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Emotional Journey?

A topic by Blubahub created Jan 24, 2019 Views: 93 Replies: 1
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Can you further define this? Would i.e. a IF "game" where you the player (as you said in your rules) make a impossible decision between 3 things that each seem to be the worst count as a "emotional journey?"


"Emotional Journey" is just meant as a general theme and has a pretty broad meaning, but, it in general means a character transitioning through as series different emotional/mental hardships that builds towards some final big change or realization for the character compared to how they started out. So, for example, a tragic-type journey would probably have a general series of hardships and/or mental turmoil ending in mental defeat or surrender, while a journey of self-discovery might have lots of ups and downs and revelations ending with a new sense of understanding about the world and/or about themselves.

Also I'd like to say again that you can take this Jam (and the rules) as casually or as rigorously as you like, so you don't need to focus TOO hard on getting absolutely everything in. Just having an impossible choice of 3 is fine for the branching path restriction, but, for more challenge, you could also try to add one extra layer to it for the "emotional journey" aspect, like, this choice is a build-up of something important in the characters life and will change them after they are subjected to it.

I hope this answers you question, and thanks for joining the Jam!!