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[dev log] Girlfriend Material, VN hybrid

A topic by Zinc Alloy Games created Sep 06, 2017 Views: 865 Replies: 9
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Girlfriend Material is the story of Lavinia von Adeline, an eccentric and socially anxious inventor who decides to rescue her love-life by building herself a robot girlfriend. The game is being written in Ren'py and is primarily a visual novel, with a time management and stat building component that controls the process of building the robot itself. 

I'm Hazel, I'm the lead writer and programmer, and this is my first time managing a project like this. Our sprite artist is blankd and our second writer is TellerFarsight. 

Progress as of jam day 6: 

  • Programming is advancing slowly but surely, with the main game menu mostly complete. 
  • Character sprites are in concept stage. 
  • The story is in late plotting  and outlining stages. 

Follow our progress here, on Tumblr, or on Discord.


Interesting concept on AIs. Building your love interest is something I haven't come across too often in VNs.

Looking forward to seeing the art progress for this vn.


Oh, hey! A reply. 

I'll let blankd know about the art, we can decide at what stage we want to start sharing it. 


Update for the end of week 2: 

  • Programming is progressing nicely, now we have a progress journal and a character journal. 
  • Story has gone into writing stages, with both writers now working on the prologue section. 
  • We're looking at nine character sprites at this point, of which four have finished line art. 

All in all not bad for two weeks' work.


Apologies for the radio silence! I was meaning to do week 3's update on Sunday but some real life matters got in the way. Anyway, blankd has agreed to share these images of our major characters, so now you can get a better idea of the game's look and feel. 

First, Lavinia, our game's socially anxious but brilliant protagonist: 

Lavinia von Adeline

Next, the three different models of robot girlfriend. As I've mentioned, in any playthrough you'll be able to build just one of these three models: 


Blueberry (a.k.a. Blue, BB) is gentle, cheerful and supportive. 


Georgiana is clever, curious and challenging. 


Raven is enigmatic and aloof. 

Would love to hear your thoughts on the characters, now you've seen their visual design. 

I am so in love with all these character designs <3 


You know how some people just look good as a couple?

Also, I can practically hear Raven's snarky jabs at the MC.


Thank you both for your comments! I really love the visual design, too, especially Raven's. 


Wow! Loving these character designs!


Hey, everyone, I just posted a demo of the game where you can play the intro sequence. It's just a demo so there are very few features yet included, but it'll give you a taste of what to expect from the full game.