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Hi there, thank you for your kind and encouraging words. It's a bit surreal, reading this, five (or more?) years after uploading the demo.

It's no excuse, but life happened, and we all went our separate ways. It was a passion project made by people who came together in a game jam, and in the end, we all couldn't focus, and you're left with this.

But I do want to finish this project. It heartens me to see that someone actually even played it, after all this time. Things will definitely change, if I continue this, and so might the art (if I can't get the original artist on board) - but we'll stay as firmly within the color scheme and style here as possible.

Would you still be interested to play even if major tweaks like those will be made?

Again, thank you, your review really made my day. I'll be sure to relay your sentiments to the team (through messages, which I hope they will manage to read).


It sure is :')
Thanks anyway.

Hey TofuTrash, thanks for playing and taking the time to drop by.
Unfortunately, I've lost contact with the artist and this game is essentially in development hell.

I still want to work on it, but there might be a lot of changes.

Thanks for playing! :) We're stoked to hear you enjoyed it.

Yes, it is.

Glad you enjoyed it :)


I think your art is really cute too, quite enjoyed hell and onion detective :)

Same question here!

I'm trying to make something in Bitsy, and when I tried it out, the words are too small to be readable, silly me. oTL

Interesting concept and effective use of the interface. The ambiguous nature of some of the symbols are a nice touch too.

I'm a sucker for crime/thug/noir-ish fiction, so this was definitely up my alley.

Liked the dialogues and the 'verse. Would have been better if there were some sounds during the fight scenes, but all in all, a nice, gritty romp.

Thanks for playing! We're happy to hear you enjoyed the prologue so far.

It's great to hear that you enjoyed the art style, our artists worked hard to get the aesthetic across! We're staying true to the bleak noir vibe, but also adding that little pop to keep things current. We might add more GUI tweaks for the full game, let's see! :)

As for plot, this is just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak, heh. The actual game will have different content from the prologue so you can look forward to that. This is more of an intro to the characters, the setting and their relationships. actually, the prologue should be getting an update in a few weeks or so, since the dude hasn 't been introduced properly yet  oTL

Thanks for your comments on the typing minigame. We're tweaking the mechanic, and thinking of adding an option to skip it if the player is looking for a more traditional VN experience. If there's anything else you'd like to see in-game, now would be a great time to tell us since we're still in dev o>

Thanks for playing, glad to hear you enjoyed it! Maybe in the near future we'll do a little update ^^

But first, Christmas break! :D

As someone with SA, this is pretty accurate! Thanks for making it. Was pretty fun, though I did not get any of the harder sentences right, lol, just spammed topics all the way :'D

Thanks for your kind words! Yeah, we learned that the buttons and the menu should be optimized for visibility, hope you didn't find the experience too troublesome. As for the characters and the plot, maybe an update in the near future, just to give the relationships a bit more development.

Ah, yes, it would be clearer if the MC was facing the people she was addressing, that does make sense ^^ Glad you liked the overall art style though, will pass the compliments to the artist, Cube. o> We tried to match the audio to the visuals, so we're happy that worked out. The artists of these tracks are the real heroes though, haha!

LOL @ Cat Sith. I know what you're talking about. she should probably be moved a liiiil bit to the right, to avoid those risque positions But let's just put it down to characterization, eh? ;D

Thanks for playing our game!

Really liked the psychedelic/glitchy aesthetic and found it pretty fun to play!

WHOA Thanks for making an LP! :D
It was pretty fun to watch too ^^ half-expected you to use a terminator voice for Leola, lol
We're real happy to hear that you enjoyed the game and the art!

Watch this spot, you guys.
Delivering deliverance, come 2018 (hopefully November lol)!

Thanks for playing. We're glad you enjoyed the minigame!
Yep, we're working with a talented team, and we're working our hardest to make this game the best it can be :)
Still working on improvements, so feel free to give us more feedback while in development!

Thanks for playing!
Watch this spot o> We'll bring this baby to you, come 2018 (hopefully November lol)

Yeah, haha, that guy is Rosca's brother ^^

Hi Harlekin, thanks for taking the time to play the game and give us some feedback!

Regarding the length (and that typo), yeah, I agree with you. Most of the writing was done in about the last two days of the jam and we wanted to make a finished game, so we went with a short and simple but relatively complete (plot-hole free) story. though I guess there's not much of a plot, is there oTL Would definitely have loved to explore the possibilities more, but in the end, we didn't have enough time.  bet you haven't heard that story, eh? Maybe an update, we'll see.

