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Replied to Luke in Feedback File

That makes sense! Thanks!

can't you execute it?

Posted in Linux Install

There is a downloadable build for linux in the game page ;)

Thanks so much for the detailed feedback, I'll look over it with more attention.

It would be awesome to hear your feedback  on the new game mode, I just released today in the game page as HTML5 (the build that plays automatically)

Created a new topic How many Stars did you get?

What was you best score?

Did you make it to 5 stars?

Thanks so much for the detailed feedback. I'll look into that.

Thanks for letting me know but I don't know hoe to fix those things yet.

You can always play the web version.

Thanks so much! I actually have already fixed that bug. I need to update the build. Thanks for your feedback!

What about the new one?

This was fixed yet ;)

You might want to check out the new version as there were very significant improvements since the last time you played the game.

Just fixed it, have fun ;)

Just fixed it, have fun ;)

Windows, Mac or PC?

I've just uploaded a new version with the double memory, can you please tell me if it is working now?

Thanks for the heads up! I'll check that.

This should be solved by now ;)

Now all clicks are counted when you move you pointer down, I think it solves the problem.

Let me hear from you.

Thanks so much for your feedback, I could not test it with first comers yet, I will launch an update right away where you receive more money to make it easier.

I was afraid that if it was too easy there would not be much replays. What you said make total sense.

Thanks for your support ;)

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Just to clarify, you're telling me that there is a way I can update the executable files that users downloaded previously?

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That seems great! Is that relevant to the html5 release or only the executable file?

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I don't know what is happening, can you send me a screenshot?

You can always play the browser version.

Yes, I deleted the other topic, I thought you were just a troll. A lot of people played the game and nobody reported this, so I guess the problem is in your side.

Replied to Illisia in Pause?

I see, maybe it only appears on the browser, I got a notification that you followed the game but no notification about a rating, maybe you selected the wrong button :p

Replied to Illisia in Pause?

So, you should see a button on the top right of the game page saying Rate the Game.

Tell me if you can see it ;)

Posted in Pause?
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I got you, that should be easy to implement, I will launch a new version next week with the pause button and other things, stay tuned ; )

So, the game was supposed to be HTML5, but I had a problem exporting it so I made this downloadable build, which has the screen resolution problem. That should be sorted out next week.

Regarding the other power sources and storage, I am working on it but Level 2 already has on shore wind power, biomass and hydrogen ;)

Replied to Nans in Feedback File

Thanks, that is very helpful. I was afraid players would get bored if it took too long with the same power source. I will test different paces.

Regarding the tutorial, you mean the one in the beginning or the messages during gameplay?


Created a new topic Feedback File

What do you liked most in the game?

What would you change?

Please describe the bug you found, thanks!

I would love to see you play my Tycoon Game! It is designed to teach renewable energy concepts while presenting a challenging mission of managing the powerplants to power one city.

You can find it here: https://powerthegrid.itch.io/power-the-grid

I am developing a tycoon game to teach renewable energy concepts. It is a bit difficult and challenging but I think it is suitable for younger audiences. I would love to hear about your experience.

Find it here: https://powerthegrid.itch.io/power-the-grid

No problem, I am glad to know it appears for you!

Hello, I just released my first game here on itch.io, the issue I am facing is that no one rates my game, maybe it is because the tab is missing.

I already checked the page while logged out and it was not there. I have the option in Interact to allow reviews checked on.

Do you know how to fix this?

See for yourself here: https://powerthegrid.itch.io/power-the-grid

Hello and welcome to the first Power The Grid development log. I am solo self-taught developer working on a game around an idea that I have for a tycoon/Sim game. Using my background in Energy and Environment I am attempting to create a strategy game around energy systems mechanics.

Your job in the game is to combine the different energy sources (coal, water, sun, wind, biomass, etc) to satisfy the electricity needs of a regular city. Each source has its own specifications and the eletricity consumption changes along the way.

After 1 year of learning/working on C# and Unity, I completed what I call the first alpha, a playable build with 4 levels and some bugs.

Try it here: https://powerthegrid.itch.io/power-the-grid