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Hi and thanks for the 2.5 update!

I've posted a feedback in the "Ver. 2.5 Released!" development thread.


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Hi and thanks for the 2.5 update!

This time I've managed to replay it again from the very begin and I've just completed all of the available episodes, extra-modes and all achievements unlocked as well (even though, strangely enough, the percentage of completion is stuck at 93% no matter what I do).

There are some minor translation issues (from Russian to English) with dialogues in the new secret episode in respect to the previous chapters, which are much more readable and fluent, (maybe it needs some proof reading, but is understandable anyway).

Other minor bugs are present here and there concerning: word-spelling, background audios, sound-fx, some animation and the game mechanics in turn-base combat, but nothing that you can't easily spot yourself (if you'll have the time needed for a slow replay of course).

There are only some bugs I'm reporting here:

- 1) With English language selected, some sentences are written in Russian:

[in Extra Episode 2]:

[the following 2 I don't remember where I've seen them]:

[Look on the upper left angle]:

- 2) The language selection choice is not persistent (it's asked again at each game launch);

- 3) In "Mercenaries" mode, in all of those stages where there are the two "Stage Layout" / "General Layout" options, selecting the first one, the character selection list allows to choose "None" for each available character slot so that is possible to start a match with no characters at all (also this cause a RenPy system exception);

- 4) In "Classic Mode" game difficulty, loading from any save slot (created in that game-mode) the first screen always show the Save Window with a typewriter in the background and the save options; only selecting "no" it brings you back to the safe room;

Again, there are then other minor issues that could be reported, but this time, instead of going on making a never ending list of annotations and feature requests, I'd rather like to simply ask you what are your plans for the future.
After the last update, will the development be based only on player feedbacks and feature requests or you're still following a particular road-map?
And if there's a road-map, which features and modifications have you planned that still have to be implemented? Even more episodes?

I'm asking this because I've had some ideas for this game that would need some changes and restructuring but naturally, at the same time, I don't want to interfere with your own vision and style choices.

Basically I was thinking of the possibility to see this game "jumping" into the 3-rd dimension (even without changing the game engine, using the right techniques).

Just consider this: transforming this massive opera (I mean, even fast-forwarding (or "speed running") a good portion of all available contents I've still needed more than 7 hours to complete only the stories again and a total of 8 and a half to reach 100%) the game could have basically tons of new contents that can be added for the coming years without changing anything in the story.

The story script is extremely detailed to the point that animations, dialogues, cinematic cut-scenes and environments/locations are already there to be translated into the 3D world.

Audio features are already interesting at this stage (the old-school-like ambience musics have a really deep impact on the game experience just like in the original game series).

It's also interesting how the static background images used in the episodes are just basically like fix-camera angle points of view so even here the environment and camera design choices would be rather guided already.

Puzzles are already in the spirit of the classic titles and there are a lot of combat elements (that however would probably need a redesign for the sake of a 3D modern game).

In other words, from a game-developing point of view, this product is like a complex middle-stage interactive proof of concept of a potential big product like a real Biohazard game.

There are parts of the story in some episodes, some moments were, after 20 years, I was feeling again just like when I was playing the originals, I've felt something again; and I'm talking about the emotional bond with a character, the situations it's dealing with and the sensations/emotions the way the places it explores are designed/presented can evoke, and not about jump-scares-driven fear or gore/splatter-driven disgust, of which I couldn't care less.

All of these aspects are what had made me wonder how far we could go with a project like this.
There's even no constraint on the 3D part: it could be a 3D-like game, not a full 3D game: that is, RenPy could be used to fake 3D without using 3D real-time models, (the fixed camera angles with pre-rendered backgrounds are a first feature of this kind already compatible with the engine).

But I'm talking too much as usual....well, anyway, let me know what you think, and again
thanks for your work!

TL/DR: If you need the details about those other minor issues I've noticed in the last update let me know as well and I'll post about it in this thread again.

Hi and thanks for the v2.12 update.

If you're interested I've written a feedback in the comment section of v2.12 developement update post.

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Hi and thanks for the update!

I'm happy you've not stop development considering the almost zero interest and support you've have been given since the v2.0 release (for what I've seen here and on YouTube so far).

Unfortunately I've had not much time to test again all episodes and extra modes since v2.1 but I'd like to give you some additional feedback anyway.
Also, note that the following reported bugs and suggested features are referred to v2.1 and that have not been explicitly mentioned in the v2.12 devlog so some of these could still be valid while other could have been fixed/implemented already.

