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Here on is old and last version. There is newer game version on Steam:

Also I focus on other game projects too, like this:

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Infection Rate New Release - Version 1.0.9

- Infection Rate is released on Steam, demo is available too
- Steam Achievements
- Steam Leaderboards
- Steam Cloud
- Steam Trading Cards (they are ready but waiting approval)
- Bug Fix: When the player bleeding, zombies immediately can smell him, now a little time is required before this happens, and he can react with bandage.
- Minor bug fixes

You starting trough app or not? Try directly from EXE file and Run As Administrator. Also sometimes antivirus programs blocking the exe filе for unknown reasons. And you must have at least this: Intel Core 2 Duo or better, 4 GB RAM, GTX 280 or ATI analog with at least 1GB Ram and DirectX9.0c compatible. Of course the crash reason may be other.

What happens? Your uploaded image not showing.

Thanks for advice:

- What is "Tank controls"... If you mean W A S D keys for moving and rotating, they are used in other games too.

- Distance in the game can be: Near (below 5 meters), Normal (from 5 to 10 meters) and Far (15 meters and more). Crosshair icon is showing only on Normal distance. Some characters have skill for Far icon. So, if you Aim point at something far, you can't see crosshair. Mouse is used only for Up and Down for Aiming, Left and Right is with A D keys.

-  Yes sometimes this happens in very near distance. From normal and far distance you must be sure you pointing at zombies.

- Stamina bars recharging time is different for every character. For example Dimitri is big and slow, females are faster... Check Help menu in-game for more information.

-  Yes indeed.

-  Yes it's possible to be made this for default camera position. But the player have opportunity to rotate around the character and moving near or far the camera. Also with A D key rotation is hard to miss something near to you.

- Voice acting for females are made by real actor: and I am happy for this. But male characters are made with PC generated voice acting program. I plan to find real actors for the males in the future versions of the game.

- Yes they can be better.

- They have different Hit Rate, between 30-40% chance for miss. Also on every difficulty (Easy to Hard) they have different stats.

- This is temporary solution. I don't want to store complicated accounts on my host. Email & Password is the same like a Username & PIN (which can be remembered very easy). Also I don't have plans for options like a forgot password, change password and so on... Just I am not sure my host will be stable and online forever to store this data. Anyway in next versions I have better solution for this... but that's all for now, that I can say before next updates.

Hi, I uploaded the game directly to host. Now downloading working fine.

Infection Rate New Release - Version 1.0.8

- Update to Unity 2017.1.0b10
- 1 New level: The school
- No more public cheat buttons, they are removed
- Random hints in Loading screen
- Difficulty: Normal and Hard are unlocked by default
- There are now two versions of the game: demo and full. Full game version included 4 additional playable characters: Samir, Frank, Hiroshi, Amanda. This is the only difference between versions. If you want to support the game - the price is symbolic.
- Minor bug fixes

NOTE: Download/Upload profile to our cloud temporarily not working due to the plugins incompatibility with the current version of Unity engine. In next game versions this options will be back. This not prevent you to have local profile or playing online with friends.

Infection Rate New Release - Version
- Bug Fix: Help Menu: Scrollbar inertia not working at 100%
- Minor bug fixes.

Infection Rate New Release - Version 1.0.7
- 3 New skins of AMANDA and 3 new of LISA (Use test accounts, all extras are unlocked there: Name: User1/2/3/4 Pin: 123456 Current account can be changed from: Settings: Delete Profile)
- Some characters animations have been changed
- The weapons: Axe and Crowbar have Fire Speed 1 second (Before was 1.2)
- Minor bug fixes.

Infection Rate New Release - Version 1.0.6
- 3 New skins of FRANK and 3 new of STACY (Use test accounts, all extras are unlocked there: Name: User1/2/3/4 Pin: 123456 Current account can be changed from: Settings: Delete Profile)
- Female characters: STACY, AMANDA and LISA are with new voice commands, that are not PC generated as before. Each character has over 80 chat/voice commands. Use Space key to activate them during the game. Thanks to: AmeAngelofsin
- Minor bug fixes.

Infection Rate New Release - Version 1.0.5
- 3 New skins of SAMIR and 3 new of HIROSHI (use test accounts, all extras are unlocked there: Name: User1/2/3/4 Pin: 123456)
- SAMIR: Have new skill: VEHICLE EXPERT. He know how many slots have in the escape vehicles.
- HIROSHI: His skill ANALYSIS except that shows enemies: Life, Hit Rate and Crit Rate... now can show friends (other players) Life and Infection %.
- Aim mode with firearm weapon, now have crosshair icon showing where it is directed. It's active on near and normal distance (10 meters max). The skill SCOPE of Pierre and Frank is exception and crosshair have far distance range (15 meters max) with some weapons.
- Minor bug fixes.

Pin for "Test Accounts" with all extras unlocked?
It's in "Test Accounts" section of the game page.

Name: User1 / User2 / User3 / User4 / User5
Pin: 123456

Infection Rate

You can try this too. Good luck with the channel!

Infection Rate New Release - Version 1.0.4
- 1 New level: Training (can be played online)
- 3 New skins of PIERRE and 3 new of DIMITRI (use test accounts, all extras are unlocked there: Name: User1/2/3/4 Pin: 123456)
- Female Zombie can no longer crawl.
- Bug Fix: Online: Not master player (this who did not create the room) sometimes see wrong scaled items.
- Bug Fix: When the character falls to the ground, all active heart attacks (EKG) not stopping.
- Minor bug fixes.

Infection Rate New Release - Version
- Last game version check (in-game).

Infection Rate

Good luck with your channel! :)

Infection Rate New Release - Version
- Minor bug fixes

Infection Rate New Release - Version
- Issues with profile options
If problem persist, try to delete this folder:
C:\Users\UserName\AppData\LocalLow\AL Games\Infection Rate

Infection Rate New Release - Version 1.0.3
- Better showing of the weapons in Aim mode.
- Attack animation of the enemies is synchronized to take the Life of the player, only if this really happens.
- Better and easy melee battle from short distance.
- Handgun reloading faster to maximum capacity.
- All weapons have 95% Hit Rate.
- Characters can run longer, 10 stamina bars are removed for 6 sec. instead of 4 sec.
- Loading percentages reaching 100% instead of 90%.
- Correct character animation in some unexpected situations.
- Minor bug fixes

Full change log here (it's not in english):

Infection Rate New Release - Version 1.0.2
- Help and About are made in menu
- Before every level start have loading screen with percentages
- Minor bug fixes

Full change log here (it's not in english):

Infection Rate

Sure, thanks!

Infection Rate

Infection Rate

Infection Rate


Infection Rate is 3rd person Co-op Zombie Survival with multiplayer.


- Different ways to escape from the levels
- 8 playable characters with unique abilities and skills
- Random position spawn of items
- Combinations between items
- Additional extras like skins and item sets
- Cloud server for player accounts
- Online Co-Op up to 4 players
- Achievements
- Heart attacks
- And more...

- Have fun with our previous games
- Report Bugs and suggestions:
- "Like" our facebook/twitter page
- "Share" our website and facebook/twitter page with your friends
(and try online mode together?)


More information: