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We are looking for a small team, for making small games

A topic by Neroone created Nov 20, 2017 Views: 872 Replies: 9
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We are looking for a very small team, for making small and funny games. 
The team will consist in:
x1 Musician
x1 Programmer
x1 Writer
If you want to join, We're waiting for you in our Discord  
I hope we all get along :D! 

Hi! i actually have a bit of skills at art, and i can do writing as well.

I make music!  I can make anything electronic, from Dubstep to DnB to Psytrance to House to Electronica to Electro Jazz to Electro Swing to Trance to Future Bass to Halftime to Ambient to Chill to... okay, I can do a lot.

I also have experience making games, and I am actually making the soundtrack for a game I'm programming myself currently, so I definitely have experience with video game soundtracks specifically.  I probably will not be too useful as a programmer since I only know Python, but I can definitely get your music done, no matter what style, no matter how light/heavy.

Here's my latest (unfinished) song.  It definitely isn't suitable for a video game, but it's to show you the abilities that I have.  I'll repeat that it is unfinished.

I only compose with free software, but I do all of it myself, meaning I make all my sounds, mix it myself, etc.  So, if you want a sound, I can make it.  So, I can do your music and sound effects, and I can put whatever sounds you want in the song as well. =)

I work for free.

You can contact me at  Your Discord link is broken, by the way.

Hey there! Well, I suppose I wont be of much help but I am very much interested to be involved as an intern type of thing(?!?!). Lets say I'm young, short on time, and just started learning how to code on my own by picking up Gamemaker. But I'm very much interested in learning more about how things are done. Discord link is dead btw :p

I'm a pretty skilled illustrator and designer, with some experience in game and character design!  I'd love to jump on some fun projects <3<3

Hi ! I am currently working with the Unity platform developing small-but-funny games (i.e. typical arcades such as plane fighters), but I have also worked in other bigger projects (i.e. engine development). Of course, I do this for fun and as a hobby, I cannot work all day (I am working full-time), but I like to spend my spare time on this and I use to work a lot on my hobbies haha.

I hope you can explain me more about what ideas you have in mind.


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I'm a writer, though new to writing for gaming. It's something I've wanted to do for ages but have yet to do so. I'm an author, written screenplays, teleplays, plays and more. I'd be glad to join a team as a writer. And I'm good with comedy, in terms of these being funny games.

PS -- the invite for Discord link has expired.

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Hello! I specialize in game music and SFX. You can listen to samples of my work here:

Please let me know if I can be of service! You can email me at



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[Discord] invite expired. A writer needs new invite link. ;)

i can program, make sprites

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