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Tiny Worlds

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AAA development can learn a thing or two from this. Brilliant!

Lovely game! Very relaxing.

Would love to be able to sit down in places or take a dive.

So cute!

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Karen/Bitmoo is looking for Youtubers/Streamers that might be interested in her game "the wolf bite".

Maybe you're interested, it looks super-cute!

She posted this as Tweet originally:


Just tweet at her if you're interested :)

Aww so cute c:

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Besides characters and animation I also created the sounds for our game.

www.sonniss.com/gameaudiogdc2016/ has been a really helpful resource for that. It's a huge, free-to-use, high-quality soundpack. Especially the gun sounds were really good! Other than that I recorded my own chicken to get some sounds for the main character chicken and the little chicks you want to save as player, which were captured by foxes (yes we had cute little chicks at that time!).

Troughout editing the sounds I used the free Audacity. I want to switch to a different non-destructive Audio workstation at some point, but Audacity was fast to use for me and made it easier. And we had rather little time (5 weeks), so I didn't want to learn too many new tools.

For the music I just looked trough soundcloud for Creative Commons tracks and ended up using this track by Aritus: https://soundcloud.com/aritusmusic/aritus-spirit

Beware it's Future Funk! (kind of) I liked the contrast of a game where you destroy a lot of shit with something more upbeat and funky. And a happy mood was also what we were aiming for, so this song did fit really well in terms of pacing and mood.

Hope you found this useful! I'll post some more devlogs later on, about making weapons for the game and also a bit of PR.

 If you want to get updated on the rest of the devlog, you can follow me here on itch.io: https://tinyworlds.itch.io/ or Twitter @tinyruin.

EDIT: Oh also for your Linux users out there, here is a little script to remove the silent parts in any mp3 files in a folder. Saved me a lot of work :)

for f in *.mp3
    sox $f $f silence 1 0.1 0% reverse silence 1 0.1 0% reverse
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Hello everybody! We're currently making a game for university about a giant chicken destroying the city to save her little chicks.

I didn't realize itch.io had a devlog forum before - we are in the last days of the project - but I thought I still might post learnings and timelapses from the project! :) My posts will be about making the art of the game. If you're more interested in the programming side of things, you can find the coding counterpart on our programmer's blog: http://acribic.com/category/trash-chicken/ (he's still 2 weeks behind, new updates will come :))

But back to art! Here is a timelapse, where I drew the fox (our enemies) and the chick (you want to save).

I used GIMP to draw it and then the Layer export plugin to export the different body parts. Those body parts I imported into the bone-based animation tool Spriter. I then "rigged" it/created the skeleton for animation. Spriter is a pretty nice tool, even has IK features in the non-premium/free version. Saved me a lot of time with the animation :)

That's it on this. I hope you found it useful! If you want to get updated on the rest of the devlog, you can follow me here on itch.io: https://tinyworlds.itch.io/ or Twitter @tinyruin.

Sorry, I'm already involved in things. But thank you for the request :)

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Oh, that's exactly what I uploaded to itch.io so the game can be played in Browser.

I uploaded it somewhere else, so you can download it :) http://sta.sh/07kg1ng3i6u

Let me know if this works! EDIT: Doesn't work for me, weird ...

I'll try. I don't have a Windows machine at home, but maybe I can do it in uni :)

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Thanks man :) Means a lot, I think your game might have been an inspiration :)

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Hi I'm Rick! I used to participate in a lot of gamejams (17 so far) and make lots of little game doodles (as well as some bigger projects).

Now that I study Digital Games I kinda got out of it ironically :P But I want to get back to it and get to know more people of the Indie scene!

I enjoy nature in games and all things atmospheric. Besides making games I also make photos of tiny worlds.

Wow, great game! Remembered me at Black Gold by Connor Mccann in it's way of narration and the stargazing setting. Got some great goosebumps out of it .. and a very interestic perspective/feeling.

Keep it up! Excited for your 29 project :)

Thanks a lot for the build! Works fine of my end. A general feedback I would have is that mouse sensitivity is a bit high, but this might just be a general thing. Very relaxing game with beautiful colors- loved the little ladybugs.