[ BUGS ]:

1) Save files generated via both default and custom save functions do not retain the difficulty level that was active when said save was done, so that only the last (persistent) difficulty level, selected via the "START" button, is always applied after loading a previous save;

2) Save-slots thumbnails are not generated correctly by saving via typewriters and similar, for reference in safe room - 4th floor Relict bulding - Episode 1:
--> [Save slot generated via default RenPy save function]

--> [Save slot generated using typewriter at same point]

This could indicate that custom save function first moves you automatically to the "Options" screen, like if that screen was part of the game images sequence, and then makes a call to the actual RenPy save function, while it should directly call the default save function at the last viewed game image.

The same behaviour could also be reproduced (in any RenPy game) with the default RenPy save command like this:
-- while in game, right click to automatically moving to the "options" menù / "save" tab;
-- move to the "load" tab;
-- move back to the "save" tab;
-- select a save slot to actually save and check the generated thumnail for said slot.

The side effect is also that, trying loading from said slot, game will bring you to the options menù / save tab again instead of moving you back to the last viewed ingame image;

3) In the following scene:

Ada's figure covers the numeric keypad where the access password has to be input (assuming you've to click on its area to move on), which keypad, when visible, also appears too blurred and not highlighted;

4) Some background music doesn't make a seamingless loop (there could be more than the following reported ones):
-- Episode 1, Chapter 2, Cafe (Safe room) at 4th floor;
-- Episode 1, Chapter 2, during the first fight;
-- Episode 3, Chapter 1, Stage (Safe room);

5) In Episode 3, Chapter 1, after taking the coins in the phone booth, returning to the restaurant and trying using the vending machine, Clare still says she has no coins and, moreover, after completed this episode, the coins counter in the items list showed while trading with the merchant remains at zero;

6) There is an inconsistency in game behaviour when the protagonist enters a room and, once all the available options have been checked, he/she says there is nothing to do in the current room: in some case the room name is removed from the navigation options list after exiting it, while most of the time the room name is still visible after the same condition occur (even if there is no actual need to come back there).
Personal opinion: It would be better if all rooms remains reachable in said condition.
For instance:
--> in Episode 3, Chapter 1, at the Book Store, the handwritten note point out many places to explore in order to proceed with the story; however, after the fake plastic book is taken and Claire says there's nothing to do in that room anymore, going back outside,  said room is removed from the navigation options list and that document cannot be red anymore. Thus each time I forgot where to go next (following that list of places) I'm forced to rolling back until said note image shows up again.
So, since (for now) any founded document cannot be red at any time ingame, like it can be in any classic Biohazard game, if one needs reading a document again it should be allowed to go back where said document was found;

[ NICE TO HAVE FETURES (Personal Option) ]:

1) Only at the very first game start, the language selection option could be prompted just after the intro video, avoiding seeing any text in foreing language before entering the main game menu (also the language selection option could be prompted like this: on top just use the word "language" repeated and translated in each supported language, and below it display a list of buttons each with a national flags and the corresponding language name translated accordingly);

2) [By leaving the current UI/Save mechaninc untouched]:

- 2A) Currently the difficulty level, choosen after clicking the main menù "START" button, persists in each episode unlocked, unless one clicks the "START" button again and chooses a different game mode --> this UI/Save mechanich should be explained somehow;

- 2B) The main menù could show the current difficulty level choosen for all episodes;

3) [Alternative UI/Save mechanic]:

- 3A) Since each episode can be replayed individually, the difficulty-level/game-mode selection could be prompted after choosing each episode instead, thus there shouldn't be a persistent difficulty level for all episodes anymore;

- 3B) Only at the very first game start, disable the "EPISODES" button in the main game menu, leaving the "START" button only, and then, after starting the first episode, since the "START" button isn't necessary to set the difficulty level each time anymore (because of previous point), show the "EPISODES" button and hide the "START" one (and make the "EPISODES" button text as bigger as the "START" one);

- 3C) Adding a standard Biohazard inspired save names pattern under each save slot (including episode, game-mode, chapter/building name and map detailed location, like room name);

- 3D) Graphical refactoring of the save page in the spirit of classical Biohazard titles (BH4 is a nice example); 

4) Implementing a third hard-mode, like a real original mode difficulty, that should -include at least:

