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Press G To Grind is a small personal atmospheric experience, sporting multiple endings and a pixel art aesthetic inspired by experiences such as Papers Please and Hyper Light Drifter. if you have some time to kill it might make you laugh or possibly ever so slightly disturbed. hope you enjoy and ily all <3


INTENSE GAMEPLAY of constantly clicking a button.


VIBRANT AND UNFORGETABLE SOUNDTRACK consisting of button clicks and sad noises from sad people

MULTIPLE ENDINGS that add up to about 2 or 3 depending how you look at it.

LOW PRICE of free

and more...

i quit, that helicopter level is just horrible. otherwise nice and polished game would be a 10/10 without the helicopter level 

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no one has asked so I guess im the one who must, 

whats ligma

whats sugma

whats bofa

whats updog

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on a scale of one to ten this game is yes

Sonki Fst community · Created a new topic yes


also it looks like the game was made in scratch, for a game like this I would recommend using a engine like unity since its a 3D engine and not as limited as scratch

for a new dev u did a ok job, though why do you have doom guy in the cover art?

it actually isn't the first online game on itch, far from it actually since there are many of online games on this platform. even a few I know where made in gamejams




ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy lmaooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

ty, after the game jam I might add those things along with a few other things

ty for the input, this game was rushed so I tried to just get something working first before balancing and polishing. if I were to polish this game after the jam and continue working on it I would defiantly make it a bit more balanced 

odd, it should be 300x200. the game is meant to be pixelated but not 100x100

would u like me to continue polishing and working on this game after the jam?

Thanks, I tried to fit as much polish as I could within the short time period. I'm sad to say I wasn't able to get in as much polish as I would like to have since I joined late

What OS are you using? all you need to do expand the window. anti aliasing is disabled so its pixel clear instead of blurry and fuzzy

ayyyyyyyyy lmaooooooooooooo

WarIR - [AI-Sandbox] community · Created a new topic hello


hello :)

That's not completely out the window. as it is already on windows

by feel I mean game feel. there should be some screen shake when the ball is hit and maybe some bounce. also the explosion should be bigger with a high bass/high tremble sound to satisfy the ears every time you make a goal.

MULTI PONG community · Created a new topic Comments
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This was a fun game though slow. feel could be better but has no bugs and is fun to play. 4/10 needs some better feel and something more when playing with friends.


a game with buff sharks deserves to be featured

added gameplay trailer, gifs, etc. though the intros bad rn I'm remaking it

gr8 work again mah dood

why is there a Mario flag?

Red Tide community · Created a new topic thats a buff shark

that shark Is buff

wanna do a bundle?

if there are enemy's at the end of it and you gave them long enough they would learn to traverse it as long as there is a reward in place and the time to learn

Every time they die they remember how they died and do less of that. When they get a kill they start doing more of what got them that kill. with every time they get a kill their memory also expands so they "mature" over time

pretty good. the game was one I could zone out at while mindlessly aiming fish into their impending doom. though it was kina frustrating trying to click on the little fishes but that's either my computers problem or just the speed and shakiness of the little fish. aside from that good game 

I've been doing art for this dude who wants to pay me via split revenue when his game is released. then I realized there is no option to split revenue with other developers on games. so I just thought maybe it would be cool to have a rev split feature so u can choose how much money goes to you,, and other specific developers on specific games. hope to see what u guys think and hope to see this feature added to


controls were bad but aside from that its a good simple platformer. music doesn't fit though and art seems unfitting at times also though. good job as this is one of your first games. defiantly better then when I was starting

Just share whatever screenshots u want here

if you have any questions just ask here!

WarIR - [AI-Sandbox] community · Created a new topic Help

Incase u cant find out how to play when you get in game hover your mouse over the question mark in the top right corner of your screen.

it will then show you all the controls you need to know about the game. if there is still something you cant figure out go to the questions topic and ask. either I or someone in the community will try to answer.