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oh, this is actually a reference to very friendly member of the Bitsy Discord community, to which Emma and I are a part of. Sorry for the confusion!

the story behind the scene is that onion was coming to your party but I saw them then quickly ran in front of them and took all the credit

Yeah, unfortunately not much replayability in this one, it's kinda just a simple one with a simple message...

Hack for "Solid Colours"? Did you mean "solid items"...? It basically makes it so that you can't pick up the item and it acts like a sprite that can be placed multiple times.

Honestly, "played it over again" was more of a "speedran through the start"...

but also honestly, TOTALLY worth replaying it for that ending.

Also (honestly?), dude, why are there so many puns in your comments section :P

It is a sad story, but a nice entry for the game jam, well done!

My GOODNESS the art is amazing!!! Impeccable details! The way the mirror creates a reflection when stepped in front of, or when you can scatter dandelion seeds, or the way a snap of the twig startles the deer.... really creative and atmosphere building details! And everything looks gorgeous!! I can certainly see why a project of this size was difficult to complete in the jam time frame, but this is still a stellar accomplishment none the less!! Amazing work!

It's a very interesting perspective told in a very interesting way. I really like what you did with the Harvest theme! It was a sad, but very well told narrative.

wow... those are some PRETTY diverging ends to the game...!! I wish I had gone right first though, to make the shock kinda bigger. Going left first, then trying it again and going right didn't quite have as much effect since it was a simple ending. (also, it took me a while to realize you had to step beside the cauldron in the tent to put the pumpkins in, so maybe mark the spot or move it in front perhaps.) It's a very nice entry to the jam!


Thank and You!

Oh thank you! The game is just something small I made for that one simple message but I thought it was an important one, and I'm glad you agree with it.  Yeah yeah, hacks can really expand what you can do!! Are you on the Bitsy Discord? They can help, and for references, here is a link to where all the hacks are kept: . And here is a link to Borksy, which is a tool used to make it easier to add in hacks (I use this since I'm not so great at programming and I'm lazy :P):

Thank you! It was a bit of repetitive work making a bunch of rooms to create the slow rotation but it seems to have worked out fine.

I just played to the end and...what a tear jerker...!  I really liked the emotional and literal walk through memory lane down the wheat field

ah HA! I see what I did. So, for the box nearest the stairs, I just interacted with it from the SIDE, and, thinking it was a sprite trigger, I did not interact with the box again from the front by standing in front of it (I assume it was an item trigger).

Also, the aspect ratio of your game on itch is a bit squashed (no pun intended), so usually for Bitsy games you would fix the viewport to 560x560 or something (though you did have a fullscreen button which I used).

I hate to cut (the cheese) in, butt, even at the risk of making an arse of myself, perhaps this has gone on long enough? Or maybe it can still go further?! :P

I just went through it quickly, but bunnies and ninjas?? It really makes me curious what they're saying...! (Could you summarize it in english...?)

Also, during the scenes of people talking, did you draw tiles in the background to simulate a speech bubble where the dialogue pops up? It's a clever idea, though I don't think it quite lined up.

I, ummm, well I didn't pick ALL the pumpkins from the orchard. I thought maybe we just needed the "choicest" one or something? But in the basement I did interact with the box to put the pumpkins in.

Congrats on your firsty Bitsy game, and first game jam! It's an excellent entry! I thought the story was going one way, but then, that twist at the end! 

Is there even away to collect enough? It doesn't make a second ending or something does it?

And what kind of magical hay just grows up from random patches of grass :P

Hm, oh and was that missing kid poster a quest also...? I don't think I did that.

Ah, I see. Thanks for replying.

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Yes. It was made rather quickly so the one simple message is about all there is.

Is that it? Do you just go around a couple of times?

I seem to have gotten stuck in the basement...

But from what I saw, the game really does have a strong farmy atmosphere built up! Nice entry!

Dark! Truly a Harvest to remember....!

oooo, "hd", spiffy! It's probably a lot time consuming making art at higher res like this so I can understand how you'd run out of time/not find the time to finish. But it looks great so far, and I'd be interested to know where it was going.

What a great story!! I really like the little mystery and magic, and also the simple sad but warm feelings of your game! I had fun playing it!

There was a lot of information packed in here about wild plants! Did you need to do a lot of research for that, or maybe you're a really outdoorsy person? 

It was a very relaxing game walking around to the songs of birds, and a great Tiny World if I may say so :)

How in the world did Holly manage to carve an animated jack-o-lantern?? :P

Amazing game!! Really charming art and characters, and I got to talk to a toad and disco with some worms, a great experience overall! 

And it's your first game? Congratulations!! And good luck with future ones!

I'll never eat another apple again....

nah, sure I will. It was a pretty funny story, nice entry!

Hooray I found everything and I'm proud of myself!! 

It's a great game made from such a simple experience I thought! Gotta get that laundry done! Nice entry!

what DID you make?

Hee hee, it's a neat take on the "Harvest" theme! It really kept me wondering day by day what was happening/going to happen. Well done!


So...were the plant's trying to tell the astronaut they could take him home or....did those dreams have some other meaning?

wow, I'm surprised how many harvest moon-like mechanics and elements you were able to fit into this! It's amazing!

It's a very nice wheat field experience. Is that old man the last room? I got trapped in all that wheat!

A rather sombre reflection on the cyclic nature of the changing of the seasons. It is very well conveyed through the story and art I thought. And Congratulations on your first game, it's quite an accomplishment for your first one! Good luck on future ones!

Wow, I can really see so much potential in this from the described story and the playful sci-fi setting. I wish you luck on your future projects!

Infinite Praise

it now has sound!!

art imitates life

What a wide variety of mem- I mean, aliens.

Following friends isn't spying! I was also really curious to see how everyone would take my silly presents giving and it seems they all liked it!! Hooray!