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Thanks for the detailed feedback. I'll surely implement some of those things;) 

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So, I think I know what's the problem. The buy coal button goes inactive when you have more than 50% of coal left to use, it gets darker.
When you have less than 50% of coal left, it gets brighter and active.

Please tell me if I solved the problem or if it is a bug.

Power the Grid is a real-time-strategy  tycoon game that simulates the power grid. Control multiple power-plants, manage resources and invest in renewable energies, all this while supplying the energy demand.


Things are progressing! Will have another update today ;)

It is an option but right now I'm focusing more on pc.

That makes sense! Thanks!

can't you execute it?

There is a downloadable build for linux in the game page ;)

Thanks so much for the detailed feedback, I'll look over it with more attention.

It would be awesome to hear your feedback  on the new game mode, I just released today in the game page as HTML5 (the build that plays automatically)

What was you best score?

Did you make it to 5 stars?

Thanks so much for the detailed feedback. I'll look into that.

Thanks for letting me know but I don't know hoe to fix those things yet.

You can always play the web version.

Thanks so much! I actually have already fixed that bug. I need to update the build. Thanks for your feedback!

What about the new one?

This was fixed yet ;)

You might want to check out the new version as there were very significant improvements since the last time you played the game.

Just fixed it, have fun ;)

Just fixed it, have fun ;)

Windows, Mac or PC?

I've just uploaded a new version with the double memory, can you please tell me if it is working now?

Thanks for the heads up! I'll check that.

This should be solved by now ;)

Now all clicks are counted when you move you pointer down, I think it solves the problem.

Let me hear from you.

Thanks so much for your feedback, I could not test it with first comers yet, I will launch an update right away where you receive more money to make it easier.

I was afraid that if it was too easy there would not be much replays. What you said make total sense.

Thanks for your support ;)

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Just to clarify, you're telling me that there is a way I can update the executable files that users downloaded previously?

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That seems great! Is that relevant to the html5 release or only the executable file?

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I don't know what is happening, can you send me a screenshot?

You can always play the browser version.

Yes, I deleted the other topic, I thought you were just a troll. A lot of people played the game and nobody reported this, so I guess the problem is in your side.

I see, maybe it only appears on the browser, I got a notification that you followed the game but no notification about a rating, maybe you selected the wrong button :p

So, you should see a button on the top right of the game page saying Rate the Game.

Tell me if you can see it ;)

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I got you, that should be easy to implement, I will launch a new version next week with the pause button and other things, stay tuned ; )

So, the game was supposed to be HTML5, but I had a problem exporting it so I made this downloadable build, which has the screen resolution problem. That should be sorted out next week.

Regarding the other power sources and storage, I am working on it but Level 2 already has on shore wind power, biomass and hydrogen ;)

Thanks, that is very helpful. I was afraid players would get bored if it took too long with the same power source. I will test different paces.

Regarding the tutorial, you mean the one in the beginning or the messages during gameplay?


What do you liked most in the game?

What would you change?