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My thoughts on the demo

A topic by JohnShiny created Jan 22, 2019 Views: 177 Replies: 1
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Hey there, just played the demo and loved it. I'm a big point and click fan and this was right up my ally. Art style is incredible and oozing style.

One issue I had was the inability to pick up items immediately. I understand this was by choice as it's stated in the game that interactions change based on what you've done. However, I spent a bit too long looking for what would eventually become a lamp that I wasn't able to pick up three clicks prior. I understand sometimes too many items can be overwhelming, but it becomes hard to checklist off what I've tried and haven't tried. I'd like to be able to pick them up and my character just say "I'm not ready to use that yet" if I need to advance dialogue first. Or maybe even when I go into the vision mode that allows me to see things I can interact with, maybe it can update in some way to draw special attention to new interactions.

Still, I loved the game and cannot wait for the full release. I just wanted to be constructive since I know you're shaping the game based on input from this demo. Also, here is a video I made of me playing through the demo.


Hey Grab Shiny, thank you for this comment, we'll note it and consider it for later updates.
Thanks (again) for your video, as I told you I listened it while drawing and it was great, I just love your voice acting :)

If anybody has the same issue/comment, let us know, it's very important for us to measure this issue.