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Qick question: what software do you use to make 3d games?

Hi! i actually have a bit of skills at art, and i can do writing as well.

i just update the game "Square Escaper" and i'm planning to make more and better :

Hi, can you try "Mouse in the House" game? :

I update it, here it is :

I'll see what i can do ;)

I got this demo game, short game about a square prisoner wants to escape, you shouls try it out :) :

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Check out this game,DEMO game, nothing special about it, it's only a simple plateform game, download it and give it a try!

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Can you try this for your video :) it's not a horror game but i think it's better that other game :

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That was funny and I'm so sorry about that :D i watched the video that was awesome, the problem is when you recorded it will be little bit slow, but i'm gonna work hard next time :D

Thanks a lot!! very much appreciate it :D

Here's a Halloween Horror game :

Thanks a lot :) here's a horror game i made, not good enough but i hope you try it :) :

How to set the link here? it would'nt come out!

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Hi! i wanna monetize my game but the thing is they asked about if i have a paypal account which costs me lot a money to do it, any other solution? i need a full explination for that, thank you :)

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You can download it for free, the game is exe file, can't play on the website.

Download and play "Mouse in the House" for free, my first game, hope y'all like it :

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I upload my first game "Mouse in the house" it's not perfect but it's cool to play hit the mouse with tools that you will gave in each level you's the link :

Good consept!

I'm kinda new, could you follow me?

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Thank you so much! i followed you now!! could you tell how did you do that so i can do that after i upload my second game?

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I didn't find the Demo checkbox in Edit game, could you help me where to find it please?

Hello, i wanna ask you, i just launched a game "Mouse In The House" but the problem is that when i wrote it on search bar i didn't find it, infact also i wrote my name "Purpi Max" on the search bar and it showes my name on the corner and beneath the name is 0 projects!! i still don't understand why?! i hope you could help me with that, thank you.

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Hello! i already upload and launched my first game "Mouse in the House" but the problem is when i wrote it on the search bar i didn't find it, even i wrote my name "PurpiMax" it showes the name on the left corner and beneath it 0 projects!!?even i upload the game? could you help me out?, i'll be very appreciate it, thanks.

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Check your time while you playing this game!! and watchout in the final level, it could be difficult to play, so it's a challenge for you to win!