Cube was responsible for the awesome art! Glad to hear that you liked it. The sprites and the background went well together, if I say so myself :)

Interesting take on harpies. I don't usually see them in this situation, but this is a nice twist on the theme.

We're really happy to hear that you enjoyed ^^ Thanks for playing! Sure, no worries, the style's subject to taste, but we'll take those thoughts in mind o>

We hope that the full game lives up to the anticipation, ey!

Damn, film noir is life. Amen, ey ^^ Thanks for giving the game a spin :D

We've recently uploaded a bug and dialogue fix! Excited to see where this story takes us, and we do hope you'll try it out once it's done o>

Awesome, we hope you give the full game a spin once it's out o> Thanks for playing!

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Thanks for your comments! We've put up a bug fix and added some animations. Music and art styles are subject to taste, but we're happy that you still gave it a try. We plan to tweak stuff here and there in the coming months, so stay tuned, ey ^^

We're damn happy to hear that you enjoyed it! o> Thanks for playing, ey.

I'm planning to update this demo when the full game's at 80% to reflect a multiple POV option, fleshing out more of the story.

And yeah, it's supposed to simulate a conversation somewhat, we'll see if we can add some more interesting tweaks. If you've got suggestions, now's the time while we're still in dev ^^

Cute pixel art. I liked the color scheme. 

The soothing dialogue was fun to read too :)

if only it were this easy for "consensual hugs" to happen

The game was nicely written. I liked the feel of the dialogue and the interactions between the knight and the princess, and while the title was ominous, the fact that the ritual took place during daylight was a nice little twist for me.

Imo, the overall feel could be improved by some music changes between scenes, and/or some silence. And maybe presenting the character art in the beginning might be good too, since the reader starts with a blank slate, and by the end when it shows up, the images might be different from the reader's imaginings.

It was a good read, mogi. o>

Just saw this thread, and I have to say, that's real generous of you, bruh.

Don't know if VNs are up your alley, but I'll take a chance.

(I know it says yuri, but it's SFW don't worry, heh)
We're still polishing and such, but we've got a playable demo out, around 10-15 minutes.

Full game will have different content, but hopefully this gets the setting and characters across.
If you do plan to check it out though, maybe give me a heads up, and I'll try to roll out some updates before then.

I like the rhythm system, and how we could choose which beat to follow (well, some combinations at least, from what I understood from playing it?). Made me realize how dependent on visual cues I am for rhythm games, heh.

It would be cool to see this with all the polished animations. Character designs are pretty cute, too. Nice work!

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This game was cute and awesome at the same time.

Had fun playin' it, though I was a bit confused by the battle system at first (I thought I had to think about attacking or defending, when I was supposed to just follow the cue lol). But hey, it's amazing what you've put together in such a short time.

Loved the retro shoujo manga style art. Good character design. In all honesty, Mother Superior can step on me all day long.

Nicely done! o>

On it, boss! o>

Lesbian Neo-Noir VN.
Bang. Bang.

Three crooks and a cop in one fucked up city.
Will they find damnation or deliverance?

Then again, maybe they're the same damn thing.

Demo available here. Currently in development.

  • Day 38 of the jam

Update here!

You know how some people just look good as a couple?

Also, I can practically hear Raven's snarky jabs at the MC.

Ok, this concept is neat-o.

I mean, yuri + rhythm + roller derby? Sign me the fuck up o/

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  • Day 21 of the jam

We're joined by skarn, who will now be our primary programmer for the project!
(And if you're thirsty for more yuri, check out their game Melos~)

Also set up a lemmasoft thread here, with quick character descriptions, for the curious.

The extortion minigame will have a timed typing mechanic; here's a down and dirty preview of things to come:

Current word count is sitting at 14.5k. That's 29% of a 50k script. oh god what did i get myself into lel

EDIT: ALSO fuck, i just noticed that the screencaps feature a very poor combination of words.

NSA, if you're reading this, please don't lock me up:
this game doesn't have anything to do with children, or entertainment with children ;u;

Thanks for checking us out, bruh. o>

Yeah, we're going for a bleaker tone here. Hide the kiddies, folks!
Though there probably won't be any NSFW art here, heh.

Very interesting cast of characters.

I have to ask though. Who/what is that in the reflection with her?