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RIP Chests, even when they spawn they just go down off the screen into non-existence.

They don't. That's why the term or genre "roguelite" exists - for games that clearly have roguelike features, but don't follow the roguelike constraints to the letter.

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Neato! Always considered doing this in Twine 2 before, and as you show here it definitely works..! My only suggestion is to add some basic stats to track e.g. how many spills the player cleaned, what children they've found/helped, how much Energy they used (and how much they have left at the end), and maybe a few achievements for e.g. when Kenneth and Orville are reunited. Just so that each run can easily be shared with others.

Nice little original game! My only issue(s) is that the meaning of the coins aren't explained (unless at the end, I'm assuming - I haven't beaten the game yet), and that you can't save the game, so you have to beat it all in one sitting (which then works against the "more fails, more lives" feature to make it "easier").

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[Discord] invite expired. A writer needs new invite link. ;)

Depends on the specifics, but (in general) I'd be willing to write, world-build, etc.

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Raises metaphorical hand. I think I'd count as your other. ;)

In general, I am available both on weekdays and weekends (typically online for at the very minimum 2 hours, at varying times). I ultimately am available for a large amount of time (varies). I also have a Discord account. I hope that this may lead to working with you, and good luck!

Can you further define this? Would i.e. a IF "game" where you the player (as you said in your rules) make a impossible decision between 3 things that each seem to be the worst count as a "emotional journey?"