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Looking for Youtubers

A topic by Blast82 created Mar 03, 2017 Views: 193
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Hello guys,

I'm looking for youtubers who would like to make some let's plays for my game "Hotar".

The game is 100% free, I'm actively developing it just for fun, so anybody can download it. It's a group based singleplayer RPG with it's own engine. The main idea of the game it to raid dungeons with different bosses and to find out how to kill them. The player can control 3-20 characters (actually 3-10 at the moment) at the same time where every character has a certain class (there are 8 different classes) and can use many different spells and abilities depending on class and level.

The game is very complex and challenging so if you are willing to take the challenge, please feel free to download it. I will also try to answer your questions to the game if there are any.