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Have you installed OpenAl via oalinst.exe (Hotar\Dependencies)?

Yes. I installed the file that came with the game. It still just says not responding right away when I open it :( I really do want to try this!

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Hm, some information about your system would be helpful (OS, hardware...). What you can try is install Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable, this might help but I'm not sure. Please tell me if it helps or not. If it really helps then I will add it to the installation instructions.

I have problems with most of the games I've downloaded from here. Windows 10, AMD A6-5200 APU with Radeon. 8gb ram. Anything specific you'd like to know? I tried to install, and it said a newer one was already installed. That shouldn't matter should it? Or does it depend on something that's in an older version that's not in a newer version?

I have found an article which could help you here. Maybe try out some of these solutions. I think that there should be something wrong with your system if you are experiencing the same problem with other games as well.

It still never did anything  :/ new laptop as well now, same thing happens. Just closes when it starts. So far no other issues with other games but this one on this new laptop.

I had the opportunity to test the game on a win 10 machine now (usually I am using win 7). Unfortunately it seems to not be running on win 10 for some reason. Maybe compatibility mode will help, I haven't tried it.