This jam is now over. It ran from 2019-02-01 06:00:00 to 2019-02-05 04:00:00.

Below are the GENERAL GUIDELINES, followed by the Jam's specific RESTRICTIONS.

    • This jam can be taken as Casually or as Rigorously as you prefer. Ultimately, THE POINT SYSTEM DOES NOT MATTER, and is simply used as a guideline to focus your ideas to challenge you. There is no judging and your point score will not actually be calculated, it is  simply for your own personal reference.
    • I'd like the jam to be about short but impactful games, so if you can, try to make a game that is short and succinct, yet still makes for a powerful experience.
    • Browser games are preferred. You may use whatever tools you wish to create it.
    • SFW
    • You can start designing your game as early as you want, but, the scope of the game should be something that can be physically created in 4 days.
    • Main Restriction: Text: You may not use the letter "e" in any text. One complementary point is awarded for a decent effort at using text, though more points can be gained with further text use.  There is an upper threshold to text inclusion, after which no additional points will be added.
      • Extra points are awarded for proper grammar if using prose
      • A separate point structure is formulated for the use of poetic verse
        • Points are awarded based on common poetic qualities (ie: rhymes, rhythm, mood, etc)
        • There is a 1.7 point multiplier for the poetic route
    • Theme: Greek Mythology and emotional journeys
      • Drawing from existing myths and legends will be awarded the standard amount of points, with extra points for depth of research.
      • Creating a completely unique myth can be awarded with as high as a 1.2 point multiplier, however this route is more strictly scrutinized, and the myth should be well realized and highly evoke the feeling of actual Greek Myths.
    • Structure: The game must feature a single path which branches at only 1 point into 3 distinct, highly diverging paths. The "path" need not be physical, but may be some other sort of turning point in the story or in a journey or in the development of a character. Extra points are awarded for how strictly linear the paths are. Backwards movement will have points deducted.

In addition please make sure to...

Have fun!!!!

Oh and also make sure to stay positive and be tolerant of others!