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Tiny Worlds

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This was very lovely to play!

Thank you Tyler c:

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Looks super cute! Can you make a Linux build as well (32bit+64bit/universal)? :)

I replayed it and this time the bug didn't occur :)

The updated one! At some point there were just no more monsters when I respawned (after the 10th time respawning or something) . Dying again didn't fix it to.

Thank you, works like a charm! Such a happy, cute game :)

A little bug I found: after some time no more monsters spawned at the start. I guess there is maybe a limit of how many can be created or something?

Looks beautiful! Can you make a build for Linux (Universal 32bit+64bit) too? :)

Looks fantastic! Any chance of getting a 32bit +64bit (universal) Linux build? :)

This looks super fun! Any chance of a Linux (and Mac) build?

In case you're using Unity, this is how you export it for Linux :) :

"Day after day, in this desolate village, I take care of my dolls. They are my family. The people here wouldn't understand. But you're not like them.

If I tell you my secret… you won't be afraid."

Beautiful game with handmade watercolor art and a strong atmosphere :)

That was legit creepy & also really beautiful. Great work! :)

Aww that is so adorable, I love the artstyle!

aww that was adorable! Simple and interesting mechanic with the switching :)

Found this really wholesome game which looks like a children's book come to life! :)


Found this really cute game about making friends with little round pigeons! If you gain their trust you can pet them. It's very good.


Thanks a lot for playing Jupiter :)

So cute, love the art! Very good, especially for your first game :)

Oh that was really powerful, you're a great storyteller! Also I loved the idea with the light switch to change the state of the room, very well made!

I made a little game for the Bitsy harvest jam, about my love for collecting wild plants! :)

Play here:

Thank you. I have a friend who knows a lot about edible wild plants and I learn a lot from her about such stuff! And a few things I also learn from my family or the Internet :)

Yess it's so fun. Now is actually a good time if you live in the Northern hemisphere. The last berries are ripe and there's some shrooms :)

Thanks onion. It's based on a real friendship lol ^^

The Linux version is only for 32bit, most people use 64bit :)

Think the correct export option for Unity is "Linux universal" which gives you both the 32bit and 64bit exectuable.

Too real :O Thanks I needed this!

That was really beautiful, wow. 

Happens for me too on Linux Mint with Nvidia drivers .. odd. Seems to be the outline shader of the birds.

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I think there should be a build option called "Universal" which compiles both a 32bit and 64bit binary if that helps : ) (that goes to the devs)

I said it before and I'll say it again - I'm absolutely in love with your artstyle and the cute bird characters <3 Really lovely game!

Play the game:

This is a super-cute game which looks incredibly pretty!!

You play this little bird which discovers the nearby city to be attacked by monsters. The game is a narrative game with platforming and fighting elements. Free to download for Windows and Mac :)

Your game is quite fun! :D

Mind-bending puzzle FPS with some real lovely light effects :)

Play here (Windows , free):

Dude I love this game. Thanks so much for developing this <33

This game is so lovely and addicting!! Totally forgot the time when playing and now it's 4am haha. Great game!

Hi! Saw this on Twitter! Thought it might interest some of you, sounds like a really cool opportunity :)


It's called Bitsy & you can use it for free right here on

Really a great tool if you want to just focus on making a game and not all the stuff around it :)

Thank you Sebastian, it's lovely to hear from you ^^

Thank you for creating this platform for smaller, experimental games to be enjoyed and discovered with gamejamcurator <3 Glad my game could bring you some relaxation.

Aaah, I don't wanna meet the monster to the giant skull, But well, maybe it' d be nice?

I'm sure the dino skull will be a great attraction :)

I made it with Stencyl, it has my favorite way of visual coding of any engine I tried so far.

Thank you for playing c: Definitively the mood I was going for.