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Rogue Empire: Dungeon Crawler RPG

Roguelike RPG with a unique character progression system! Several races and classes to adventure with! · By Rogue Empire

How to move diagonally

A topic by GA01 created Dec 31, 2017 Views: 320 Replies: 8
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Using the keyboard for movement it appears the character cannot move diagonally. Movement seems to be via the keyboard arrow keys (no mouse for movement) and with the keyboard you can only go up, down, east and west. What's odd is enemies can attack me diagonally and when I hit the "x" key to explore the character will move diagonally but I can not do so manually. Normally, that not a problem but on my current map the entrance to a new level can only be reached via diagonal movement.

It this a bug, design limitation or am I doing something wrong?


No one complained about this... very odd.

You can move diagonaly with the mouse, with the num pad, or using both arrow keys at the same time (needs a little getting used to).

Also under settings->manual (I think its manual, I am not at home right now) you can see all key bindings. 

Hope this helps :D let me know in any case!

Also have a happy new year!



Also next release will have user configurable keys so you can change it to what ever you feel comfortable ;)

I did realize I had the numlock off. When on I can diagonally. However, the mouse (for movement) has never worked for me. I assumed that was the way the game was designed. I really enjoy your game but I do think the "manual" needs "beefing up". 


Very odd man. No one had any issue with the mouse. Could you tell me your system specifications? 

By the way the latest nightly build has keybinding configuration included.

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I have a Alienware Area51 (new version). Basic specs are on attached screen shot.


Wait mouse only fails when trying to move? Menus and similar functions work? How about a right click on any tile, does it bring up the contextual menu? 

Could you try the current nightly build?

Best Regards!

The right mouse context works. In fact I realize that the mouse (in a way) was working for movement. I am used to most games in that you left click a location and your character moves to it. In your game I found out you right click the location which brings up the radial dial and then you click on move to go to the loccation. Your way of doing it works perfectly, it just different from what I'm used to.

The new key binding menu is great. It is much better and informative than the previous "online manual". 

I'm not the type of person who plays early access titles a lot before they are released because I don't want to get "burned out " on them. I normally like to check in on them from time to time to check on their progress. Everytime I check into your game I'm pleased with improvement you have made. Keep up the good work, it is looking very promising.

Developer (1 edit)

Actually left click for moving should work as well. Man your case got me puzzled lol.

I am glad you are enjoying the game :) I do my best to improve it every day!