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Hi kuitch, sorry for not answering earlier. Just woke up an hour ago ^^

I tried to see if this was possible within the engine to disable without rebuilding the game as a none development build. Sadly it seems this is not an alternative. 

If it is ok with you I can rebuild you the current development build without the console. Might take a couple of hours. I can not guarantee your saves would work (they should) but at least the version would have updated stuff. If this is ok with you, pass me your mail from your purchase so I can identify you (it seems does not cross reference purchases to users which seems very odd...).

Let me know your OS also.

At last but not least if you can pass me your current logs, so I can take a look at those errors :D Logs are at 

<User>\AppData\LocalLow\Portal Entertainment\Rogue-Empire\output_log.txt

My mail for any thing else is

Sorry again for the inconvenience!