Hi! Is it possible to upload a Linux build of this? Looks beautiful! :)

Nice little simulation! Fascinating to watch.

With the current map it did seem to be quite unlikely for a population to survive for a longer amount of time. I figured if they reach one of the smaller side pools the may reach some sort of balance, but it was very unlikely with the current settings that enough blobs jumped into a small pool at once.

Would have been cool to have some settings to play around with or maps to choose from and see how it affects the population. Also the generated color palettes were pretty nice imo :)

Linux build is really glitchy on my system, planes of color flash all over the screen.

Using Linux Mint 18.1, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 and AMD FX(tm)-4300 Quad-Core Processor .. Hope this helps somehow.

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Hi! Is it possible to also have a Linux build for this? :) Would love to play!

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If you're looking for a really short, atmospheric game/experience, maybe check out "Welcome to my Room":

Made it for a game jam recently - experimented a bit with hand-drawn graphics using felt pens, as well as making maybe a little more personal game. And if I can also suggest games by other people, here is a collection of games I really like: "You should play those games"

That would be awesome! :D

Hi! Could you also please provide a Linux build - would love to play it :)

Hi everybody! Just found this little game and liked it so much I thought I would share it here.

The developer describes the game as an "indie game, created with a narrative and artistic purpose.".

You can try it yourself here: https://hiwarp.itch.io/piawk

Here is my post mortem! I tried to explain my process so you can maybe apply some things for your own games :)

This was a really nice Ludum Dare, where I experimented with hand-painted graphics and ended up creating a little, personal game.
As this post mortem would spoil your experience, I suggest to check out the game first here: http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-37/?action=preview&uid=10000 and then come back and read.


What went right

1. Hand-painted graphics

I created all graphics using felt-pens and a simple ball-point pen, which was a pretty relaxing experience.


My process looked like this:

  • look up real-life/photo reference
  • "block out" colors & shapes first, so the felt-pen doesn't mix with the ballpoint pen
  • create a messy outline around the object (so it looks "drawn")
  • scan, transparency from white, import

If you want to look me "over the shoulder" creating the graphics, I made a timelapse video here:Youtube
I then combined the graphics with a paper texture I created some time ago and brought everything together in GIMP. Here is also "baked in" the light of the windows and room.

( Ingame I put light, middleground and background into different layers to create a bit of depth in the scene)


2. Personal Meaning

While the game can not be seen as an 1:1 representation of my life, there is a lot of symbolism pointing towards me and my thoughts.
This made me very vulnerable, but also created some of the most meaningful reactions I ever got on a game project.

3. Sound Design

A large part of why the game seems to many relaxing and atmospheric can be accounted to the sound and specifically the music.

I used the wonderful "Peace is king" album by bbatv (Creative commons). He created the album while recovering from anxiety and depression, wanting to create something that "promotes recovery and healing" as much as possible. I think this personal background made the music really meaningful and touching and linked nicely with my game.
For the sounds itself I used some out of my own sound library and recorded the ones I hadn't in there yet.

What went wrong

1. Time management

I forgot to plan in times for breaks. One day I also woke up way too late, which I had to make up for in the end sprint.
Most of the actual gameplay was done on the night of the last day up until 5am. My neighbour left to work before I went to bed that day ^^

2. Deciding on an idea early on

I made the mistake with multiple Ludum Dares now. First I focus on the and then I really struggle with the gameplay, usually around the evening of the first day.
Quite some frustration there, but it turned out really nice in the end ^^

3. Animation & Interactivity

Some people describe the game as poem, but there really is not much opportunity for the player to express themselves. Ludipe shared a really interesting perspective on this:
"Perhaps it'd be cool to put those items in different rooms that you can explore in any order; it's always nice to let players express themselves through gameplay, even if they can only choose the order in which they find things. Exploration and discovery are powerful feelings :-)"
Another thing that was critized was the lack of animations. I created only simple character animations, since hand-drawn animations take time.
I ended up using procedural animation for the character to save time (GIMP's iWarp filter has an animation feature). The effect is interesting, but the tool is really not too advanced.


