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Bugs List - Found a bug? Post it here!

A topic by ClaudioA created Sep 27, 2017 Views: 965 Replies: 26
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Please describe the bug you found, thanks!

Hi there, in going for 1600x900 resolution the window leaves a fair amount of black box (see below).

Also, don't know if it's just as far as the game got, but clicking next at this point doesn't seem to do anything.

Otherwise, I can see the potential, would be interesting to see how you introduce ideas like balancing the system with natural gas plants (OCGT/CCGT), ramp rates, battery storage, biomass, onshore/offshore wind etc


So, the game was supposed to be HTML5, but I had a problem exporting it so I made this downloadable build, which has the screen resolution problem. That should be sorted out next week.

Regarding the other power sources and storage, I am working on it but Level 2 already has on shore wind power, biomass and hydrogen ;)


This was fixed yet ;)

You might want to check out the new version as there were very significant improvements since the last time you played the game.

The downloadable Mac version don't work.


What about the new one?

I'm playing the HTML5 version on Chrome in Windows 10, and clicks don't reliably register. I'd say about 10-20% of the time, when I click on a button, nothing happens. This is especially frustrating when I'm frantically trying to restore power, or when I realize at the last minute I'm late in replenishing coal, and I have to click the button several times before it activates. I didn't have this issue when I tried this game a couple of months ago.


This should be solved by now ;)

Now all clicks are counted when you move you pointer down, I think it solves the problem.

Let me hear from you.

Playing on downloadable version, cannot click on anything including the 'get started' button and therefore cannot play the game.


Windows, Mac or PC?



Just fixed it, have fun ;)

I'm also having the same issue, also on windows


Just fixed it, have fun ;)

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The Replay Button on level 2 doesn't work. Windows 7, download. A nice feature would be to keep playing after winning.  But it's a great game!


Thanks so much! I actually have already fixed that bug. I need to update the build. Thanks for your feedback!

Linux Version:

There is a visual bug, that doesn't show the black vertical line on the solar panels.

Instead of 23:50 -> 0:00 the clock goes 23:50 -> 24:00. I think this also messes with the current energy use updating. I'm not sure if they update every full hour, but it seems around midnight, that there is an unusually large gap in between updates.

Feature Request:

It would be cool to have a hotkey for the fast forward button. I usually keep the coal powerplant warm by de-/activating it a lot, but that means I can't fast forward in that time, which is a bit of a hassle.

Maybe a slow-motion option would also be nice.

And, if that doesn't make the game too easy, some more information on the different powerplants. For example, how long a coal needs to warm up. This would make it easier to plan the heating process, rather than guessing.

Download doesn't work on macOS High Sierra.


Thanks for letting me know but I don't know hoe to fix those things yet.

You can always play the web version.

I found a issue where you cannot  purchase hydrogen batteries even if you have the money.

Version: PTG_Level2_0.4.6_Windows.rar

How to reproduce:
Launch a new game
Buy Solar, Wind, Hydro, and Bio(one that costs 2000)
Turn everything on and fast forward to 9am
Try purchasing batteries, it won't work


Thanks so much for the detailed feedback. I'll look into that.

I had the same problem as siamesecat .My solution was just to click on every pixel on the build button.

Till it worked.

And the button of the Water Reservoir turned  into a gray box when i bushed it to on.

By the way(No Bug but)

If the Space key would pause the game ........Like in FTL ( I love FTL i got  233hours.100%)

,Maybe C for buying coal and Keybinding over all would in my opinion

improve the game.

Yeah i  often lost in the second level (ten times ore so)

And i´m not bad at video games

Of course i like a challenge and i liked that Level .But level two woulde be to hard for Normal (or Casual)gamers 

So thats hard mode for me  : ) .(easy for the creator is often hard for players9

i hope  i could help to

give you  some constructive criticism.

English is not my first language.....(I´m German)

So forgive me for all my mistakes.(Blame google translate)

In short i like you Game.

and i will help playtest it if you like.( i play it anyway ;) )

Hi, I thought i'd give this a try, but it is unplayable as is - the resolution is fixed to something larger than my screen ( Win10  surface pro 3 - 2160 x 1440)

Is there a setting i can change or an ini where i can set my preferred resolution. thanks :)

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Edit: I just realized that this bug has already been reported, sorry for the duplicity.

Hi, Claudio.

I found an upsetting bug in level 2 in which the hydrogen storage can't be purchased after approximately a day after game start. The icon appears lighted when you have the money, but clicking on it does nothing, not even the color change of "being pushing the button". I am surprised by the obviousness of the bug so I wonder if I'm the only one having this issue.

Great idea for a game, keep up the good work!


Edit 2: As reported before, repeatedly clicking all over the button allows to purchase the hydrogen storage, although it opposes some resistance.

slight problem. the energy production bar for the wind farms is based on the average for wind turbines are, not the actual amount they are producing at the moment

I don't know if you're still monitoring this three years on, but I'm a university lecturer in renewable energy and I found this and love it!

But, I can't play the downloadable version. My monitor has a 16:10 resolution (1920x1200), so if the game is designed at 16:9 it should have black bars at the top and bottom... but instead, it scales up to fill the vertical space and the left and right edges are cropped off. That includes the red consumption graph.

Is there anything I can do?

Thanks :)


Hello, I might be able to help.

Please send me an email to