- no RenPy default saves;
- no auto-saves;
- no skipping function (more on that in the ranking system suggestions down below);
- no roll-back after choices (including those made in fights) which, remaining enabled, could still be used as a (partial) workaround for the missing save features;
- no puzzle solution help via "character thoughs" option;
- ink-ribbons/cassette-tapes/floppydisks become required items for saving, to be searched in the explored areas;
- persistent ammunitions count determined by the quantity found exploring the areas of a single episode and the amount spent during each fight by the same character in that episode;

- 4A) If said hard-mode were implemented as suggested ]:

-- it should be a feature unlockable by completing each episode in classic-mode;

-- some puzzle should be slightly changed to make them solvable without the "character thoughs" option.
For instance, in Episode 2 - Chapter 2 - Lybrary, the password becomes a little complicated to found from the given text written in the open book

without using the "Elza's thoughs" option, because the colors associacion with 3 of the 6 highlighted words is not univocal (considering the available colors):
--- the sea could be either blue or cyan;
--- a lightning could be seen as white or yellow;
--- the word "firmament" could be intended as a starry sky (at night) rather than the sky at day time so it could be either associated with "black" or "blue".
So, try guessing the code, then there are 8 different combinations to input at least, because of those 3 words (2 possible colors for each one) wich again makes the puzzle a little tedious to solve;

5) If you don't like naming each mode directly by its difficulty level, (easy/normal/hard etc..) that difficulty level could be written as a side note near each level option name;

6) Adjusting the maximum reaction time allowed in quick time events with game difficulty level (the higher the lever the lower the max reaction time);

7) Implementing achievements/unlockable features/items based on the difficulty selection;

8) Adding a persisten Item Box accessible in the "extra" menu, displaying all the owned/unlocked items, each with an image and a description;

9) Adding an in-game status menù in the spirit of classic BH games, with at least a map and a browsable list of each document found in current episode;

10) (Already implemented in v2.12): In turn based combat, owned weapons and abilities should have each one a brief description of its peculiarities (like action range, hitting points) to be written in the UI after hovering its thumbnail to help better choosing which item to use;

11) Adding a "factory reset" button in the "options" menu, allowing to start the game from zero, without the need of manually deleting each save directory, which are specifically the "<INSTALL_DIR>/game/saves" folder and the OS-related renpy save directories:
- [ Linux ] --> "/home/<USER_NAME>/.renpy/RELICT-XXXXXXX";
- [ Windows ] --> "C:\\users\<USER_NAME>\%APPDATA%\RenPy\RELICT-XXXXXXXX";
- [ MacOS ] --> "/User/<USERNAME>/Library/RenPy/RELICT-XXXXXXXX";

12) Since the typewriter in the "episodes" tab has interactable keys (very nice touch by the way), it could be added to said typewriter a writing feature to be used to input secret codes, where if you first click any keys or a particular key of current typewriter image, then a keys array of a classical typewriter shows up allowing to write on a sheet of paper.
This at first could even be an unlockable feature working like this:
--> at the very first game start, in said typewriter there are missing keys that have to be found throuthout the game in order to be able to use its keyboard and then, when all missing parts are found, it becomes a functional keybord to be used to input secret codes.

13) A safe-room should be named as such only after the player notices first a typewriter and (eventually) an item-box in there (by clicking the "explore" button already implemented in many room navigation options list).
Initially, said room name could be based on the room function in the context where is located and then, after it's recognized as a safe-room, that new info could be added as an extra label after the original room name.
For instance, in Episode-1 the safe room is a Cafe so it should be named first as "Cafe" and then as "Cafe - saferoom" or "Cafe (saferoom)"); this way it should be easier to move back to safe rooms when there are multiple rooms to choose from in the navigation options;

14) In rooms with only one way access, the entrance/exit door should be indicated consistently, for instance it could be indicated as "EXIT".
For reference, in the following rooms the entrance is named each time differently:
- in Episode 1 - Chapter 2 - Cafe (saferoom) -->  [ BACK ];
- in Episode 2 - Chapter1 - Staff room (saferoom) --> [ DOOR ];
- in Episode 2 - Chapter 1 - Library --> [ EXIT ];

15) Implementing animated character figures in place of still images;

16) In Episode 3, Chapter 1, the sequence of steps required to unlock the Museum entrance door is not clear enough:
Since there's only one option simply named "Open", by selecting it the first 3 times in a row Claire still repeats basically the same sentence so that one would think it's useless to try it again.
In my case I stopped after the second attempt and, after completing all of the other tasks still available in the area, in the first run of that Episode, I was thinking there was some sort of bug preventing the story to go further.
Then I've tryed replaying the episode from the beginning multiple times repeating the same steps and at last I've tried clicking on that door lock multiple times randomly and the game finally had continued.
That action button text should change instead after each interaction inviting the player to click it multiple times, as required, in a sequence like this:
"Open the door" --> "Try open again" --> "Try forcing the door lock" --> "Try breaking the door lock".

