    Others like the sink, bin, bathtub, toilet, chairs, lights and the rat were made using Magica Voxel, a free software that lets you build voxel 3d stuff really easy.

Hello fellow devs,

Welcome to Home Invasion!


Game Logo and title
This is my first ever published game. Its a fast-paced First Person Action game. This game was made for a game jam by one person in around 10 hours using Unity Engine.


Main Menu

Who likes rats? Nobody!

What would you do if you came home from work one late night and you find your house full of them? Start throwing stuff around.

Use almost every furniture item around you to kill as many rats as you can. Keep in mind that they like to multiply and they come in waves.


Throw chairs around
Kill the horrible creature

Have the best of luck and may the Rat God sleep so you can kill his creations.

Get it here -

DISCLAIMER - this game was developed to be a playable prototype. Bugs may be found. I will be happy it you will post bugs and repro-steps here. The game is under development, more items will be added to the house, more and powerful rats will be implemented.