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The game does not support Win 10 at the moment.

HOTAR 0.3.00 is finally out with many new features! Please see the changelog inside of the archive.

I had the opportunity to test the game on a win 10 machine now (usually I am using win 7). Unfortunately it seems to not be running on win 10 for some reason. Maybe compatibility mode will help, I haven't tried it.

Maybe just wait a minute while the game is loading? It can take some time depending on your system.

Working on the next update now! It will bring some bug fixes and also nice new features. Not sure when it will be out but I will keep developing the game because it's a lot of fun to do :)

Not sure, I didnt work on the game for some months now as there aren't many people interested in it, it seems. I would have to do more marketing and such but I don't really want to spend my time and effort on these aspects. 

I have found an article which could help you here. Maybe try out some of these solutions. I think that there should be something wrong with your system if you are experiencing the same problem with other games as well.

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Hm, some information about your system would be helpful (OS, hardware...). What you can try is install Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable, this might help but I'm not sure. Please tell me if it helps or not. If it really helps then I will add it to the installation instructions.

Have you installed OpenAl via oalinst.exe (Hotar\Dependencies)?

Working on a new map "Badlands" with some new monsters!

Made a new background picture which I really like for the homepage :)

Warlock in action :)

HOTAR 0.2.03 is out and ready for download!
The main feature of this update is that warlocks will be able to summon minions now! You will get access to minions if you spread your talent points accordingly. There are also some new talents for other classes and I have added lots of new plans and ressources for crafting.
So, have fun!

Download the game at

Added some more talents. Warlocks will be able to summon minions!

On this gif you can see some of the spells (there are more and more will be developed, too) mages have access to.

Be ready for epic boss fights! Dragons are some of the most dangerous bosses.

This game is and will always be 100% singleplayer, no multiplayer here. It is the main idea of the game that you must manage all the characters by yourself and also select the right classes and find out the right tactics to be victorious.

One more powerful minion for warlocks coming soon! He has lots of armor and a shield and some resistances, too, so you can use him as tank, available at level 50. I will give him some nice abilities, too.

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Warlocks will be able to summon different minions with different abilities soon. All the most important work is already done. Warlocks will also get additional talents to make their minions and also themselves stronger.

One more spider boss in the same dungeon. A very funny fight which requires some AoE :)

Some boss fights in Hotar are very hard and can only be mastered with according gear and tactic.

A hard boss fight

Potions and stackable items will be introduced soon. In fact this new feature is already implemented, just needs to be polished a little followed by some in depth testing. There is a new bar on the bottom of the screen now where you can put up to two usable items for each character to use them in battle.

Just for update:

Meanwhile it is possible to level to 50 and there are a lot more new features, spells, talents, maps and of course monsters in game and I'm constantly adding new content (see forums or twitter) :-)

I have already fully implemented a crafting-page and about 30 different plans. 18 of them will be available from the beginning of the game or if you load your saved game from an earlier version of Hotar, others you will have to find in the world. There will also be some rare plans and those which only can be found when killing a boss. You will be able to assemble and to disassemble items. This way it will be possible to take best parts from 2 or 3 items and make one good item from them which will give even more interesting opportunities to the player. You can make use of items you usually wouldn't use!

At the moment there is only blacksmithing implemented in the game but some other professions will follow (Tailor, Jeweler, Alchemist, ...).

Hello guys,

I'm looking for youtubers who would like to make some let's plays for my game "Hotar".

The game is 100% free, I'm actively developing it just for fun, so anybody can download it. It's a group based singleplayer RPG with it's own engine. The main idea of the game it to raid dungeons with different bosses and to find out how to kill them. The player can control 3-20 characters (actually 3-10 at the moment) at the same time where every character has a certain class (there are 8 different classes) and can use many different spells and abilities depending on class and level.

The game is very complex and challenging so if you are willing to take the challenge, please feel free to download it. I will also try to answer your questions to the game if there are any.



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Working on the crafting system atm. It will allow to craft items with different stats with the same plan or blueprint. The components of your crafted item will directly influence the stats of the end product. It will also be possible to disassemble items to take best parts of them and make something more powerful!

Planning to bring a second map in the next update. It will be an oasis in a desert filled with water elementals and some other enemies.

A new map with goblin pirates will be part of the next update. The map will have a level range of 14-16 to cover a gap in this area and bring even more fun and variety to the game.

The talent tree of the warrior is almost complete. I have added several new talents to the warrior and also some other classes.

This is the second map. It is a friendly area where you will be able to recruit some level 45 party members. Hotar 0.2.00 will be released tomorrow! Be ready to download it.

An orc village will be part of the next update. The map is already done, working on a second map now.

I have already implemented difficulty levels to Hotar wich can be chosen when starting a new game.

Hotar 0.1.08 is out and can be downloaded here:

Please comment the game and give me your feedback in the comments or on the official forums:

Graphical rework of maps and the entire UI is finally done! It was a lot of work. I have also implemented many new talents and spells to the game, so when the last tests are finisched you can count with the next update ;) At the moment there are already more than 100 different spells and abilities most of which can be used by player characters.

Development of Hotar is moving on. This is what the character pane will look like after the next update! Other windows will look similar. I have implemented some new talents and spells, too.

Graphical overhaul of maps in Hotar is done. These are some examples of how the style has changed.

The UI will be modified next and I already have some nice elements ;)

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Graphical update of Hotar is moving on. Currently I am working on new, resizeable fonts and redrawing the maps.


I am working on an RPG named Hotar ( It would be awesome if you would make a video about it if you like it. You will not be able to finish the game in 1-2 hours since this is an RPG, this game is rather meant for long term gaming. However if you are interested I could also send you some save games. Please keep in mind that this game has complex mechanics like talents and different spells (enemies also have their special abilities) and you will have to figure out specific tactics to kill a boss. I hope you like this kind of challenge.

Please tell me your thoughts about the game and also about recent changes on the forums. You can also tell me what you would like to see in Hotar in the future.