That's all for now and thanks again for your time and your work!

Hi and thanks for this very quick update!
This game is really going in the right direction, in my opinion.
I really appreciate that you've even taken into account some of my suggestions.
Also, since I wish more people will know about it, to make this project noticed more you should publish it also on other websites like gamejolt and steam; an announcement post in many of the Resident Evil/Biohazard fangames reddit threads and a personal reddit dedicated thread wouldn't be that bad aswell.

I've made a clean install of version 2.1 and started playing from the beginning again.
When I've tested it enough I'll let you know.

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I and really thank you for this game!.
I've completed most of it (I'm at 93% currently, nearly 9 hours of playing), and tested all of the extra modes so I'd like to report some bugs/difficulties encountered along the way (up to now).


1) English translation is almost complete and understandable but there are some sentences still in Russian like the following ones (and I'm not sure if there are more of these since I've also skipped some dialogs here and there throughout the game for lack of time on my end):
- In episode 3-extra, after an "input code" option:

- In Spencer quiz, after the first 10 questions, all of the advanced ones, like this one:

- In Alex Wesker quiz, the 10th question:

By the way, in order to complete those quiz I've had to unpack the main .rpa game archive and analize the .rpy source files.

- The following texts in the achievements page:
--> (see "Explorer"achiev.)

--> (see achiev. with Elza Walker thumbnail)

2) Mercenaries-Mode boss battle page is missing a "return"/"exit"/"back"  button, while the regular mercenaries mode battle pages don't:

3) The achievements page shows some issues:
- After completing the X-Episode all of the achievements got unlocked while there were many of those that weren't before that point, because I know I had not completed the required steps to unlock those;
- After that, achievements count shows an incorrect value of 33 unlocked elements over 31, as shown by in-game screenshots above (but if you count them there are 33 rows 31 of which are shown in English while the remaining 2 are in Russian);
- When all achievements are locked, their list is fully visible from start to end:

while, after more than 20 or so are unlocked, list height seems to grow so that the last row becomes partially/fully hidden (is the "Checkmate" achiev. in my case):

[ Gameplay Mechanics (Personal Opinion) ]

1) About the secret code required to unlock the X secret episode, game gives (only after some "extra-mode" activity) 2 options:
- find it in a place that is so generically described that it would be necessary to replay all of the chapters (and deal again with all of  the included puzzles, routes and combat minigames) to locate said place in the first place;
- decode a secret (unlockable) message;
Since the first option was a little too much, I tried the second one; however, in that case, game does not give you all the tools required to fully decode it, but instead the last needed step forces the player to use a rather unusual procedure with an external audio program and the OS system mixer (I won't spoil too much for whoever is reading this and has not completed this task yet), which would most probably cause the less experienced PC useres to simply give up. Also what would happen if, for some OS/Hardware limitation/problem, that required procedure is not feaseble anyway?.
Even if, instead, you'd like to use an external recording device, like a smartphone with the right app and audio recording capabilities, that would also be discriminating between those who can afford a smartphone with those functions and those who can't.
A solution would be to give the player an unlockable tool at the end of some extra task to allow you to decode the code directly in-game.
Finally, the game does not give a really understandable clue on where the secret code has to be input in after been decoded (in my case I've found the code input location only by chance);

2) Since game mainly revolves around dialogs and place descriptions rather than images and direct environment exploration, remembering a place location only by its name is challenging and it's even more so to even remember in which main or extra episode that place has been reached.
So for instance, when the following key is obtained:

I simply cannot remember what place said "Aeolus Edge lab." is, nor that "door 505" and in which episode I was supposed to reach them, so without additional infos the only way to found that door is by replaying all episodes from start (this is the same problem decribed previously at point (1) ).

3) Save functions: by disabling the default RenPy in-game save function (that can be used at any time otherwise) and forcing to use only your custom save function (typewriter/tape recorder/floppy-disk drive) you could make this game even more similar to a real old-school Biohazard game. In fact, in its current state, exploiting the default save function, it becomes quite simple to solve certain types of puzzle and it's even simpler to win in turn-base combat.
For instance it could be disabled in a hard game-mode level while in a novice-easy game mode both save functions can be used.

