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Looking For Games To Play On My YT Channel

A topic by Mason Zettlemoyer created Dec 10, 2016 Views: 544 Replies: 19
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Hello, My Name Is DonkeyLlama

I am a thirteen year old that makes games and plays games. I've been struggling to find games to play on my YouTube channel and I've been struggling to get my own games out to the public. I'm sure that if you're a developer too that you may be having a hard time spreading your game to the public as well. That's why I'm making a series for games.

Rules For Commenting

Feel free to comment down below talking about your game and I will try my best to review it as soon as possible. Please keep in mind that I do have school stuff in my life as well as making my own games. If your game contains anything that would NOT be suited for younger audiences I will not play your game. Your game also need to be free, or send me an access key to receive the game for free. Videos may take several days, weeks, or even months before it is published. You can find out if I made the video either through your game's comment section, subscribe to my channel, or follow me on Twitter.

Thank You For Your Time

And Have A Great Day

Infection Rate

I played a little of your game. It would not be suitable for younger audiences. I will not make a video of your game.

I got this demo game, short game about a square prisoner wants to escape, you shouls try it out :) :


When I was testing the game, I was actually able to beat it during that time frame. (1-2 minutes) If I were to make it video of it right now, the video wouldn't be long by any means. If you could update the game and make it longer, it would gladly play it.

I'll see what i can do ;)

I update it, here it is :


I have three games that would be good for your channel:

if you get the time check out both of mine please.

I may be able to play "Vs Plz," but if you want me to play "Tetrick," could you please send me a key so I can play it for free? You can DM me a key via. Twitter.

Alright, but I would have to actually have a twitter account for that...

If that's too much of an inconvenience, you can send me an e-mail to this address, ""

I have just set it up, but I can't l figure the thing out so yes I will email it.

Feel free to play it. There are cheats as well if you press the [`] key but you have to discover the codes on your own (5 character code using numbers and letters). Have fun!

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If you could privately send me a key to play it for free, then I will play it. (You can DM me via. Twitter or send me an e-mail to this address, "")

I am developing a tycoon game to teach renewable energy concepts. It is a bit difficult and challenging but I think it is suitable for younger audiences. I would love to hear about your experience.

Find it here:

Hello Mr. Zettlemoyer!

Feel free to review these games of mine:

Flex Armstrong - Iron pumping hyper hero

Vector Sector - Smash the space bar like a lunatic

Botanical Box - You are a plant. Grow tall and reach full Bloom

Navpoint Alpha - Pilot a mech through an interplanetary war

Hi, can you try "Mouse in the House" game? :

Here's my game:

Its pretty tough if you aren't used to these kinds of games, but you should be able to play it in short segments. A level can take 3 minutes or it can take 20 depending on how well you play. It autosaves so there isn't any worry of progress being lost.

Hopefully this is good material for you to work with.

i just update the game "Square Escaper" and i'm planning to make more and better :