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Hey there. Enjoyed the game. I think a lot of the story elements flew over my head as I was too scared about getting murdered constantly. That said, I have much of a problem with the killer. I got caught by him once. The second time I did a little loop on him and he was gone pretty much forever. I was still worried he'd get me the entire time, so I think in that sense it was effective. I wouldn't have minded seeing him pop up more often though.

Hey there. Just played your game. It's a simple game, but I think it teaches a good lesson. When you get stuck in that depressing work pattern, it can be hard. But, I feel like the small decisions we made in the game really characterized who we are and what we can become.

On an unimportant note, my character would sometimes slide around without me doing anything.

Hey dudes, just played your game. It really brings me back, because just finished my film degree and I remember making short films in this style. Of course, mine weren't made into cool CYOA style games, but it still brought me back. I thought it was a fun goofy experience. It's fun to see an indie perspective on the CYOA style film that companies like Netflix are also trying to do.

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Hey, just got done playing your game and I really enjoyed it. Our main character is super spoiled and I think I might hate him (although my assumption is that a lot of that is going to tie into the mistakes he made in his life). I loved the "this might happen" flashes that John needs to avoid being built up as "okay, this is obviously bad so I'll avoid that" and then being hit with the the same flash when you think you're doing the right think with the girl you love. It played with my expectations and I found it very compelling.

Even though I stole the money, I don't think I'd give people the option to unless there were alternate ways to accomplish your goals without it. I noticed other, less selfish youtubers, not grab the credit card and be confused.

Overall I think the full version has a lot of potential and I wish you the best on your upcoming kickstarter. I think the demo is a strong proof of concept and hope that goes a long way to helping you reach your goals. Thank you for reading my thoughts on the demo.

Edit: If you ditch the maze I'd be okay with it. lol

Hey there. Just played your game and quite liked it. I think the atmosphere was just right and had me on my toes the entire time even though it's usually just that...atmosphere. I was actually shocked that my choices matter. I expected this to be a linear experience, but when I reached the end I knew I'd have to go back one day and try to make different choices to see what I could change. Thanks, and looking forward to anything you make in the future.

This was a pretty magical game. Great art direction,
definitely got that Zelda mixed with Momodora vibe.
The open world design is pretty rad,
being able to go anywhere gives a good feeling.

We had a lot of fun, definitely look forward to anything
that you may work on in the future. Cheers, Crepecroop.

Hey, just played your game Temmie and I quite enjoyed it. I really liked how you could interact with pretty much everything. It made the world feel alive and gave us some perspective on how Lonely Girl sees the world. Without getting into it too much, I liked the ending and I'm looking forward to the much larger game coming in the future.

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Thought this was just going to be a simple task of going to the store.
Definitely a fun ride, and the story got kind of serious for something
that we expected to be more lighthearted. Thank you for making a fun game.

Just played the demo and I really enjoyed it. Like others have said, I love the jump scares cutting off people talking. It was always shocking. Loved the atmosphere and I can feel those Silent Hill 2 vibes hard. Gotta put your hand in the hole every time.

I was a bit confused on the story at times. It jumped around a lot. Sometimes weird stuff happened in the real world and I'm not sure how it'll all tie in, but I'm sure it'll be clear when the full game hits.

Great crazy idea implemented very well into an addicted adventure of a game.

Oh wow. I am just now noticing that the shelf that the red book is on is just a bunch of cubby holes. lol, I see how the puzzle makes sense now. I thought it was just telling me to check empty cubby holes. I guess this one is on me.

Hey there, just played the game. I thought the art style was really well done and enjoyed the tale it told. The puzzle with the empty shoe cubby tripped me up hard as I didn't understand that was the one I was looking for. I clicked around a lot of the cubbies and got nothing so I figured that was wrong.

I also seemingly got the piano glitch, which you are already aware of.

Still, I found the game enjoyable and would be happy to play an expanded version one day.

Finally got around to playing the second episode. I liked the first one, but this one was better. I felt like it spooked me at just the right times and gave me just enough of the story. Can't wait for episode 3.

Short and sweet. I liked the world you crafted here. It took me a few moments to realize the cursor highlighted on objects you could interact with. lol. Looking forward to playing the second episode one day in the future.

Hey there, just played the demo and loved it. I'm a big point and click fan and this was right up my ally. Art style is incredible and oozing style.

One issue I had was the inability to pick up items immediately. I understand this was by choice as it's stated in the game that interactions change based on what you've done. However, I spent a bit too long looking for what would eventually become a lamp that I wasn't able to pick up three clicks prior. I understand sometimes too many items can be overwhelming, but it becomes hard to checklist off what I've tried and haven't tried. I'd like to be able to pick them up and my character just say "I'm not ready to use that yet" if I need to advance dialogue first. Or maybe even when I go into the vision mode that allows me to see things I can interact with, maybe it can update in some way to draw special attention to new interactions.