4) It would be helpful to have a quick in-game tutorial about the turn base combat system, expecially as soon as the first match begins in the first main episode (at least in a easy game mode), rather than having to read an help guide with only some info about it in the extra section mercenary-mode menù and only when (and if) you notice it in there.
In fact, in my case, it has taken some time to fully manage this system, given that I had zero knowledge of turn base combat before playing this game.

5) Mercenaries mode could be an unlockable feature like in the original BH games (I know there is the Hunters mode already but that is a well enstablished tradition too).

Anyway, I'll be following any future progress on this project (granted you have planned further updates ofcourse) and
thanks again for your time, interest and hard work!

Hi, and really thank you for this shader.
Just a quick question: which Blender version do you think the shader should work better with?

Thanks again for your work!

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Hi and thanks for this game!

Please take a look at the uploaded linux version because its zip file actually contains the windows version (but I've managed to try it anyway on my Linux system via Wine).

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Hi and thanks for this game!

I've tried the latest Linux version but it can't run on my system because of the Vulkan A.P.I. requirements. Vulkan is actually unsupported by most of the older graphic cards with OpenGL versions lower than 4.0 or ES-3.1; for instance mine is an integrated Intel HD3000 with OpenGL 3.3 max supported version.

However, since Unity Editor still allows building Linux games versions eather with OpenGL or Vulkan support, do you think it would be possible uploading a Linux version with OpenGL support aswell ?

In any case, thanks again for your work!

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Thank you for the new Linux version.
I've just tested it but unfortunately there is probably a bug or some incompatibily issue with my system: while the initial game menù works correctly, each time main game scene is started all of its 3D elements are not rendered at all; in-game UI elements like texts and buttons icons are displayed instead.

I've checked the game .log file ("Player.log") but  it doesn't show any particular rendering error (like warnings about unsupported shaders or missing requirements).
The only logged warning is:
"WARNING: RGBA Compressed BC7 UNorm format is not supported, decompressing texture".

Here follows my full "Player.log" at (with many of my system specs.): Player.log (Linux).

Then I've also tried the Windows version via a linux program called WINE, and that versions runs without any problem after the initial in-game cutscene. So I've checked the Player.log generated by that Windows version and that particular warning logged in the linux Player.log above is not present.

Thanks again for your time and your work!

Hi and thanks for this demo!
Since game is developed in Unity Engine, I was thinking if it could be possible to upload a Linux build along with the Windows one.
As a Linux user a could test it and let you know about it.

Thanks again for your work!

 just in case this game is developed with OpenGL support, so by using an engine like Unity, Godot, Love or similar (Unreal only support Vulkan in place of OpenGL), if you'll publish a Linux build I can test it.


Thanks for the Github repo adress.
I've managed to compile the last published version, via Godot engine 3.3 stable (with C# support), and I can confirm aswell that it runs on my Linux system with no problems so far.

Now I know what does it feel to play basketball when one's nearly 3 meters tall!

Thanks for this game.

Hi, I don't know if you're still have interest in this game, but I just want to let you know that this is the first time in many years I've managed to play an UnrealEngine game with complex VFXs at 25+ fps with medium quality specs, on a Linux system, through Wine. using an integrated Intel HD3000 graphic card (year 2011).

Congratulations indeed for the optimizations implemented in this product.

Here follows some more detailed system specs.:

[OS]: Lubuntu Linux - 18.04 LTS 64bit - kernel;
[CPU]: Intel i7-2630QM - quad-core (max) 2.9GHz per core - 8 threads;
[Ram]: DDR3 - 8GB;
[Graphic Card]: Intel HD3000 - (max) 1.1GHz (RAM shared);
[Graphic Driver]: Mesa 20.3.5 - OpenGL 3.3;
[Wine]: version 6.5.0;

Thanks again for this game!

Hi  and thanks for this game!

As an extra note for Linux users, this application is compatible with Java 8 runtime environment installed while is incompatible with more recent ones like Java 11.
In an Ubuntu-like system (Lubuntu 18.04 in my case) the following packages are required:
- openjdk-8-jdk;
- openjdk-8-jdk-headless;
- openjdk-8-jre;
- openjdk-8-jre-headless;

Once installed, open a terminal in the game installation directory and:
- give to "Racing.jar" execution privilege, that is execute "chmod a+x ./Racing.jar;"
- If no other version of Java are installed at same time, game can be started with:
--> "java -jar ./Racing.jar";
- Otherwise, game must be started specifically with the 8-th Java runtime environment version: again in an Ubuntu-like system, execute instead "/usr/lib/jvm/java-8-openjdk-amd64/bin/java -jar ./Racing.jar";

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Please take a look at your last published game version since all game data files (that should be stored in "Protect the Pilot_Data" directory new "Protect the Pilot.exe") and required libraries (like UnityPlayer.dll) are missing.

