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Usually I can never finish these types of games but this was pretty neat! I love how you use the simplicity of the mechanics and level to the fullest.

I felt some of the animations and activation of items took longer than I had liked, leading to irritation.

Nevertheless bravo!

Latest version of windows 10. I tried alt + enter and F11

Had fun exploring this strange and unique world.

Been looking for a game with unique locations other than "forest, mountain region" etc.

This is one of those games that will stay in my library and I will return to again.

On a technical side:

I wasn't able to go fullscreen, and it did not provide me my native resolution  to choose (1920x1080).

I feel there is anti aliasing either over the entire screen or on each indidivdual sprite that makes not not as sharp and crisp as they should be.


Playing on downloadable version, cannot click on anything including the 'get started' button and therefore cannot play the game.

Damn this game is so beautiful, strange and mystical. The developers clearly have this world fleshed out in their heads as it's so consistent and interesting.

To be honest reading the description I think I missed something as all I did was talk to the characters and go around the world once.

If it had more interaction/exploration elements and a clear defined goal + some more lands to explore i'd definitely buy this as a full game.

It's pretty clear that is a game-making tool

Super fun. Great art style, and the mechanics feel soooo good. Pretty challenging but very rewarding taking down other bikers. Would love to see this expanded into a full game!

Very fun, especially once you get into the flow of it and learn the level. Could definitely use some optimization though, it runs really clunky. An indicator to where the next crystal spawns would help the flow as well.

How do you play? Itch only says not available on Windows

Lots of fun! Very relaxing. I feel the difficulty curve is a little off though. I also feel the music is sort of repetitive. Hope you get through Greenlight!

I have a game you might be interested, it's also on greelight as well!

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Hey everyone, feel free to share your galleries with each other here! Thanks for playing the game

Really amazing. The atmosphere and the graphics are great. I am blown away and have no clue how you seamlessly implemented all of this. Bravo sir, bravo.

Very fun and neat. Wish the performance was better though, getting huge freezes and drops on a fx 8320 and gtx 660.

Lots of fun! I definitely think there should be more hp drops or more hp per drop. It's very hard as is and I never had more than 1/6th hp!

Seems fun. I don't like how you have to start each area over though. And if you get to the portal with a second left the timer will still tick down, and you will lose, even though you got to the portal.

I think you should favor WASD as that is the default pc controls. So maybe J,K,L? This puts your hand at a comfortable spot where you don't have to move them in any un-natural way.

I had alot of fun with this! The art is really refreshing, and the gameplay a mix of pokemon, zelda and cave story. Everything feels like good quality. My only complaint is the controls. I played on a keyboard and g,j,k feels very foreign to hold my hand at. The music would get very repetitive really quickly as well. Would love to see more in the full game!

Love the super simple controls! Would be a fun mobile game.