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What an amazing game!

You can try my game out! Always good to get some visibility :)

It's a pretty unique game, even made the game engine myself which was fun

Hey Shiny :)

I think my game might be quite interesting to make a video for just because it is quite unique.

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Woah leaf? Well thanks for checking it out, I don't know if you tried it but if you did hopefully it was a fun experience.

hey everyone! I'm Ben :) and I'm currently working on Proxy which is a programming game where you code a robot to defend you :) I made the engine myself!

Proxy - A programmable game

Hey all,

so I've been working on this game since July and it's finally at a point where I think it's playable :)

The basic idea behind it is that your code has to defend you. You have a robot who follows you around and whenever you get into a battle their code kicks in.

You can find the game here:

I actually made the game engine myself so that in itself was a really fun experience for me.

I'm excited to hear everyone's feedback.