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Hi and thanks for this game!

Just in case you're still interested in this, as a Bug Report, while game Windows version runs fine, Linux version one can't be started at all and trying to execute it via a terminal the following messages are printed: Player.log (hosted at ""); in particular it seems like the application complains not about my system specifications but about instead of a serialization versions mismatch of some files in the game data directory.

Anyway, thanks again for your work!

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Hi and thanks for this game!

For now I'm testing last published version on a Linux system via Wine v6.5.0 + directx9/10/11 + Gallium Nine (v0.7), and it works fine with the following settings:

[Resolution]: up to 1366x768;
[Quality preset]: Beautiful (Fantastic with lower resolutions);

System specs.:

[OS]: Lubuntu Linux - 18.04 LTS 64bit - kernel;
[CPU]: Intel i7-2630QM - quad-core (max) 2.9GHz - 8 threads;
[Ram]: DDR3 - 8GB;
[Graphic Card]: Intel HD3000 - (max) 1.1GHz (RAM shared);
[Graphic Driver]: Mesa 20.3 - OpenGL 3.3;

If you''ll upload a native Linux build I will test it as well (it should run much faster).

Now some issues I'd like to report:

- Save system doesn't kept all data between multiple sessions: up to now I've noticed that collected Orbs count and audio configs. reset to their default at each game re-loading (tot. credits is saved though);
- Many text are nearly unreadable when displayed over an environment/skybox area colored nealy the same as text (an opaque text-panel could be added to adress this);
- Some grand-prix info texts (near race holographic obelisks) appear partially hidden below ground level;
- Some areas requires the ability to regulate car fly-altitude.
- The ability to do side linear movements and, eventually, rotations on the vehicle vertical axis (instead of around the camera one) could be implemented as well, since it would make much easier to navigate in small areas at low speed (like garages areas or similar).
- Is not possible to immediately restart a grand prix after having resigned, if first one fly away from the race holographic obelisk until the "Enter Race [F]" text disappears and then going back near to it again;

I will follow this project with much interest.
Thanks again and keep up the good work!

Hi and thanks for this game!

As a personal opinion, next time you'll publish a game here at, I would recommend you to upload game files as a compressed packages (.zip or .7z for insance) instead of Windows installers, since, by doing so, it's possible to install/uninstall and playing your games directly via the app. In particular, the app can install games (or other applications) in a safe environment separated from the main current user environment.

Sorry but latest published version can't start since it complains, at application launch, about a missing .pkg file; see following image for reference:

Thanks for this game!

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[Bug Report]:

On latest published Linux version (v1.1), in "medium" and "hard" levels, when 2 matching sounds are found, first the animation that should make the selected cards go out of scene doesn't trigger and then is not possible to select other cards (if it was required to find more than 2 corresponding sounds in these levels)

[OS]: Lubuntu Linux - 18.04 LTS - kernel;
[Graphic Card]: Intel HD3000 SandyBridge - Ram 1.5 GB;
[Graphic Driver]: Mesa 20.3 - OpenGL 3.3;

Thanks anyway for this game!

[Edit]: The same bug happens with Windows version (v1.1) aswell.

Latest published Linux version package does not contain the "Empty_Data" directory.

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So you like SourceCode uh?.... me too, me too... (and how could I haven't use "Captain Colter Stevens" as main character name then).

Thanks for this game!

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That Inception theme fits perfectly well wherever you put it!!

Thanks for this game.

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Please take a look at your last published version .zip file, since it only contains the main game executable (The Last Job.exe) but missings the data directory (that should be "The Last Job_Data") and some library (like "UnityPlayer.dll") that should be placed both next to the game executable.


