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I can't find My game in the search bar!

A topic by PurpiMax created Sep 07, 2016 Views: 657 Replies: 4
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Hello, i wanna ask you, i just launched a game "Mouse In The House" but the problem is that when i wrote it on search bar i didn't find it, infact also i wrote my name "Purpi Max" on the search bar and it showes my name on the corner and beneath the name is 0 projects!! i still don't understand why?! i hope you could help me with that, thank you.


Hey, the 'demo' checkbox in 'Edit game' is for when you have both a full version and a demo. You can just uncheck it and your game will appear in the listings.

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I didn't find the Demo checkbox in Edit game, could you help me where to find it please?



I fixed the page for you. Note: .exe files shouldn't be tagged with 'Mac' or 'Linux' since they can only be run on Windows!

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Thank you so much! i followed you now!! could you tell how did you do that so i can do that after i upload my second game?