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Neat game! And I like the art and animations too.

I found this from the itch youtube recommendations ( , though the first link seems to be the incorrect game (but underneath it correctly links to your main itch page)

Good luck makin' games!

I feel the same way about the bitsy community! It is so caring and inclusive and creative, and I think you made a great game celebrating that! <3

(also you are very sneaky for using the "same" art for your game for my jam as for this one :P)

Thanks!! I do like bugs so I had fun thinking up the puns and then making a tiny little safari out of it. And I hope the arm thing was cool because I guess you could also just make a fullscreen game and it would do the same thing, but I wanted something small that extended, but maybe could have made the effect better if I had more time but anyways, thanks for playing and adding your own thing for the jam, hope you had fun!

Ah, it was image-to-bitsy, your art is always so good I thought maybe you did it all by hand.

lol! My sleeping cat?? It is a potato, it was just done in ten minutes! :P

Lovely art, lovely music, and lovely mood! 

Hee hee, I spend time listening to that same lofi station as well so I like the bitsy cross-over you made. And your cat puts my cat to shame :P

Ohhh! It looks great so far! I hope you can get around to fixing it some day!


Hope you had fun making something for the jam!

What a cute and cozy little doodle!

I hope you had fun making it! <3

Bitsy in ~spaaaaaaceeeeeeee~

The final frontier!

Ha ha! I love the name!! :P 

ahhh, the nostalgia~ I love that this game reminded me of those little guys. I always had fun slowly opening them, and popping open the little inner thing to find .... something new each time!

Thanks for making this!!

Hello and welcome to bitsy!!

So, the extra scripts to enhance bitsy (or "bitsy hacks" as we usually call them) can take a little bit to understand how to add them, however the bitsy community has made tools to make it easier to add in hacks!

For example mark wonnacott (aka Candle) has Bitsymuse which can add music into your bitsy game file:

And if you want to add more kinds of hacks, your can use aYollands's Borksy. You can just add in your game data, turn on the hacks you want, set some options, then it ouputs the "hacked" file for you that has game with the extra hack scripts already added in!

As for your question about the syntax for the code you write in your dialogue box to trigger sound effects, I can't exactly remember it 100%, but I believe you don't put the "<" and ">", and just put the "audio id" in quotes. Note that it is the "audio ID", not the file name. I think in the hack options you need to set up an "audio id" name for a specific audio file.

I hope  this helps! 

And gooood luckkkk!

Well, normally people usually just put everything they have into their one game for jams, but if you want you can make more if you would like.

But don't go overboard and just spam the jam with ZILLIONS of games :P

Hope you had fun and enjoyed trying out bitsy!


This is such an adorable game!!!

I only noticed after the first few, but I love how it changes as you go along!

10/10 cats!! :3

Oh a quick entry already! The art looks super gameboy-y, and that cat quite the cutie~!

Nice entry! Hope you had fun :)

Yup! You can use any game engine to make your game, so have fun!

Also thanks, you too :)

Ah yeah, I noticed there was no reset after I tried cramming two sheep(?) into a corner :P

But there are probably work-arounds, like, I think there's a hack that can transform/swap tiles. So perhaps that could be used to reset some things. Or just having small one-off puzzles as I think you implied. Or puzzles that can't put you in a lose state.

Hm, though, I guess if it had a reset and undo it would basically be puzzlescript? Gosh, with all these hacks bitsy can be almost ANYTHING! Soon bitsy will consume all games, MWA HA HA HA HA!!! :P

Neat! I'm sure this can add a whole lot of puzzling capability to bitsy! 

And I think you wrote about some other interesting interactions and mechanics added with the hack that could add to the puzzles possible.


It's a neat idea for a game with some very nice art, but I kinda found it a bit slow to get through the puzzles. I think it would be nice if maybe you could alternately use wasd for movement, and also, it was a bit slow to use spacebar to go into psychic-collar-manipulation mode, and that maybe it could be mapped to right-click instead? And perhaps the rotation speed of the blocks could be increased to make it easier to quickly spin them around to get the correct routes. (especially when you accidentally dive off the building after coins and find yourself at the bottom and have to rebuild all the way back up to the top >.<)

Well, best of luck with your games!

blaggrh ghlarbl brrgrglrbhal!

(translation: This is such an amazing collaboration of ideas!! Tons of fun exploring around and seeing each new and creative room. You guys all did an amazing job!!!)

As always, a very wonderful design! All of the castle seems very carefully designed to fit together, and with the new bitsy transitions it really seems like you're exploring a real whole building! Great game! oh la la~~~! :P

I went back to secure that title! In your face you little yellow pizza!!!!

hee hee, great little game, and a nice remix!

What a great and atmospheric story! And I'm impressed by how deep a story you could get across with all the dialogue being just one sided!

This is by far, by a wide margin, to an extreme degree, quite conclusively, without a doubt, altogether, the very BEST fish painting game I have ever played.

I like the bubbly music too. (and the bubble bubbles)


And may there be many cats (and ghosts [but not the scary kind]) in your future!

This seems like a great start to making Unity games! Good luck with your next one!

Also, some REALLY impolite ghosts kept attacking me while I was talking to the advice guy :P

Thanksss! Yeah I was thinking about ghosts in pop culture and stuff so I just strung a whole bunch of ideas together and it became this! Glad you liked it!

Thank <3 You!

Thank you for playing!!

Hee hee, yes, I did make this game as just a bunch of jokes all tied together, so I was hoping it would give you a laugh!

Look at that cat waggle! owo

I'm not great at rhythm games, and I've never heard this song before, but I managed to get a 60 something percent accuracy which can't be that bad!

Nice game!

yeah I thought the new transition effects were pretty neat, and I noticed one did a colour transition thing and I wanted to try using it some.

Thanks for commenting!!!

Thank you!! <3!

I was just playing around with the new bitsy transition effects for this little game.

But maybe it could have used some alpacas? :)

Maybe you can try asking for help in the Bitsy Discord? They are very helpful!

Is the game not complete yet? It looks very interesting so far! The way the story is communicated is very interesting too, I wonder where it is going...! Good luck finishing!

hee hee, it was fun seeing a little pallet town in bitsy! Another fun little game Monplaisir!

And that musik :)

(1 edit)

Neat story with different endings! It's like a little ghibli movie :)

also, congrats on your first game(?)!

What a beautiful little adventure you've made! I liked the big chicken(?)!