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Hi, and thanks for this game!
As a first feedback on the latest published version (v0.11 - Linux), I'd like to suggest the following implementations:

- the ability to select the element(s) type to pick up when more types are placed on a table at the same time;

- the ability to select the element(s) type to place on a table when more types are helded in your hands at the same time;

- the ability to pick up the food (when realistically possible) that have been placed on a plate/dish/pad or put in a pot or bowl (without this feature, is not possible to "separate" a plate/bowl etc... from a cooked ingredient, to be saved for other uses, without using the trashcan and so wasting a still usefull food);

- allow stacking more element of the same type on the same table;

- add a shortcut to put away all "raw" food in a food crate and all the dishes in the dishes storage that you are helding in your hands (also the same shortcut could be used to pick up all elements from a table at once);

- the element type preview list that shows up next to a crate or a table could also visualize more than 3 elements at the same time when there are many element types available to pick up/put away;

- In kitchen layout design mode, it should be possible to change the type of an already placed asset in 3 steps, instead of going through 4 steps ( select the already placed asset type to remove -> remove the asset -> select a different asset type -> place the new asset in the same position) avoiding the  "remove the asset" step.

As a [Bug Report] instead:

- after the initial tutorial, when kitchen is still closed and at least a crate and table has been placed, by piking up whichever element from a crate and putting it on a table before opening the kitchen, if you then enter kitchen-layout-desing mode, all of those elements appear still placed on the tables and, after exiting this game-mode, from now on the spacebar-key starts acting as a shortcut to enter kitchen-layout-desing mode directly so that game becomes unplayble;

- the spacebar key functionality changes also in other ways unpredictably during the game (the previous spacebar key bug is the only one I was able to reproduce);

- food crates don't contain any oil bottle, that is required in one of the cooking recipes (Hasbrowns);

- take a look at the office door animations because walking through that door some times it rotates along the horizontal upper border of the door frame instead of rotate along the lateral vertical ones;

- audio settings are resetted at the end of the intro. tutorial (both when it has been completed or interrupted by pressing "F1");

- the key names used to switch the element type to pick up from a box or crate are uptdated only in the side notes sheet but not in the box/crate contents list UI element;

Thanks for your time and for your work!

[Bug Report]:

As soon as game starts (linux version), it crashes just after the Godot first screen is displayed.

My system specs.:
- OS: Lubuntu Linux 18.04.5 LTS;
- Graphic Driver: Mesa 20.3
- Graphic Card: Intel HD3000;

Here follows the execution log:


Godot Engine v3.2.3.stable.custom_build.31d0f8ad8 -

OpenGL ES 3.0 Renderer: Mesa DRI Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000 (SNB GT2)

ERROR: load_source_code: Condition "err" is true. Returned: err
   At: modules/gdscript/gdscript.cpp:829.
ERROR: load: Condition "err != OK" is true. Returned: RES()
   At: modules/gdscript/gdscript.cpp:2286.
ERROR: _load: Condition "found" is true. Returned: RES()
   At: core/io/resource_loader.cpp:279.
ERROR: start: Condition "res.is_null()" is true. Continuing.
   At: main/main.cpp:1757.
ERROR: load_source_code: Condition "err" is true. Returned: err
   At: modules/gdscript/gdscript.cpp:829.
ERROR: load: Condition "err != OK" is true. Returned: RES()
   At: modules/gdscript/gdscript.cpp:2286.
ERROR: _load: Condition "found" is true. Returned: RES()
   At: core/io/resource_loader.cpp:279.
SCRIPT ERROR: GDScript::load_byte_code: Parse Error: The class "BasePlayer" couldn't be fully loaded (script error or cyclic dependency).
   At: res://Elements/TankCharacter/ShooterController.gdc:1.
ERROR: load_byte_code: Method failed. Returning: ERR_PARSE_ERROR
   At: modules/gdscript/gdscript.cpp:801.
ERROR: load: Condition "err != OK" is true. Returned: RES()
   At: modules/gdscript/gdscript.cpp:2282.
ERROR: _load: Condition "found" is true. Returned: RES()
   At: core/io/resource_loader.cpp:279.
ERROR: poll: res://Elements/TankCharacter/Tank.tscn:3 - Parse Error: [ext_resource] referenced nonexistent resource at: res://Elements/TankCharacter/
   At: scene/resources/resource_format_text.cpp:440.
ERROR: load: Condition "err != OK" is true. Returned: RES()
   At: core/io/resource_loader.cpp:208.
ERROR: _load: Condition "found" is true. Returned: RES()
   At: core/io/resource_loader.cpp:279.
ERROR: poll: res://Elements/GamePlay/PlayerSpawner.tscn:4 - Parse Error: [ext_resource] referenced nonexistent resource at: res://Elements/TankCharacter/Tank.tscn
   At: scene/resources/resource_format_text.cpp:440.
ERROR: load: Condition "err != OK" is true. Returned: RES()
   At: core/io/resource_loader.cpp:208.
ERROR: _load: Condition "found" is true. Returned: RES()
   At: core/io/resource_loader.cpp:279.
ERROR: poll: res://Levels/PlanetFinal.tscn:4 - Parse Error: [ext_resource] referenced nonexistent resource at: res://Elements/GamePlay/PlayerSpawner.tscn
   At: scene/resources/resource_format_text.cpp:440.
ERROR: load: Condition "err != OK" is true. Returned: RES()
   At: core/io/resource_loader.cpp:208.
ERROR: _load: Condition "found" is true. Returned: RES()
   At: core/io/resource_loader.cpp:279.
ERROR: start: Condition "!scene" is true. Returned: false
   At: main/main.cpp:1944.
WARNING: cleanup: ObjectDB instances leaked at exit (run with --verbose for details).
   At: core/object.cpp:2135.


