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Please refrain from opening duplicate topics. As previously explained, you need to allow up to a week before being allowed to request payouts. 

Feel free to contact support if you're still having issues.

Sorry, general discussion isn't the place for self promotion. You can open devlogs to post updates regarding your project

Good luck with your site, but promoting a forum on a different forum isn't pretty nice.

Please try to not spam, thanks.

Hi, thanks for reporting. It's been dealt with. 


Hi, please read the board rules before posting.

Trying to cheat the vote system is strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to: creating fake accounts, asking others to create accounts to vote for you, publicly spamming vote requests. You will be banned from this board and your post will be removed!

Yeah, please try to avoid necroing threads without adding anything to the discussion

Hi, may I ask you for some more details? Is this about a custom noun in the project settings or something else?

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That's impressive. 

Sadly, I seemingly have no time to play any of the million games I have in my backlog lately, so naturally I haven't been rating them either. 

All of these are from about 2 or 3 years ago

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If you want to chat, why not come to the official itch discord server? Forums are usually not the greatest place for instant messaging.

Hi, please read the board rules before posting. Release posts that show little to no effort, or are just links, will be locked and removed. Think of this place as a way to build a relationship with a new audience, not just a place to dump links.

Each topic should include:

  • A link to the page on
  • A quick summary of the game
  • At least one embedded image or video

I have unlisted your topic. You can edit it, then reply to this post and I'll relist it again. Thanks.