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Looking for indie games for my YT channel. I want to play your games!

A topic by Kingdombunniez created Dec 21, 2016 Views: 894 Replies: 18
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I am an indie games developer. But I also started my own YT channel, it is still new and don't have a lot of subs yet but I will continue making let's play videos. My main focus is playing Indie games. If you take a look at my channel you can see I'm pretty active uploading at least 1 new video per day. Also since I am looking for fun, awesome, interesting indie games which I can play on my YT channel. If you want let me know if I can play your indie game on my YT channel.

Also starting with podcasts/ interviews. If you like I would like to talk with other indie developers about their games or their thoughs about the future of indie games :D

I will share it also on other forums and social media. And if you like I can put a link in the desciption to your download page :)

So let me know if you're interested :D


Infection Rate

Good luck with your channel! :)

I made a game. It's free to download if you have a press account. It's pretty straightforward, and is about solving mazes.

@algames and @Purasu awesome! I will be checking those games out and will be making vids about them :)


if you are still doing this:

Have fun!


Of course, I will take my time to play loads of indie games :)

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Hey man, good luck with your new channel. Here is a fangame that I made which takes about 1 hour to complete, i'm sure it would be enough for a lets play series. It is a fangame to an rpg series named Space Funeral which has an extremely obscure artstyle and story, I think you will still understand my game even if you have not played any Space Funeral games prior. You can download it here:


I am working on an RPG named Hotar ( It would be awesome if you would make a video about it if you like it. You will not be able to finish the game in 1-2 hours since this is an RPG, this game is rather meant for long term gaming. However if you are interested I could also send you some save games. Please keep in mind that this game has complex mechanics like talents and different spells (enemies also have their special abilities) and you will have to figure out specific tactics to kill a boss. I hope you like this kind of challenge.


I have three games that would be good for your channel:

You can try my game out! Always good to get some visibility :)

It's a pretty unique game, even made the game engine myself which was fun

Here's my game:

Its pretty tough if you aren't used to these kinds of games, but you should be able to play it in short segments. Seems rather easy to commentate since its mostly getting into a flow and relying on your reflexes until the levels get really hard.

Feel free to play my game on your channel if you are interested, I am actively working on finishing this game, still a work in progress but it is fully playable without any known bugs and most features are present. 


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Hello! I have created a game called WarIR. glad to see a indie who is a YouTuber.  WarIR is a sandbox game about pitting two teams of AI against each other.  each one learns from each other and they learn techniques based off of what the other one is doing causing a never ending chain of skill as the AI gets better and better. because of the editing tool you can run any evil experiments you want on the AI >:D. I hope to see this game on your YT channel but if not that's ok. good luck on your indie journey and your YouTube journey.



PS: if you want further contact you can do so at my email

Hey man check my new obstacle game out! Thanks

Hello, hello~ *waves*
Um.. check out the free 3D indie horror game that my team and I just released a few days ago. ^_^ It's over here:

Action RPG in Dev Since 2015:
• 4 Classes, with 4 unique stories, all converge in the middle
• Custom Party system + COOP
• Real Time Airship battle system, and airship travel system
• Build and Empire!, manage your own town/castle in real time
• Destroy an Empire! Siege war built right into the story

Hello there!

If you would like to check my game for the Epistle 3 jam:



Please check my campaign and the free demo version:

Hi there.  Please check out my game.

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