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Hey Tigress! Thank you for the kind words. Glad you enjoyed Paramedium! We were totally going for that manga feel (=
We actually just started working on a sequel, please follow us on Twitter and here on Itchio for updates!


Thanks calimack!! :D

Hahaha YEA! Glad to see the enthusiasm! It will be a bit longer, yes!  And your ships just might XD

Wooo!! Yup, going to be a sequel! Glad to hear you are excited! =D

Thanks for playing the first Paramdium!!

Hey thanks Logic! Appreciate the kind words and support! You might see more Paramedium sooner than you think (=

Hey thanks Mister! Glad to hear you are interested in more Paramedium! Keep an eye out, cause Halloween season is coming up (=

Hey thank you so much for the kind words! I'm very lucky to have a partner I can rely on to make games with. Glad you enjoyed Paramedium! If you're interested in more of my work, check out Faulty Apprentice, and if you'd like to join the process check out our Patreon.
Thanks again and good luck with your games as well! (=

Yikes sorry to hear that )=
Will look into it. If you restart and record the issue that would be awesome, but no pressure. I know that's a lot of work.

Thanks for giving Paramedium a try either way!

No release date yet, estimated spring 2018, cheers!

Hey Osmigos! Yea the Faulty Apprentice demo doesn't allow full screen for some reason (was supposed to be scaleable), but we are working on fixing it in the full game. Apologies for the inconvenience, but I appreciate you giving FA a chance. Cheers!

Hey sorry for delayed reply! The bugs in sword training are pretty random, but rest assured will be fixing it in the final game.
Thanks for giving Faulty Apprentice a chance! Hope you enjoyed what you were able to play (=

Its on the maybe list, but we'll do our best!

Hey, loved your video! Glad you are enjoying the Faulty Apprentice demo! Thanks for letting us know about the audio being low for you.    Best of luck, Apprentice Doodrun! Look forward to more videos (=

Hey thanks for supporting on Patreon! You can find the link here  
Feel free to join us on Discord as well!

Had limited time since was for Game Jam, but glad you like it (=
Might make more Paramedium after we finish Faulty Apprentice, cheers!

Ah man, thanks for letting me know, Sairas! For some reason the auto-save feature in tyranobuilder (the software we made Paramedium with) doesn't work on macs... I had the problem with our other game, Faulty Apprentice, and I feel stupid for not realizing it would be the same here XD
Anyway, just uploaded a new Mac build, let me know if you have anymore trouble! And just a heads up, the game doesn't allow for full-screen mode yet, in case you try to do that. Cheers!

Hey Chinpa! Estimating development time of up to one year. For early access to test builds and game art, please consider supporting us on Patreon. Cheers!

Hey Akhatost! Thanks for playing Faulty Apprentice! Those are known issues we are fixing in the full game, which will be in Unity. Thank you for your patience and understanding (=
For updates and more info, please follow us on Twitter, cheers! -din

Ok good to know! I'll keep it on the bug list, and I can imagine why no one has reported it till now hahah! Appreciate you bringing that to my attention, cheers Sindweller! If you find anything else let me know (= Cheers!

Almost forgot to answer your other question. Full game will be available for purchase on Steam or DRM free on our Website. The demo here on itch.io is separate and donations will not carry towards the final game. We appreciate all the support here on itchio and gumroad, your gold is helping us develop Faulty Apprentice!

Hey Sindweller!
Thanks for bringing that to my attention! Based on your in-depth description (thank you btw, more info than less in these situations are priceless) I know whats happening. Unlike the Instructor Memories, the Alchemist ones carry over into new games. However, the Memory screen doesn't give you access, until you make a new memory, so that should be why you unlocking the Alchemist memories alongside the Archery one. If that doesn't sound right though, let me know and I can look further into it.

I know its odd only hers carry over, but the memories were actually a very last minute addition to extended demo and I was testing how to carry over stats. Full game gallery will be more refined and all images will carry over. Cheers! -din

Another great video! Already watched it half a dozen times haha! ! haven't had a chance to implement the grammatical error fixes yet but got them on the list. You are in the home stretch now, one more video should do it. Thanks again for all the support Rock, really appreciate it. Glad you got sone touches in too, we'll add that feature to all the characters in the full game, but for now only key characters have it. Looking forward to next Sunday, cheers!

Yup! We're working hard trying to make Faulty Apprentice happen. Be sure to check out the Kickstarter if you haven't yet. Glad to hear FA is generating interest on your channel, Fellowplayer! We will definitely want play throughs when we release so will definitely keep you in mind. You're going to flip seeing the progression since that alpha you played, cheers bud! (=

AAahhh!! I almost thought sword training was going to work for a bit there!! TAT
So brutal dude, but maybe its for the best so you can save her path for when you play the full game. We already started remaking Faulty in Unity and are working to beef up the mini-games (=

Good plan for Day 5, Archery training in morning so you can do Alchemist Urgent Job in afternoon. I want to see you make it to the end of the demo, good luck! Thanks again for making these videos, they are helping us spot typos and areas to improve, really appreciate it! We are thinking of holding a play through contest on twitter so keep an eye out and post your videos.

