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Rogue Empire: Dungeon Crawler RPG

Roguelike RPG with a unique character progression system! Several races and classes to adventure with! · By Rogue Empire

Level appears messed up.

A topic by GA01 created Jan 19, 2018 Views: 216 Replies: 3
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In my current game one level (lets say floor two) there were like five stairs going down a level. However the next level (floor three) only had one staircase. So after totally exploring this level (using "x" key) I could only go back up to floor two. Using the stairs on floor two would bring back down again to floor three. I know it sounds confusing but baciscally I was cought in a loop were the multiple stairs on one floor would send me down and the the one staircase on the lower level would sent me back up. Am I missing a key command that totally exits me from the dungeon when it is explored or is it just a computer glitch?


You are probably in the first small dungeon that ends at depth 3 (sort of a tutorial dungeon).  It could be something related to holes but still you should be able to get to the surface if you always go through the stairs going up.

If possible could you sent a screenshot of the Map that should have the different exits highlighted. If we you don't see a solution sent me your save file (C:\Users\<username>\AppData\LocalLow\Portal Entertainment\Rogue-Empire\saves\0.8.9\Main\ <characterName>) to 

german at roguempire dot com? :D

It is the first dungeon and it is also level three so I'm sure that it is just the "tutorial" dungeon. A "quality of life" addition to the game would be if there was a staircase/portal on the lower most floor that would allow the player to exit the dungeon directly to the overland map.That way the player would not have to retrace their steps thru multiple floors of the dungeon to get back out.


Yes that in all dungeons but that one. I ll add it ^_^