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Feedback wanted plz!

A topic by Tobop Productions created 17 days ago Views: 101 Replies: 3
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Hi there.

I've been so busy with life & game dev, that I don't post much in the community. 
I need to advertise the games more and get some feedback. 

Here's my link:

And there's still more on the way. As well as possible updates for a few projects. For every project there's a development story. Fun times, tough times.  

And for a few days, 30% off sale. But I don't mind sharing a key or 2 when asked. 


Ned Kelly will be on Steam in about 2 weeks. 

Possible updates in the future. I'm currently building a list of changes. But also at the same time, debating with myself whether it needs updates, or let it be and move on to another project. Tough choices. 

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Hi there Tobop Productions,

I'm a bit unclear about what feedback you're looking for - tips on advertising, the games on your page, or if you should release Ned Kelly on Steam in early alpha or completed? Could you clarify a bit more about that?

Good questions. Everything I guess. 
The game is completed - at least for now.