Still, I loved the game and cannot wait for the full release. I just wanted to be constructive since I know you're shaping the game based on input from this demo. Also, here is a video I made of me playing through the demo.

Loved the game. I'm a big fan of Resident Evil 4 so this was a treat. I clearly needed to play on Baby Mode though as I wasn't ready to have my butt handed to me so hard. We had a minor glitch where the music went out upon respawning. After dying again the music returned. Not a big deal, but I figured I'd let you know.

Either way, I hope you continue working on the game. I wonder how you'd handle other popular enemies such as El Gigante.

This game is fantastic. It's always nice to have a character-action game where your movement and actions are very responsive and quick.
The art-style is a nice touch, and definitely pushes that "unsettling" feel.
If you think you may like this game, I'd grab it.

Also, we did a little comedy skit on the game if you wanna see.

Thanks for the awesome game. Loved of the different options of power ups. Bones are super OP, but I guess it would help if I stopped accidentally giving my opponent power ups. Had way more fun with this one than I expected to. Fantastic.

A lot of fun and shenanigans to be had with the Couch Co-op.

The secret room after finding the bombs was a nice touch as well.

Awesome game. Got really addicted to it a bit ago and decided to make a video on it. I love the set up and there can actually be a decent amount of strategy involved. I'd be tight to see this format in a longer format with upgrades, different baby classes, etc.

Thanks for the weird little game. Did I speak to everyone? Looking back I think the bear being on the end screen was indication of such, but I'm not sure.

I enjoyed the funny conversations with people. Certain ones were very shocking. Art style is very nice too.
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It's a bit hard to see, but 1374! I told you I was coming for that high score. This game actually gives me the same feeling Nanaca Crash used to. Makes me wonder how far we can push it. If anyone can beat my score, post a pic and others can do their best to beat you.

As you can see my strategy is the "throw everything away except potions until red potions decide they hate you, then go full gold build." And it worked alright.

I actually think I might try a strategy that involves tossing all my green potions. It's risky, but it gives you a high chance of using blue potions to not take damage. Then just have a red or two on backup. Could be terrible, but who knows.

Sounds awesome! Excited to follow the game as it progresses.

I beat the game. I now feel awful.

Great concept and I enjoyed the story being told.

Hey there, awesome little game here. I like the concept and had fun trying to find the best strategies for managing our limited inventory. One thing I would recommend is adding a title screen of sorts. Seems unneeded, but from a video-making perspective we didn't have a nice landing space to open the video on. Regardless, thanks for the fun.

Thanks for the fun game! I found the middle levels to be much more challenging than the later levels, but overall it was a fun experience. I can relate as I too struggle to get through the day.

Woke up in the middle of the night randomly and found your game. Had a fun time with it. Would like to see it expanded upon in the future maybe.

Game was truly excellent from top to bottom. Cannot wait for the full release of the game. I really enjoyed how the boss battle incorporated the normal battle system as well as platforming. I haven't played many games like this. Thanks.

I really enjoyed this game. Of course I wish there was more to it, but I understand the scope and purpose of the project. However, I hope one day you take the ideas from this game and apply them to some amazing games in the future. Thank you.

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This game easily conveys my feelings towards jumpscares, but I had a lot of fun with it. The limited vision, pixel art, and color pallet definitely sets a Game Boy horror feel. On a site saturated over-saturated with overrated horror games, this one stands out. If you think it looks interesting, download it and play it.

Just wanted to let you know I really enjoyed the game a lot. At first it overwhelmed me. I never really played anything like this before. After redoing the first case I felt like I had a really good grasp on things. So again, thank you. I'll played the other case on my own time and try to get the best ending for the second case too.

Hey, made a video on your game. Played it all in one sitting. Really loved it! Thanks for making such a cool game.

Could we have spent time with the others not on the surface?

This game was amazing. Cannot wait to pay for the full game on steam.

First of all, thank you to the dev for commenting on my video and cluing me into all the sweet content I missed. I didn't read the tutorial at all. I just saw the game and thought it looks cool and went off to the races. The video is part of our Sunday series which is generally about doing non-objectives in games and just relaxing. So I often enjoy picking open world games and taking in the scenery.

I ran into a few glitches. Namely swimming not working and a menu not going away (although it honestly could be me not hitting the right button). There were a few things I didn't understand, such as crafting. While looking at the tutorial made it make sense, I would love if you could implement some kind of in-game tutorial or button prompts for the people like me that foolishly didn't read the tutorial.

Still, I did enjoy the game. One day I will explore it again and do things properly.  Gotta build a cooler gun next time! Thanks for the fun times.

I left a longer comment on the Game Jolt page, but this game was really relaxing, but also kind of unsettling. Maybe it's just me and I'm weird, but I enjoyed it still. I just need more time to find those butterflies.

Thanks for the awesome game! Reminded me of Princess Mononoke and Okami a bit. Two things I love dearly.

I quite enjoyed this short little game. I feel like it had a lot to say.

Everyone's games are being considered. I'm just making room for them at the moment. Thanks everyone!