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Tobop Productions

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That's a nice idea. I'll upload a demo when the new version comes out.

Hey, thanks for the interest!
Currently, we're fixing the vert jump & grinding functions, plus implementing basic multiplayer. There's a ton to implement and update :D all in good time. 

This thing will be on Steam soon for $1. I know I am going to receive a fair bit of dislikes.

Ultimately, the sales from this game help fund new ones.  And when a new game is released, I think I'll make Zombie Quarantine free.

I'd love to start live streaming. Anyone else here in Australia? The lag factor somewhat ruins live streaming. Even with a 'good' connection, for some reason it lags. And people can't stand lag. Then again, maybe it's my end. Or the tools I'm using.

All of that being said... A new satellite was launched (Sky Muster), which - they say - will give Australians 25mbs internet speed. We'll see. But that would be sweeeet.

I'm willing to help out, but only part-time at the moment. I have some free examples on my page / name link.

Excellent advice!
Also keep in mind that soemthing can 'blow-up' with out even trying. Rare case, I know.. But jsut saying - don't give up!

I like this style too very much, but you'll encounter a slew of people demanding changes.
Maybe have that art style as a graphics option - if possible.

I need to be more proactive. Been busy / lazy.

Sorry if this has been posted before, but is this true? If not, ignore this.

It basically says, there's a bottle-kneck @ steam because of - basically - vote fraud, & I have proof of this.
But it's not worth ranting about the developers. They saw a loophole, and exploited it.

Before I say anything else, I'd like to say that itch.io is better than steam, imo. Crazy hu? Well, no.

So steam is going to apparently change the rules, and just have it so that it will cost money to upload a new game. But that can range from $100 - $5000?! Seems a bit daft. Not every dev team is the same.

I plan on making something in the future, but damn... It's going to be a while. However mine will probably be an RTS.

Hey! Yeh for sure, the more the better. Email or PM through itch is fine. I check up on this reguarly.

Hi BBP Games,

Sounds awesome! I've tried it myself somewhat. The internet speed here isn't' fantastic but I might try again.
Send me links when you're ready, I'll show up :)

Thanks for the responses so far.

I'll get around to sending links etc - but mainly the game I wanted reviewed was Zombie Quarantine.

It's a nasty little game. Hehe - very difficult. But imo it's still fun. Here's some level walkthroughs / spoilers if you get stuck.

Hey everyone!

Who here makes let's play vids? I've tried various people, and they're all busy or not interested at the moment.

I am willing to pay -say $10 for a review above 5 min (negotiable) - doesn't matter how mean, or crass you are about the review.

Let me know if you're up for it :)

Hey all!

I've released this :D (asset, not a game)


Obviously, I've binged on the TV recently & went a bit mad. I've been trying to contact the person developing the inner halls of the ships;


But no response yet, and there's plenty of others... So I just thought - may as well make these accessible. The characters are a bit rough, but they can be used to test things or what-not.
I also have a few ship meshes, but they're available elsewhere.
Red Dwarf is just one of those things where any story is possible. A bit silly at times, but not extremely violent. It's more of a comedy.

I apologize of this is in the wrong thread.

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Hey guys! Ready for a really hard puzzle game?
Level 5 is hell, but passable. This was made a while ago, but I didn't post anything about it.

Game link here ($1.00)

The game is a mixture of 2 main types of game. Plus zombies!

  • Pipe dreams
  • Generic tower defence (minus the building aspect)
I know it's not perfect. I'm not a programmer, so I'm unsure why Unity added the default buttons, when that wasn't even programmed. Units also push each other 'off course' because of the character collider physics.

I might update this game one day - but at the moment it's on hold for updates, and ready for release.
Here's level 1: (somewhat of a speedrun)

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Hey all!
This is my 1st post. I can't believe I haven't posted in the forum yet. I've been too darn busy.

Here's some of my characters in development, etc.

I can't go into the games currently in development just yet, because - you know - even I don't know what to expect once these things get programmed. I really need to learn programming one day!! :D (I know a tiny bit, not much.)

Here's some other ones, you might guess what they are... :D

(I didn't make the Cylon - just rigged it)

Any feed back is much appreciated, & thanks for viewing!