Ps. If you touch certain characters in different parts of their body you might get different reactions! XD

Woo! I'm so glad Paramedium worked for you this time! Since our Kickstarter for Faulty Apprentice got funded (still time if you want to support), hopefully we can make the next episode of Paramedium in Unity! =D
Thanks for giving Paramedium a second chance. Best of luck with your channel and game dev kitty! (=

Glad you enjoyed the game dude! Thanks for making the video (=
We'll be making more Paramedium after Faulty Apprentice is finished.
Follow us on Twitter for news and updates, cheers!

Another great video Rock! And yes, your playthroughs are very helpful, thank you for recording them. Look forward to seeing more. Don't forget to try touching the characters haha! Goodluck! XD

Dude! That was great video! So happy the fantasy references are landing! My apologies for the crash on sword training. The VN software we are using is great for starting out, but not built to support quick time events (sword training). If the Kickstarter is funded we can translate the game into Unity and not only stabilize the mini games but improve them!

Thank you again for the video! I hope you can see the potential of the game and will give it another try (just save before training XD) and if you like it plz consider supporting us on Kickstarter!

Look forward to part 2! If you have any questions or any other problems let me know! Thanks for playing Faulty Apprentice, Rock!

Yo! Open to any feedback really, what's up

The mini game issues will not be problem in final game, but the First Guard will still probably kick you out if you don't do the Urgent Job in time. Cheers!

Thanks for letting me know! Yea, the VN software we are using is not really designed for mini games, so we are pushing its limits. We started a kickstarter to hire a programmer and translate Faulty Apprentice into Unity. Thats interesting about the First Guard though.. Did you complete the Alchemist Urgent Job by end of Day 5? She's only supposed to kick you out of castle if you don't do that Job in time for story event.

Sorry I missed your message! You can re-download for Free by using the previous "download URL."
There should be a way for itch to recover that from the support page, cheers!

Excellent, glad you were able to get past it! If tomorrows kickstarter gets funded we will be able to hire a programmer to translate the mini games in Unity. That should help a lot with training bugs. Thanks again for playing! Sword up! (=

Hey Chinpa! Thanks for letting me know, will look at those areas right away

Thanks for your understanding Kitty! I hope you have a smooth playthrough next time around. Sorry again for troubling you. Good luck with your channel and games! If you make another video, tag us on twitter so we can share it! (=
Cheers! -din

Aw that was brutal to watch, but I'm glad you at least enjoyed the art! XD
The game is 'supposed' to be scaleable, but for some reason when in full screen, it puts the dialog box behind the characters. Its a weird Tyranobuilder glitch that will hopefully be addressed in next update. Though I am curious why it showed up correctly at that one instance with the ghost.. Will look into that.

Apologies for giving you a bad experience, but I appreciate you making the video. If you want to try again without fullscreen, I would invite you. Either way, I thank you for giving Paramedium a chance. (=

Geoff Trebs @dinmoney

Hey Sergei! I remember you (=

1. Buying here would be great support for us! We will be updating the demo in next couple weeks with voice acting if you want to wait for that. For news and updates follow us on Twitter!

2. If you buy now, you can use the download URL to redownload at any time in the future. If you lose your URL you can get it again from the support page.

3. Steam doesn't allow NSFW so we should be releasing that version here on itchio.

Hope that answered your questions. We really appreciate your support and glad you like our game Faulty Apprentice! (=


Geoff Trebs @dinmoney

Yup, we are using Tyranobuilder. I guess thats good that it's not the only ones, but thats bad if the software is giving everyone trouble. We have to release the demo in Tyrano, but hopefully we can get full game released in more stable program.

Mobile platforms are next on priority list, but we could look into Nintendo Switch. Cheers!

Hey Zessou! Thanks for playing and choosing to support us on Patreon! Much appreciated!!

Bummer to hear the game crashed on you. We are pushing the visual novel software pretty hard with the mini games, but we feel it adds so much to the game we are hesitant to remove them.. We are looking into exporting games to Unity to make them more stable. More info on that later though (=
Glad you liked the game and character designs! We look forward to making another Paramedium episode after Faulty Apprentice is complete. Cheers! =D

Hey thanks for playing! We definitely want to continue this series after we finish Faulty Apprentice. Glad you dig Paramedium! Maybe one day Lance and Nina will get together XD