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Bug Report:

- Chosing a resolution of 1024x768 and full-screen option, from the Unity3D first configuration window, game menù appears cutted on left and right and wrong-scaled (as if it's rendered at an higer resolution); at the following link you can find an in-game screen shot (under the sub-directory v0.0): https://mega.nz/#F!J0dxULIZ!jXpeQlJFeMV4Vhu9EZ87hw;

- When the "engine blown" message pops out, the game won't return to main menù, like it automatically does when the "you lost" message appear a the end of a race instead, so the only way to exit it's through an ALT-F4 key combination.

Thanks for your attention.

Bug Report:

When I try starting this game, an error message pops out telling that a folder named "Tank_Beta_Data" should be present in the installation directory near the main game executable.

Thanks for the attention.

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Bug Report:

- When the bathroom door on first floor becomes unlocked and I found a paper sheet note, marked with a "READ" text, on a table inside this room, I can't read that one because, only here, "E" key seems not functional;

- The Arcade game located behind the demolished wall on the ground floor, becomes active only after I interact with the glass jar with some money, located in the bathroom ;

- If opened, the 3 doors of the furniture the knife in kitchen is left over begin rounding on theirs hinges non-stop;

Thanks for your attention

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Bug Report:

On Linux Build, played on a Lubuntu 16.04.2 installation, kernel, I can start the game only from installation directory (double-clicking on the main executable or via the LXTerminal), while trying running the game pressing the start button of itch.io desktop app I get an error message ("application crashed. process exited with code 1"); at this link you can find the app generated error report: https://mega.nz/#F!NxU0RLQI!fxin2DEdZNsj0QhNkkLwkA

Thanks for your attentions and your work.

Since you've marked this game as a Prototype in the "More information" section, I assume that you'll make some update in the future, so I report you this bug: when I press the spacebar key while fish is just below the water surface, it suddently jump with an excessive force

Thanks for your attention.

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Really glad to be usefull!

About the full-screen bug, I've to say that running many Linux builds of Unity3D games between the end of 2015 and 2017 (not less than 100 for sure) I have experienced that one very rarely (unfortunatly I can't remember some games titles now) even using an experimental mesa driver version (a daily build of a development branch) and an integrated graphic card that suports OpenGL version up to 3.3 only. Before that period, sure I remember that when Linux support for Unity3d engine came out, years ago (and the Engine Editor Linux version wasn't released yet),  games where often full of graphic drivers related bugs like that one (expecially with Mesa and Ati-Catalyst drivers). So maybe it's something related with your Unity3D Engine version, as you have said. However I can't exclude that on Unity3D forum there is some work-around that avoids you from change the Engine version.

Anyway as always thanks for your attention and your work!

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Bug Report:

On Linux Build: - Once installed, at first run game starts with main volume setted to zero;

- Down-Arrow key isn't functional so I can't drive backwards if I get stuck in front of some ambient obstacle;

- You should make the driver's head camera not rigidly constrained by the vehicle movements (expecially the fast going up/down that occurs driving over bumps and gutters) because, without a minimum visual shaking absorbement (like our bodies naturally does while driving) after a while you could experience an effect of eye fatigue and/or nausea;

Anyway, thanks for your attentions and your work.

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Bug Report:

On Windows Build, played on Windows 7 with an HD3000 intel graphic card (1.5 GB Ram, DirectX11/OpenGL 3.3  compatible,  and driver version, I see that every game areas 3D model it's "covered" with a translucent pink/violet texture that ruins all colors; maybe it's something related with alpha textures.

At this link you can find a couple of screenshots: https://mega.nz/#F!toFFQIDD!ttdqTlhAc2i7EiU7wMvwbA

Thanks for your attention and your work.

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Bug Report:

On Linux build v0.1.3: - every time an info-message pops out on the screen bottom (grey colorerd and without voice comment), because of Rebecca interaction with some area element (the strairs in the corridor, the magneticly locked door, Chris...) I was unable to move or stop the character with mouse clicking because mouse becomes inactive until the info-message disappear;

- in the first room, if I open the drawer and then I click on the floor right under it, Rebecca positioning herself with her legs passing through that drawer;

- with an intel HD3000 graphic card (OpenGL 3.3 compatible) and mesa 17.2.0 driver installed (Lubuntu 16.04, kernel, when I choose the fullscreen option in the Unity3D first options window, that pops out on program launching, if I set a resolution lower than the screen max one's (1366x768) then, at game start, the main menù window it's positioned size-reduced and wrong scaled on the bottom-left of the screen, and also mouse becomes not interactive with menù elements (the "Play" text only changes its color when clicked ). At the following link you can find a couple of screenshots and a txt file with my complete mesa driver specs: https://mega.nz/#F!IxlFyaYD!7fIrclYiTmmO_Ia3ft4EIA.

Thanks for the attention and for your work.

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Bug Report:

On Windows Build, v 1.01 x64bit, I've find out that setting up a graphic configuration that increase or decrease the average fps results in a sensible variation in the character walk speed. You can  verify it, in that puzzle at the beginning of the third session where there is a big red floor that you have to make emerge from the wall on your left and you have to use as a bridge to reach the passage to the next area. For me, reducing of an half the render scale (from 100% to 50%), with all other graphical properties setted at their lowest value, (screen resolustion = 1024x768), the fps increase from  15-20 to 40-70: with the first one the walk speed is so low that it's impossible to cross the bridge in time (really, I've tried many many times but I can walk only up to 2/3 of the "bridge" and a last jump is useless), while with the second one I crossed it easly and rapidly. I suspect that it's something related with the combination of the floor movement, the walking and the presence of many light on both sides fo the floor that require an higer elaboration time, in fact with the configuration that lowered the fps, untill I don't start that animation and I only walk in the room, fps it's around 20 but it drops to 14-15 when floor moves and I walk on it.

