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The Yuri Game Jam is a 2 month game jam taking place from September 1st to October 31st, with the intention of creating more games about relationships between women. 

Jam rules:

  1. Your game must focus on queer relationships between women OR the queer female experience. This includes: lesbian, bi, trans, non-binary, aro, ace, pan, any female-identified LGBTQIA characters.
  2.  This is an inclusive jam and anyone can join. Although uncomfortable subjects can be explored (and is encouraged!), please be considerate of the themes/material used, and fellow creators/players. Entries that promote bigotry (i.e transphobic/racism) are not allowed.

Unfinished works* are allowed/encouraged, and completing the work isn't a requirement either - demos are perfectly fine.

*Unfinished works being that old project that didn't get far or never saw the light of day. Feel free to dust it off and try again!

Other links and resources:

Official Discord chat can be found here.

Previous jams:  Yuri Game Jam (2016) and Yuri Game Jam (2015)

Thanks to Rei for the icon/banners!

Have fun!

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A gadgeteer genius decides to build her own robot girlfriend.
Short Game about Here and There, and Queerness.
​Early demo for my Yurijam 2017 game, consisting of the draft first chapter of the game.
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a short visual novel about a witch who fixes mishaps around town.
A visual novel set in the 60s.
After a night of drunken fun, Myth is ready to get to know the girl she took home, only to find her bed empty.
A murder mystery romantic comedy mix!
Two girls go on a first date
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Fumbling through depression with friends
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A game about sausages in love
romance blooms while two girls wander through the city at night.
Sable just wants to open a new bar on the beach, but everyone else has a different plan for her.
realistic simulator of awkward people saying hi
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A yuri (GxG) romance visual novel based very loosely on a familiar fairy tale.