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Tiny Worlds

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We're using a digital meeting tool called Gather with a pixelart aesthetic. Added an edited version of your froggies to our company space and peeps love it <3

You can use it under the terms of CC-BY 4.0

I don't care for credit, but if you want to you can credit me as "Rick Hoppmann"


Late reply, you can use it in a commercial game yes! Would appreciate a donation :)


Very cute!!

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CC-BY 3.0 but Attribution is not necessary! Just not Public Domain to retain some rights so people can't resell it on it's own etc :)

Thank you for doing the borks

Thank you for borking

I laughed a lot!


Seems like they added a Linux version for this one.

I'm using Ubuntu/Mint, so it might differ for you.

What I did is mark the game executable as an executable. In Mint that's right click -> in the menu check "mark as executable".

In case your Linux distro doesn't have that option, you can do it via the Terminal too:

Hey thanks a lot Kenney :)

Thanks Leafo, I appreciate it a lot c:

Hey everyone!

I'm a 3D environment artist & game developer with a love for cute things. Living on the other side of the world GDC is always bit too much of an investment for me (I'm from Germany). I have yet to upload a game feat my cute 3D to (although I made one for "Meditations"). For now there are some cute, short 2D games you can play there:

P.S.: If you want to see more of my 3D art, you can take a look at my portfolio here:

Hover over the weapon to place your part. Didn't also get it at first.

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Works for me and is a lot of fun :D (I'm not the dev) Did you mark it as executable?

This was really lovely, keep it up!


I love the premise of a game about urban exploration - something I was missing too :) What exactly are you doing in the game right now? Not sure what to expect for the 15$ which would be a full-prize game.

Glad you like it :)

Thanks Duckie! Curious what you'll use it for c:

Of course, that's why I submitted it, so that people can use it :)

Thank you Jacob :)

Glad you like it Daniel! :)

Hey everyone! We just started a community on Discord for fans & creators of wholesome games.

People recommended their favorite games, so I thought I'd make a collection of those which are on itch :)

Play some wholesome games:

This was very lovely to play!

Thank you Tyler c:

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Looks super cute! Can you make a Linux build as well (32bit+64bit/universal)? :)

I replayed it and this time the bug didn't occur :)

The updated one! At some point there were just no more monsters when I respawned (after the 10th time respawning or something) . Dying again didn't fix it to.

Thank you, works like a charm! Such a happy, cute game :)

A little bug I found: after some time no more monsters spawned at the start. I guess there is maybe a limit of how many can be created or something?

Looks beautiful! Can you make a build for Linux (Universal 32bit+64bit) too? :)

Looks fantastic! Any chance of getting a 32bit +64bit (universal) Linux build? :)

This looks super fun! Any chance of a Linux (and Mac) build?

In case you're using Unity, this is how you export it for Linux :) :

"Day after day, in this desolate village, I take care of my dolls. They are my family. The people here wouldn't understand. But you're not like them.

If I tell you my secret… you won't be afraid."

Beautiful game with handmade watercolor art and a strong atmosphere :)

That was legit creepy & also really beautiful. Great work! :)