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We show the game on several other platforms, we use thunderclap, we talk to many people but it's difficult for people to support. And the harder it is to do all this without financial recourse, maybe that's it. We could not expand the project because of lack of funds.

Ah! Thanks. It is on several platforms, IndieDB / GamesJolt for example. In all of them it is going well but it is still too little to draw more attention. haha

Yes, it is not receiving so much attention, but it deserves it! Played the game? If you can help, show someone and contribute;


Game : The Crown Stones: Mirrah  Topic : Crowdfunding

I have a crowdfunding campaign open in the indiegogo, but I can not get many supports... I believe the project has a lot of potential and is very good! We have a demo available to play and everyone likes it but it is very difficult to get support...

Have any of you ever had a crowdfunding? Indiegogo .. Kickstarter?

Could you give me some tips?

Take a look at our project in our Indiegogo campaign, tell me what you think please?

Indiegogo Crowdf.

Criticize at will, if you have any questions or can give some advice, we are grateful.

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The Crown Stones: Mirrah - Escape Hell In This Challenging Metroidvania Horror Adventure ! See our trailer :

Thank you guys^^ We'll make a great game.

Hello guys!  I am a developer and I have a demo to play, for those who like castlevania pixel art and enjoy a deep story and difficulty, test this our game. But... meet our project :

 The Crown Stones: Mirrah is a pixelated Adventure/Horror RPG game. It’s a Metroidvania-styled old-school game, and its main highlights are its acute difficulty and dense atmosphere. 

More! Get ready to meet the Umbral and its secrets...

The game is set in the lowest parts of the extra-physical world: Umbral, Hell, Purgatory, and Naraka; all of these names are equivalent for all places where suffering, pain, and despair are constant and never-ending. In these valleys, where spirits wander with no destination, is the location where “The Crown Stones: Mirrah” begins. The protagonist of this journey, Rivail Kuth, enters this world and needs to carry out a mission. However, due to his troubled trip to these dimensions, Rivail completely loses his memory, and forgets how he arrived, how to leave, or whom to trust.

Link to the page on :

I want to ask you to look at our campaign and if possible contribute! Thanks and play our game!