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Good questions. Everything I guess. 
The game is completed - at least for now. 

Ned Kelly will be on Steam in about 2 weeks. 

Possible updates in the future. I'm currently building a list of changes. But also at the same time, debating with myself whether it needs updates, or let it be and move on to another project. Tough choices. 

Hi there.

I've been so busy with life & game dev, that I don't post much in the community. 
I need to advertise the games more and get some feedback. 

Here's my link:

And there's still more on the way. As well as possible updates for a few projects. For every project there's a development story. Fun times, tough times.  

And for a few days, 30% off sale. But I don't mind sharing a key or 2 when asked. 


Hey you!

Game dev is tough, so for some projects I am going to use GKC.

I'm not here to advertise it, but those who know of it, may know that it is chock full of potential, and it is always being updated.

Some may call this an asset flip, but honestly... I have to re-think my plans on how to release games, prototypes and sequels, etc. GKC is being made for us to develop further.

I have a few game ideas that could be made with GKC. I've made 1 game prototype with it so far.

I do not fully understand the inner workings of Unity, let alone GKC. I'd like to open this thread for possible collab with people who do understand Unity and GKC, or those who want to learn. 


I know it may be a bit of a longshot but I thought I'd try posting this anyway. 

I could help, but it will cost big bucks

Blood Blade community · Created a new topic So frustrating

All good things take time. And it's frustrating me, as much as any person out there who wants to play a good version of this.
I am doing all I can to hire the right programmer for the job. It's not as easy as one may think.  

I'm not giving up just yet. 

Nice! Thanks guys!

I have a constant pressure in the back of my mind, that my games are not good enough. But then I wonder how games like Big Rigs even exist. 

If you also have some anxiety about dev / release - just don't worry. Release as you must, and update as need-be. Give yourself a break. 

Hey all, happy 2022.

May this year bring good news.

I'd like to dedicate this thread to the GKC kit, on the Unity Asset Store for about 50 bucks. I'm not here to advertise it, but those who know of it, may know that it is chock full of potential. I have a few game ideas that could be made with GKC. I've made 1 game prototype with it so far.

My game so far is JigTale:

I am mainly am an amature artitst. I do not fully understand the inner workings of Unity, let alone GKC. I'd like to open this thread for possible collab with people who do understand Unity and GKC, to the point where a system or theme can be done without issue. 
I know it may be a bit of a longshot but I thought I'd try posting this anyway. 

It's been a while, but rest assured there are updates coming. I'm not sure when because of certain things going on behind the scenes. There's been all kinds of setbacks. But eventually there will be a new release. 

Thanks again! I've fixed a few things. Especially that floor issue. 
There are many more things  to fix and what-not, but all in good time. 

Also, fixed the sleep floating issue

Thanks again for playing. I've fixed the 'New Text' issue. More updates to come later. 

I enjoyed it! Keep up the good work!

Hi there! Thanks for the video! Well played.

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Thanks guys! Pretty funny stuff. I must fix those issues lol - for now the 'flee to coffin' spell is disabled. 

It's a great game, I just gotta get used to the mechanics! :D

I think it's good progress!

Excuse my bad pronunciation of the title.

It might be good... But can I see a preview 1st? Or is it a surprise? Well done on making a game only 23kb though. 

This one is a mix between AntRun & PipeDreams, but with zombies lol... (made by me - if this is against the rules, feel free to remove it, admin.) (free demo)

True. I jumped right into the game. I should've read more heh. I'll probably have a replay of it at some point. 

I went in with... Hmm, somewhat low expectations. It's certainly a gem on itch. 

Fast paced, or slow paced, you can decide how to crush it.  I'll be looking forward for updates in the future.

Nice one VCP! 

Pretty damn additive. I broke it.

Damn. I'll have to keep this in mind. I can only recommend - updating the game to feature something 'cool' (not an entire new system or overhaul, just something that the old pirated copies won't have) - then delete all the keys? And if necessary, pursue legal action? 

Stress. Petty cash. Coffee. Patience. Asking questions... I can't recall, it's all a blur.

I've pretty much never had to worry too much about 'installing' because I avoid that whole process hehe! 
The main issue, I guess would be the save game folder, stored somewhere. But at the moment, most of my games have the old school system of 'level codes', so no need to saved games (yes, somewhat frustrating considering it's a bit restrictive) but the game can just be removed by deleting the folder.
Or am I doing it wrong? :/ 

Nice. Are you live-streaming on YouTube, Twitch or Mixer? I've gotta get back into some indie titles. 

