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by feel I mean game feel. there should be some screen shake when the ball is hit and maybe some bounce. also the explosion should be bigger with a high bass/high tremble sound to satisfy the ears every time you make a goal.

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This was a fun game though slow. feel could be better but has no bugs and is fun to play. 4/10 needs some better feel and something more when playing with friends.


a game with buff sharks deserves to be featured

added gameplay trailer, gifs, etc. though the intros bad rn I'm remaking it

gr8 work again mah dood

why is there a Mario flag?

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that shark Is buff

wanna do a bundle?

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if there are enemy's at the end of it and you gave them long enough they would learn to traverse it as long as there is a reward in place and the time to learn

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Every time they die they remember how they died and do less of that. When they get a kill they start doing more of what got them that kill. with every time they get a kill their memory also expands so they "mature" over time

pretty good. the game was one I could zone out at while mindlessly aiming fish into their impending doom. though it was kina frustrating trying to click on the little fishes but that's either my computers problem or just the speed and shakiness of the little fish. aside from that good game 

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I've been doing art for this dude who wants to pay me via split revenue when his game is released. then I realized there is no option to split revenue with other developers on itch.io games. so I just thought maybe it would be cool to have a rev split feature so u can choose how much money goes to you, itch.io, and other specific developers on specific games. hope to see what u guys think and hope to see this feature added to itch.io


controls were bad but aside from that its a good simple platformer. music doesn't fit though and art seems unfitting at times also though. good job as this is one of your first games. defiantly better then when I was starting

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Just share whatever screenshots u want here

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if you have any questions just ask here!

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Incase u cant find out how to play when you get in game hover your mouse over the question mark in the top right corner of your screen.

it will then show you all the controls you need to know about the game. if there is still something you cant figure out go to the questions topic and ask. either I or someone in the community will try to answer.

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the rest bellow here are mere mortal humans whom will never be enlightened 


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just comment here if u don't wanna make a topic on it


now 100% off! get it while its fresh out of the compiler and free!

WarIR is a NEW sandbox game where you can set up experiments with ARTIFICIAL INTELEGENCE!(you know those same things that we are afraid will wipe out humanity).  There are so many of those "science" kits for making stuff like slime and crystals that are mostly for kids but WarIR is meant for all ages to relive the times of opening a box of scientific tools and doing your own experiments. You can use the tools to create a arena where you place spawn points and AI. Whenever the AI dies they respawn learning from there mistake and trying something else (aka the reinforcement method).

This is also In Development which means EVERY SUGGESTION is valued and you can decide the future of this small sandbox game. thank you for reading this and hope to see you setting up your own AI experiments.

Link: https://rextgun.itch.io/warir


I am developing a sandbox game and I'm running out of things to add. I am thinking of how much this needs if I want to make money off of it and how can I tell if its "done". I know that there is no such thing as a "Done" game but how do I know if my game has reached the point of publishing? any answer is greatly appreciated


I thinkz I should get a patreon

Hello! (I sent a friend request on discord). I am a small game dev/ artist who is interested in this. Rev share would be GREAT! but if it gets to inconvenient to calculate then I'm ok with one time payment incase anything changes. all I ask for is MAYBE some credit in the credits ( and of course some money but not much). I hope to be working with you and best regards


I made a game called WarIR and it was in its beta. and now I'm going to publish the full paid version but I was wondering if I had to put it on the same itch.io page, and if I would be able to make a game release post about it or not.  please answer soon as I am currently actively making the paid version.


np. at some times when I was playing the game I forgot that it wasn't part of the game.

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do you plan on making a paid version of this? if so we could make a bundle together

(I'm making a paid version of my game WarIR)

ty for the advice. I take a day off every sunday to just sit back and game


Oh well it was worth a shot, btw I'm sure your game counts as a Artificial intelligence game. you should tag it as that

yup. and the music I linked just... fits to perfectly

Lol ik how it is.  on another project everyone recommended a back button xD. ty for the tip and  I ill use it

this was a GREAT! game. sadly the game feels empty without music. the story was intriguing and humorous at the same time. I love the way it all played out. if you are thinking of playing this game here is some music you should listen to while playing


RIP that title. At least it lasted for 2DAYS!!!

Wow your adding so much stuff so fast! glad to see your making great progress with your project

Thank you! I will try the same thing.