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[Full team] [RPG Maker MV] Horror game.

A topic by MorcoreV created Jul 03, 2016 Views: 1,097 Replies: 6
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Greetings. Name is MorcoreV.
I am thinking of making a game project with the RPG Maker MV program.
If anyone is interested, We need the following:

An Artist.

A sound editor.

A music composer.

A writer. (Needs to have perfect English for the dialogue's sake).

To join us, Just contact me here, Or on my skype: Monsawalk

Thank you for reading the post, And have a good day.

What's the scope of the project?

Let me know some details. How big is the team?

I've worked within the industry, am a musician and have written scripts for games too.


Hi, Zak!

I've started alone with this game. It's just me and my good friend, who's an artist. We still need more people.

I'd be honored to have you in my team, because the sound is one of the most important keys for horrific experience.

You can add me on Skype: monsawalk (Mostly needed), Steam: PandacoreV or Contact me on my Email: for further information. I am glad you are interested in our project.


Hi man, if you are still looking we would like to know more about the project. We played live scores for dark, scary silent movies (A Page of Madness is one of them) and experimental installations. Let us know



Please add me on skype: Monsawalk or contact me on my email: for further information about what you do and how can you help us in our team.


Depends on the specifics, but (in general) I'd be willing to write, world-build, etc.

I'm very interested in becoming a writer for you and helping the team make various titles. Although I have no experience in the field, I am half way through my degree at Full Sail University for Creative Writing in the Entertainment Industry and have done a ton of Flash Fiction stories. My discord is #3990

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