Thanks anyway for this game!

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Hi, and thanks for this game!
As a small feedback, In game settings menù there is a bug with the Music slider because SFX is fully audable only if "Music" level is above 0%, otherwise if Music is turned off some environment sound effect (like wind and animals sounds) seems turned off even if SFX is set at 100%.


I was trying this game on a Linux system but, after clicking the play button, game got stuck at the loading screen.
"Player.log" file in the game local conf. directory (located on Linux at: /home/USERNAME/.config/unity3d/Quacky Studios/Sail Away) has multiple records of a NullReferenceException as follows:

NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

  at InternalGroupGen.SpreadIsland (System.Int32 biomechoosen) [0x000e7] in <71b344d3b6764fe79e406073c178057a>:0 
  at InternalGroupGen.Start () [0x00021] in <71b344d3b6764fe79e406073c178057a>:0

My system specs are:
- OS: Lubuntu Linux 18.04 LTS (Ubuntu Derivate);
- Kernel: 5.4.x series;
- Graphics specs: Intel HD3000 integrated graphic card;
- Graphics Driver: Mesa 20.2 series (OpenGL 3.3);

Thanks anyway for you work!

(1 edit)

Trying running this game on Linux with terminal option "-opengl3" (my system does not support OpenGL4.x version), I immediately get the following error message:


My system specs are:
- OS: Lubuntu Linux 18.04 LTS;
- Kernel: 5.4.x series;
- Graphics specs: Intel HD3000 integrated graphic card;
- Graphics Driver: Mesa 20.2 series (OpenGL 3.3);

Thanks anyway for you work!

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Hi and thanks for this game! 

If you'll make any update it in the future eventually, it would be nice to have also an option to switch on/off music only.
Realtime light trajectory preview , while placing the available objects, would also help solving more complex levels where there are too many possible objects locations combinations available without reading the solution file (maybe it could be implemented in an "easy mode").
Another usefull feature could be the ability to zoom in/out to better see light trajectory when it would extending far away from the default game field limits.

Thanks again for  your work.

as a small feedback, I've tested this game on Lubuntu Linux distro (Ubuntu derivate) with no broblems at all. OS specs: System version 18.04 LTS; kernel 5.4.x series, Mesa 20.2 graphic drivers (intel HD3000 graphic card).

Thanks for this game!

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Hi and thanks for this game.
For whoever can't start it on Linux, try run game executable (./moonday-linux/Moonday) in the installation dir. via terminal and check all debug messages.
In my case it tells me library is missing so I need to install a proprer package (on Ubuntu 18.04 and its derivates it would be libsdl-mixer1.2 package) and now game starts correctly.


Trying starting this game (via terminal) on a Linux system I get an error message:

"./LD46-LINUX.x86_64: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"

And in fact there is no Linux library next to the main game executable, so please take a look at your last published Linux version .zip file.

Thanks anyway for your game.

Trying starting this game (via terminal) on a Linux system I get an error message:

"./Fractal-Collector-Linux.x86_64: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"

And in fact there is no Linux library next to the main game executable, so please take a look at your last published Linux version .zip file.

Thanks anyway for your game.

Please take a look at your last published Linux version .zip file, since it doesn't contain the main game executable that should be placed next to the "ToiletHoarder_Linux_Data" game data directory.


as a small feedback, I've tested this game on Lubuntu Linux distro (Ubuntu derivate) with no broblems at all.
OS specs: System version 18.04 LTS; kernel 5.4.x series, Mesa 20.2 graphic drivers (intel HD3000 graphic card).

Thanks for this game!