Hi all! The game has been slightly updated, so I'll have to create a new trailer, lol.
New demo available as well - and if you find the easter egg and post a screenshot of the location - I'll send you a free key for the full version. 

For those who don't know the true story, way back in 1880s, a gang of 4 guys took on over 40 police wearing home made armor. Needless to say, they failed. But in this game you can survive and continue the fight in an alternate timeline. 

Link to the game:

Let me know what you think and how the game can be improved. There are a few updates in mind but it may be a while until they're implemented - this project is being programmed from scratch, which gives the community more time to steer the game in the right direction. I am aware that the spelling of armor is the US version :) 

Thanks for readin'!

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Well, the thing is - the game is still in development. I am still testing what fits. I haven't played RDR 1 or 2, I know I should. The truth is that the final stand at Glenrowan had all sorts of aspects to it, and the entire gang was stopped pretty quickly. The main problem for Ned was how he was shot in the unprotected legs. Check out the dev logs - at the moment, the food & medical pack items can be used to bump up the max health. This is technically a glitch lol, but you can go over your max health.  
If all else fails, you can rush the levels. All due to change, maybe - we'll see. 

Here's a video by EMG Gaming:

Thanks for playing. When you surrendered, I suddenly realized that there's no note in the training on how to escape (key U).  And yes, the range of other issues that go along with the game, in it's current state. I'm aware of the nasty bits, but thanks again for trying it out! 

Hi internets!

Long time, no post. I've been pretty busy with game dev & life stuff. Finally getting around to posting a thing about Ned Kelly. It's an alternate history game, based on true events in Australia in the 1880s. There are quite a few things to work on, but I think it's ready for players. And I need a break. One of the main influences of this game is 'Outlaws' by Lucas Arts :D

New demo available (1 level), and alpha version is out (~10 levels)! So if you feel supportive, you can buy it!

Trailer + 2 videos about guns & graphics.
Devlog here:

The development time was/is roughly about 1 year, and still going. It took this long because it's only a part time project and a very small team (2 people) and a shoestring budget.
As for submitting it for GDWC - I'm not sure because the game isn't complete, but thanks for considering it to be good enough so far :D 

It's been a while, and there may be updates coming soon. Huge improvements, plus a free demo.

Marketing is hellish. What would be the best option?

Hate is such a strong word. We're talking about computer games. 
Yes, I need to understand my customers but they also probably should understand the processes involved. And I think the numbers of people who hate - are fairly low to the number of people who love games. And as other have said - it comes down to the advertising which helps with being seen. 

Why wouldn't Steam like the business model: 
A) Develop the game, early release on a different site.
B) Release the final version on Steam.

From what I can see so far, people on Steam want the final version. Yes, steam can deny keys - but they haven't so far. Out of interest sake, are you in the SteamWorkshop / released a game on Steam? 

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Are you accusing me of trying to, basically scam people? 


I think the Steam admins like to give people from all walks of life, a chance. It's basically up to the community to either buy or not buy, right? The SteamWorkshop is one heck of a confusing place. If you try to do 1 thing, chances are you have to do 15 other things. Plus everyone needs a passport to even register as a partner.

I see what you mean. Marketing is key, I agree with you there. 

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Recently I've been talking to the 'target demographic'. Pretty insightful so I thought I should share this info.  Some may know this already, it might seem like common sense to some but anyway.

Steam game collectors, will only buy from Steam. They consider itch to be low-par. Which is funny to me, because they seem to not really try itch... Anyway.

The time it takes to upload into Steam can take days, costs 100$ for Steam Direct (which his ok I guess because it goes to charity, probably tax deductible because its then technically a donation?) 
Itch is a bazillion times easier to use, and updating a game is easy. 

So my plan is to:
1. Release early access games / in development games, on itch 1st. 
2. Refine the game, ready for Steam.
3. Anyone who purchases on itch will also get the Steam Key when that's ready.
(game price will be more on Steam, so people who help support the game from the start will be saving money.) 

Is this a good plan? If 'game collectors' only use Steam then they're missing out, imo. Not that my games are 100% great at the moment. I guess I'm trying to make an excuse for myself. I uploaded a game on Steam ages ago, and it hasn't gone well - and that's ok because it was really a test. I should've researched the current state of Steam and what people's honest opinions of indie games are. Sure there'll be awesome indies on Steam, but from now on, I wont be putting any of my games on Steam until they're ready.