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Grab Shiny Youtube Channel Looking for Games to Play

A topic by Grab Shiny created Dec 29, 2016 Views: 589 Replies: 18
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Or at least, in the future looking for games to play on the channel. Figured I would get my foot in the door right now and start collecting games you developers might want more attention for. I cannot guarantee that all games can be made into videos, but I will try to pick ones I that can make interesting content with.

I've worked with developers on before.

Impassable Speed Labyrinth:

As well as a lot of Game Jolt developers.

Ao Oni:

Silent Manor:

Just so you can get an idea on what type of content will be created using your games. I am pretty laid back and enjoy most games. I will give my honest opinion of a game, but I my goal is to try to make the video interesting/entertaining so that it will help me grow my channel and bring attention to your games regardless of my opinion.

As seen most games first episode come with little skits. Sometimes related to the game and other times not. It's just for fun and to draw attention. Only the Sunday videos do not and they are designed more around games with light/no objectives. If you feel you games fit that mold let me know as they are even easier to make videos for.

If you want me to check out your game and see if I can make a video out of it let me know. It will be a few weeks before they would be made, but I figured I would stockpile some games from as I haven't been as active here. Hope we can help bring each other success.

Channel Link:


Hi Grab Shiny!

Feel free to review these games of mine:

Flex Armstrong - Iron pumping hyper hero

Navpoint Alpha - Pilot a mech through an interplanetary war

Botanical Box - You are a plant. Grow tall and reach full bloom

Oh snap. Botanical Box immediately jumps out to me, but I will look into all of the games. Thanks for showing me your games!



I have three games that would be good for your channel:

How long is SYNC? I'm quite interested in that one.

It's on the shorter side. One playthrough takes like 15 minutes.

Perfect. That is what I wanted to hear. I'm on it.

Can't wait to see it.

Not sure what I did wrong, but the game wouldn't pick up my webcam.

That's really weird. What version of the game were you playing? (MAC, PC, or PC Classic)

The older and mac versions of the game sometimes have issues detecting webcams but the newer PC one never does.

Windows. I might try to reinstall the game. Because it worked in testing a bit, but after that it couldn't pick it up at all.

Heres a thought. Are you using the webcam for your videos in addition to the game. I think that interferes with it.

Perhaps I will set up two webcams and try again.

I have a game that is an airplane riding simulator.

Warning. It takes a long time to play...

Hey Shiny :)

I think my game might be quite interesting to make a video for just because it is quite unique.

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If you're looking for a really short, atmospheric game/experience, maybe check out "Welcome to my Room":

Made it for a game jam recently - experimented a bit with hand-drawn graphics using felt pens, as well as making maybe a little more personal game. And if I can also suggest games by other people, here is a collection of games I really like: "You should play those games"

Here's my game:

Its pretty tough if you aren't used to these kinds of games, but you should be able to play it in short segments. A level can take 3 minutes or it can take 20 depending on how well you play. It autosaves so there isn't any worry of progress being lost.

Everyone's games are being considered. I'm just making room for them at the moment. Thanks everyone!

Infection Rate

You can try this too. Good luck with the channel!