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Had fun exploring this strange and unique world.

Been looking for a game with unique locations other than "forest, mountain region" etc.

This is one of those games that will stay in my library and I will return to again.

On a technical side:

I wasn't able to go fullscreen, and it did not provide me my native resolution  to choose (1920x1080).

I feel there is anti aliasing either over the entire screen or on each indidivdual sprite that makes not not as sharp and crisp as they should be.

Thank you for the feedback!

You're right, there's a blurriness problem on the sprites (and it's especially bad on some of them) and resolutions in general. The game was originally built to be played very small, originally on in a browser, so the sprites get stretched after I made it possible to make the window bigger. It's a bit unfortunate.

I'm not sure why you're unable to go fullscreen--which OS are you using?


Latest version of windows 10. I tried alt + enter and F11