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Feel free to play my game on your channel if you are interested, I am actively working on finishing this game, still a work in progress but it is fully playable without any known bugs and most features are present. 


Hi I am developing this game and looking for some feed back, it is a local multiplayer only for now but I am working on Bots and a single player component to round it out. Network play is being considered but it's a lot of work and I would like to see if their is an audiance for this first.


Thank you, leafo.  It has shown well at indy events and people seem to enjoy it.

Hi everyone. I have released my work in progress local multiplayer fighting game and am looking to check the temperature with the community on where I am at so far before I move ahead with new content,i.e. stages, characters,bots and such.

Thanks in advance for taking time to check it out.

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Current build has 3 levels ( Sewer, Dojo, Factory) , 3 game modes (Free for all 2 - 4 players), Team play (4 players) and Ninja Ball (4 players team based).

1st set of Super attacks are present these are powered up by killing opponents also by grabbing any corpse with the grapple or using a sword strike to launch the body into a death trap. The first set of attacks are shuriken based, these can be launched in any direction and they will bounce around the environment killing opponents. These cannot be blocked like sword strikes can they can only be redirected with a timed sword hit. The redirected shuriken will be connected to the player who knocked it applying kills to the new owner, the shuriken will be color coded to the owner and will not harm teammates or the owner.

version 0.14

Please describe the error in detail if possible example would be a crash or glitches, indicate your hardware specs and operating system as well. Thank you.

Feedback on the current release of Super Banzai

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This current build includes projectile weapons and pick up, as well as the changes to the menu including the addition of a second play stage.

Team play is supported if the same color is selected no team damage can occur.

version 0.11