Thanks anyway for the attentions and your work.

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Are you planning to add a graphical sub-menu' for graphic options fine-adjustment ?.

I was curios to try this game but the default graphic settings are too hight for my machine. So I've tried to manually change many variables values in your "DefaultSystemSettings.ini" and "UDKSystemSettings.ini"  (located under ..figure-8\UDKGame\Config\) but there are too many options and configurations, and also some of those ones keep to be resetted on every game restart.

Thanks anyway for the attention.

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About the "Bug Reports" section, you can add topic sub-pages to your main project page, like in this other project page (look at the bottom page, section "Community" posts): https://r00k.itch.io/rust-dust; By clicking the "Bug Reports" topic link (this one created by me), you will be redirected to a new page where you can see it's possible to add new  posts clicking on "New Reply" button (or "Post" button at the bottom page), and reply to each new message like with a regular comment (with the exception of the first message so that it can be used to describe the topic purpose and, for istance, the bugs posting segnalization rules).

However, it has to be noticed that, for now, itch.io make you choose in the project edit page, section "Community", between have only a section for simple comments or an organisable/plain section for Community topics (discussion board), not both a the same time. So, switching to the second option, you will have a confusing plain list of topics, one for the Bug Reports, and every other one for every single comment.

Also I've make some test in a Community topic organization, trying making categories and sub-categories for Bug Reports and regular comments, and I have to say that it's a little confusing to use and buggy.

Maybe in the future they'll add the ability to create a separated section only for Bug Reports, as they have already done for the "Develog Section".

We will see...

Thanks for the attention.

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Thanks for the update, I've just tried the new version (Linux build).

By the way, I've noticed that in the chamber blocked by the stretcher, if Rebecca is near the fuse but turned of the shoulders  from the camera, she won't grab that fuse even if I click on it since it's visible in between her foots.

Also can I ask if you can add a game page "Bug Reports" specific topic (or something like that), so we can avoid spoiling, in case, story elements while talking about bugs in the regular comments?

Thanks in advance for you attention.

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In my opinion, there is something about your approach in showing the flying through a big city with an helicopter, in terms of graphics/audio/ physics, that evokes a particular sense of freedom (especially at night). The idea of a copter-driver job (but not necessarily only as taxy driver) it's new and could be explored through many game modes: a would prefer a free-carreer-mode/build-your-own-company experience (without a fixed or semi-scripted storyline). In these game types, usually are audio/physics and logics that really keeps the gamer attention hight. However a more study in deep of procedural detail generation, random events (for instance in passengers/clients interaction) and a movie-like graphics enhancements (in terms of lights, colors, textures and environment dynamics in sky and ground) could take this game to a new level of entertainment, where it's like you're discovering something new every time you play.

For what concerns time trials challenges, maybe they can be integrated in the taxy job itself: for instance, some passenger may need a fast run towards his destination, but for some reason you can't flight where you want (and so you're forced to fly even between buildings as fast as possible).

I hope you'll find the right alchemy in mixing all these elements (and/or finding new better ones)!.

Thanks for your attentions.

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Bug Reports (On Windows build 0.1 pre-apha): - decreasing screen resolution, (in my case from 1366x768 to 1024x768 or 800x600) the main options/controls/load/save.... menù elements (buttons and text) become progressively smaller (and nearly unreadable);

- "Save" main menù button is functional before starting/loading a new game;

- When the "Day Review: check your profit for today" pops out, mouse pointer remain hidden and inactive, so it's impossible to click "Close" button (nor Esc key closes that message);

- While flying, the blue arrow pointing to some point of interest/destination sometimes disappear (indipendentely of the helicopter);

- In a time trial challenge (at night), if I destroy my copter before the end, then, after manually loading the last saved game (without first exit the program), I noticed that many of the remainig ring-checkpoint are still visible (from the crash point on), and some helicopters keep  flying trough them. If I then re-try the time-trial challenge, the new generated checkpoints are all green until I reach the previus crash point, and many "fear notification" pops out randomly;

Thanks for the attention.

Created a new topic Bug Reports
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- In deathmatch mode I've managed to completely make disappear enemy's vehicles by "converting" to my team any new vehicle right after it is generated in every "generation" map point: so, since that points position seems to be not dynamic, it's like if i've putted a "bottle stopper" on them and no more vehicles pops out. Unfortunately I was unable to save the victory result in game ranking because in this particular case it isn't possible to properly end the match (it's like if I haven't won). Thanks for the attentions.

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First Rebecca walk near Chris, then, when she stop near him, her legs start moving left and right very rapidly while Chris legs animation "walking backwards/rotate" starts playing at the same time (Chris doesn't change his position anyway).

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Bug reporting: - With Linux build, after a first complete run untill the end, restarting the game from the main menù (without closing the program first), I was able to open the first locked door without the key and then some scripted actions won't start trying to interact with other rooms elements;

- If I point Rebecca to Chris, she will keep move against him until clicking elsewhere.