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Tiny Worlds

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Hi! Saw this on Twitter! Thought it might interest some of you, sounds like a really cool opportunity :)

Link: https://twitter.com/electronicbeth/status/996936635945308166

It's called Bitsy & you can use it for free right here on itch.io: https://ledoux.itch.io/bitsy

Really a great tool if you want to just focus on making a game and not all the stuff around it :)

Thank you Sebastian, it's lovely to hear from you ^^

Thank you for creating this platform for smaller, experimental games to be enjoyed and discovered with gamejamcurator <3 Glad my game could bring you some relaxation.

Aaah, I don't wanna meet the monster to the giant skull, But well, maybe it' d be nice?

I'm sure the dino skull will be a great attraction :)

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I made it with Stencyl, it has my favorite way of visual coding of any engine I tried so far.

Thank you for playing c: Definitively the mood I was going for.

Really cool! How is the license of the tracks created with this? Can we record the output sounds and use for our own projects?


What a strange place.

"Yeezy Yeezy Yeezy just jumped over jumpman"

Are you happy now? :D

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Beautiful game! It's just my interpretation, but it felt like the game described our relationship with nature, how we destroy it's balance.

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Thanks so much for playing Kanetsu :)

Thank you James :)


Damn that looks super professional! Will try it with my brother when we see again.

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Fun game! I really love the main mechanic, excites my mind in new ways ^^

Play now: https://tinyworlds.itch.io/grav

Hi everyone! I made this cute, little platformer for the r/Webgames gamejam with the theme "gravity". It's telling a little story, which I hope you'll enjoy. Would love to hear your thoughts!

Who tries throwing missiles in the trash :D Fun arcad-y game with a music to jam out to. The difficulty progression is done well and I like the slomo + tweening you have going on here.

Thank you Tyler! Glad you enjoyed :)


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Sure! Still looking for a super easy tutorial on photogrammetry, but for now that's the best I have: https://blog.sketchfab.com/how-to-set-up-a-successful-photogrammetry-project/

It's a good tutorial (I learned photoscanning with it), but it's a bit too much info at once imo.

Also software wise there are many options out there, both for phone and PC, some free and opensource. I personally use Agisoft Photoscan which is paid software and I heard from multiple people that RealityCapture is also really good.

For larger projects .. yeah maybe, but not solely. In my terms this project will be a bit larger. Photogrammetry is really good at capturing rough, non-reflective surfaces like rocks or wood & can be used for hyperrealistic games quite well in this regard. But if you want to do foliage or transparent materials you need to resort to other methods (well there is a work-around for transparent stuff, but usually you can't do everything in a game with photogrammetry). 

It's also hard to capture moving objects, so you also need to work around that.

It also comes with quite some tedious work .. waiting for stuff to render, cleaning the model, creating good UVs, setting up materials ... but I think the results are really good! Personally I use it because I can use my skills from my photographic background :)

Oh did you register just for commenting? I feel honored :D

Yeah I love both that! So I guess it just comes natural ^^

Cool you offer your models for free :) Here is one of my scans! I'm experimenting with using photoscanning to create the gameworld (aka the leaves etc in the image).

And here are some of my previous scans for another project:

Hi everybody! I'm making a game about tiny terrariums & helping little spirits.

I'm currently experimenting with using photoscanning to create the ingame world. You can find more info on it here:


Thanks for looking!

Thanks once again for the awesome let's play :)

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I made a little game with Bitsy for Ludum Dare, about going on a cozy winter walk: https://tinyworlds.itch.io/winterwalk

I made a tiny game about going on a winter walk to meet your friend.

Play here (Web/HTML5): https://tinyworlds.itch.io/winterwalk 

Made in two evenings for Ludum Dare 40 :)

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If you don't know the wonderful point&click adventures by Amanita Design yet, now is a good time to check them out!

They are now on itch.io and have a 70% Sale on all their games!

Amanita Design

View their page: https://amanitadesign.itch.io/

Oh I think you can actually just upload the .love file!


Hey! Just wanted to let you know that the Linux download is actually for MacOS. Would love a Linux version tho!

Here is a little collection of games I found relaxing! (images are click-able)

Feel free to suggest more relaxing games :)

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Just wanted to say thank you Cairn4 for making this game :)

I had a really relaxing time playing it. And the buggy is just too fun!

AAA development can learn a thing or two from this. Brilliant!

Lovely game! Very relaxing.

Would love to be able to sit down in places or take a dive.

So cute!

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Karen/Bitmoo is looking for Youtubers/Streamers that might be interested in her game "the wolf bite".

Maybe you're interested, it looks super-cute!

She posted this as Tweet originally:


Just tweet at her if you're interested :)

Aww so cute c:

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Besides characters and animation I also created the sounds for our game.

www.sonniss.com/gameaudiogdc2016/ has been a really helpful resource for that. It's a huge, free-to-use, high-quality soundpack. Especially the gun sounds were really good! Other than that I recorded my own chicken to get some sounds for the main character chicken and the little chicks you want to save as player, which were captured by foxes (yes we had cute little chicks at that time!).

Troughout editing the sounds I used the free Audacity. I want to switch to a different non-destructive Audio workstation at some point, but Audacity was fast to use for me and made it easier. And we had rather little time (5 weeks), so I didn't want to learn too many new tools.

For the music I just looked trough soundcloud for Creative Commons tracks and ended up using this track by Aritus: https://soundcloud.com/aritusmusic/aritus-spirit

Beware it's Future Funk! (kind of) I liked the contrast of a game where you destroy a lot of shit with something more upbeat and funky. And a happy mood was also what we were aiming for, so this song did fit really well in terms of pacing and mood.

Hope you found this useful! I'll post some more devlogs later on, about making weapons for the game and also a bit of PR.

 If you want to get updated on the rest of the devlog, you can follow me here on itch.io: https://tinyworlds.itch.io/ or Twitter @tinyruin.

EDIT: Oh also for your Linux users out there, here is a little script to remove the silent parts in any mp3 files in a folder. Saved me a lot of work :)

for f in *.mp3
    sox $f $f silence 1 0.1 0% reverse silence 1 0.1 0% reverse
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Hello everybody! We're currently making a game for university about a giant chicken destroying the city to save her little chicks.

I didn't realize itch.io had a devlog forum before - we are in the last days of the project - but I thought I still might post learnings and timelapses from the project! :) My posts will be about making the art of the game. If you're more interested in the programming side of things, you can find the coding counterpart on our programmer's blog: http://acribic.com/category/trash-chicken/ (he's still 2 weeks behind, new updates will come :))

But back to art! Here is a timelapse, where I drew the fox (our enemies) and the chick (you want to save).

I used GIMP to draw it and then the Layer export plugin to export the different body parts. Those body parts I imported into the bone-based animation tool Spriter. I then "rigged" it/created the skeleton for animation. Spriter is a pretty nice tool, even has IK features in the non-premium/free version. Saved me a lot of time with the animation :)

That's it on this. I hope you found it useful! If you want to get updated on the rest of the devlog, you can follow me here on itch.io: https://tinyworlds.itch.io/ or Twitter @tinyruin.