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#notGDC but working on cute 3D stuff

A topic by Tiny Worlds created 61 days ago Views: 57 Replies: 2
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Hey everyone!

I'm a 3D environment artist & game developer with a love for cute things. Living on the other side of the world GDC is always bit too much of an investment for me (I'm from Germany). I have yet to upload a game feat my cute 3D to (although I made one for "Meditations"). For now there are some cute, short 2D games you can play there:

P.S.: If you want to see more of my 3D art, you can take a look at my portfolio here:


I'm a big fan of your style. Thanks for posting. I added Our Little Island to the Not seen at GDC collection on the homepage

Thanks Leafo, I appreciate it a lot c: