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I Will Play All Your Games on YouTube !

A topic by GIS Studios created Nov 21, 2016 Views: 1,140 Replies: 29
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Hello Guys,

Planet Gaming is my YouTube Channel and I want to play any of your games :) So just post below your game and it will be surely posted on YouTube you don't have to wait or something. Please Sub to my channel and thanks :

Can you check out cyber cards, it is a card game playground.

Ok gonna try to play it in the next few days ! :

Sorry I couldn't play your game it is very hard to launch lol Can you simply make a executable file :)


Hey SpeedRider,

in that case, I will use this opportunity to post my game here (Windows only):

I hope you have fun with it :)


I'll soonly play your games. I'm on it ;

Done ! Don't forget to Subscribe ;)


Thanks for playing!

And yes, that game is not easy :)


Hello SpeedRider,

I would love it if you could play my latest game called Harambe Ruins! Send me the video when you make it too. I would love to see it.

Thank you for your time,

Mason Zettlemoyer


I'll send the video in the next few days ;-

Done ! Don't forget to Subscribe ;)

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We did a big mistake if not the biggest when we developed our debut

we did zero marketing

therefore, it is paramount that people like you excist, and can hopefully help people like us

Our game is very untraditional and odd. It is a weird combo of Visual Novel with gameplay. It will turn many players away, with only a minority of people liking it. Our game is called The Hi-Finesse 2D and is available for free download. The game is a prologue for an intended epic metaseries. This prologue is about 15-20 minutes long.

Hi-Finesse 2D

I'll see if I can play it ;) sub to our ch


I subscribed! I'd love for you to check out my games, Cave Lander and Scratch Bros.

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I have some exams the next week after I'll do alot of vids ;)

P.S. Thanks for Subscribing

Done ;)


Thank you!

No Problem ! ;) Let's move to the next indie-gam


Bit of public attention isn't bad, Give my demo a check out!

Let me know what you think, looking for feedback!


Actually I'm having important exams, I'll be back next week and do reviews for all the pending games ;) (Yours Incl. ;) ) Please consider. Supporting us by subscribing to our YouTube channel :) t

(+1) PLS


I'm back, I'm now start making the gameplays keep subscribed !


You're not going to find another game like this.


If you want to try a simple puzzle game, I have a color-matching game called RGB.

If you want a super short choose your own adventure, you have 300 Words to Save Your Ship.

If you want to look at an interesting prototype for nerds from a Ludum Dare, I got a shuttle you control with binary codes.

Good luck with your channel, and if you're looking to join a group, I have my own channel and stuff. ;)


Infection Rate


I have a game you might be interested, it's also on greelight as well!

Hey, hope you will play my Multiplayer Game. Unfortunately there are not so much player actually.


If you review my game SYNC I can send a link to Affectiva who will promote the video. I myself will share any videos you do on my games.

I have three games that would be good for your channel:


I would love to see you play my Tycoon Game! It is designed to teach renewable energy concepts while presenting a challenging mission of managing the powerplants to power one city.

You can find it here:

I'm back to Indie Gaming ! Ok I'll play your games now :)

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