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Submitted by exewin — 2 days, 7 hours before the deadline

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Maybe too ambitious for a one month jam but wow did you get far!

Core mechanics are all here and while it could still use some polish in a few places, the overall presentation is very impressive!

Giving names to all the little Knights and warriors was a great touch and the building descriptions are really fun!

It does have a bit of a laid back feeling to it, being as you never directly control or order anybody about.  But I kind of liked that.  

The only missing feature I'd say would be some kind of countdown to the next attack and maybe an indicator of how strong the attack will be.

I guess it's also a bit on the easy side.  I never had enough gold to hire many soldiers, so I literally lost every battle until I finally happened upon a few gold mines and after that I won every battle!

Music was also very well chosen.  Fit the setting, mood and tempo of the game perfectly.

Great work! And seriously impressive how much you got done in one month!


brilliant, i haven't played a game like this for ages, well done.:)


This was the first entry that i played until the end. I really liked the ancient structures, the way the shacks were different, the variety of buildings, etc. Relaxing playthrough. If combat had a more active rpg-style that would be killer! Good job though i enjoyed.


Awesome PO TA TOES!


I loved the little references "I am groot" made me smile. Definitely has the potential for a nice mobile app


Glad you liked it :) However I'm not planning to make my game mobile.


I had a pleasant twenty minutes of immersion playing your game (once I read closer and realized I should hold down the right mouse button to collect, not just click it). The music was well picked, and the difficulty level was not too hard. The names and mottos of the soldiers were a nice touch. I look forward to if you decide to develop the game further.


Thanks... and yes, I will work on this project after the jam. :)


I really enjoyed playing your game. I beat it in 19 minutes. Am I good or not? LOL


I think it's really good for the first time :)


I enjoyed this game. Usually attrition and upkeep annoy me in this genre but this felt natural and well-balanced.


Thanks :)


Oohh I like this game! Even though the attacks begin quickly for a slowpoke like me :p Did you make the music yourself?


Thanks! And nope, I did not create music (I'm bad at that :)), but I'm pretty satisfied with tracks I've found. 


They were great choices, they really recall that Settlers feeling.