For the next Ludum Dare ..

  1. For the jam, personal asset libraries are super useful! So I want to start again extending mine.
  2. Plan in time for breaks.
  3. MAYBE not work on the first :D
  4. Learn tools for procedural/bone-based animation

So all in all I really enjoyed this Ludum Dare! Definitively one of my favorites so far.

I hope you found this post mortem helpful, and learned some things you can apply to your own process! :)

If you want to see more of my art, you can take a look at www.tinyworlds.org.
I'm also photographing tiny worlds besides making games :)

Ummm this thread is old but I also want to say some words.

I actually tend to disable the comments, because it usually consists of people advertising their let's play or asking for help with the game etc.

The discussions board are a step in a good direction imo, since it allows to categorize the comments.

Created a new topic Let's Play links etc.

If you do a Let's play etc. of this game, you can post a Link here in this thread :)

What do you think the game is about?

I finished! And even in the 48 hours compo time frame.

The game is hand-drawn using felt pens and features wonderful music by bbatv.

Click here to play it.
(may take a bit long to load)

I thought that I'd only finish a small part of the game, but it's coming along! :D

The 2nd room is done, telling you about the persons love for art.


Maybe I'll finish.

Not sure if I'll manage to finish, but here is how my game looks atm.

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Movement is working now!

Here is a little Gif :D

(game is not about houseplants)

EDIT: Gameplay functions are now done. Did all with functions so I can tomorrow just focus on creating art and bringing things together :)

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EDIT: Game is finished, click here to play it.


I'm making a game for Ludum Dare 37, theme "One Room".

My idea is to make a game where you explore the room of a stranger - and every time you leave the door you go to a different version of the same room. The new version will tell you something else about the stranger, look & feel different.

The different aspects that make a person :)

Also, I'm experimenting with the graphics and do them all using felt pens :)

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Why is there no achievment for throwing every physics object into the void? lol

Looks actually quite peaceful without all the clutter: link

Except the hallway, the hallway is haunting: link

There a 3 more days left to submit a game! Maybe enter for the extra challenge and make something quick? :)


Make a game about one of your childhood memories! :)

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Some of you may remember my collection of atmospheric games.
Here are 3 new games I added to it!

Guppy by ninjadodo
This is a cute little game about being a fish swimming in a watercolor pond. I found it to be very relaxing in it's simplicity, with an interesting control scheme, that mimics the way fish move trough the water.

Fruits of a Feather by Samurai Punk
Be a beautiful bird flying trough the sky. This game is just beautiful with it's wonderful world and probably one of the best bird models I've seen so far. The controls are sometimes a bit tricky, but that doesn't hurt the experience too much.

Succulents by Andrew Gleeson

Last but not least, "Succulents" is a little game, where you can grow plants in a beautiful underground ruin! I love overgrown ruins and this game captured the feeling of it very well!

Hm, this doesn't quite work for me.

As I understand it, you exported an exe, that is supposed to read in the gamemaker file. This sadly didn't work for me :/

Maybe you can create a setup exe? The other MiniLD entry that is submitted so far was also made in Gamemaker. SuperMC123 included a setup exe and it worked fine.


Posted in Oasis comments

This is made in Unity right? Could you than please also export it for Linux? :)

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It has been some time (some years actually) since I used Game Maker, but I remember that you could export exe-Files.

If you look at the Gamemaker site, this is available in the free version: http://www.yoyogames.com/get

And here is some more info on how to export it (you probably want to choose "Single runtime executable"): http://docs.yoyogames.com/source/dadiospice/000_us...

Can you maybe export it as an exe with gamemaker?

This way more people can play it! :)

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Hello everybody! I'm hosting the Mini Ludum Dare of this month.

A Mini LD is a small version of the big gamejam Ludum Dare. I'm happy I can host this! :)
So without further ado, here is the theme!

Click here for more info