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Thanks for the added info. That bug could be from using an old save file but we're not 100% sure. We'll be looking into it though! Apologies again for the inconvenience. If you use discord we can probably help you out further. Join ours [ here ]

Thanks for the extra info! Do you remember what sword fight it was? Like a random Goblin Ambush, or one of the story fight scenes?

wow, we're not pleased about that either. We'll look into what could be causing that bug right away. Thanks for the report and apologies for the inconvenience.

Hey Grimperfect, Thanks for the (hash but honest) feedback! Since this game was created for a game jam and we are a small team with only had 6 weeks timeframe and zero budget, we had to make some hard decisions on what to include. Such as a non-linear story. In regards to our choice not to use Renpy, we are also making another game, Faulty Apprentice, which is our flagship, and feel renpy will not allow us to grow and expand as much as Unity will. 

That's sad you think the mini games are pointless, but we feel they add a lot of excitement to gameplay and plan to expand and incorporate more of them into the completed game. Hope you enjoy the 2nd demo (which was made in only 6 weeks as well, so go easy on us! XD) but we look forward to your honest feedback. (=

If you see some potential in this series, we invite you to support our Kickstarter Campaign!

Thanks for playing our humble game, Paramedium! Stay in the Light, Grimperfect! -din

On Topic Reply: Thanks for digging Paramedium! We are actually running a Kickstarter campaign now to make a full game of the Paramedium universe! Please check it out and help us gain support! (I promise its not a porn spam link) XD

Thank you for the kind words, Nyandzette, we are happy you enjoyed the game demo! Please check out our Kickstarter campaign that is running LIVE right now and tell your friends. We want to make Paramedium in to a full game with lots more story and gameplay! =D

Wow! Thanks for detailed feedback, Corve! We are very happy you survived your night as a Cleric and even more happy you would take the time to leave such a thoughtful recommendation. We will take your comments into consideration and hope it inspires other players to leave such in-depth feedback as well. Even though Paramedium was originally just a game jam and we are a small team of three, we would LOVE for our Kickstarter campaign to do well so we can sink out teeth into Paramedium's development and create a game that you and many others would enjoy!

On behalf of me and the team, thank you for playing and stay in the Light  (=

Ps. Follow us here  or Twitter so you don't miss our Kickstarter! We'd love to have you backing us up there!

Hey guys! Glad you enjoyed the 2nd episode of Paramedium! Thanks for playing and making the video, we had a lot of fun watching it. The batman voice works well for Lance (Garfield) XD

We'll be starting a Kickstarter Campaign, October 1st,  to make Parmadium a longer, more complete game. Hope to have your support and anything you can do to help spread the word is greatly appreciated (=

Stay in the Light! -din

She looks great! =D

Hey Causticius! Thanks for the detailed feedback. What do you mean by randomization?

We hope to develop this humble game jam into a larger game as well! 

No, the magic is mainly used for combat situations.

Hey JetGhost! I'm sorry but I'm not understanding your question. Relationships with characters are built around the choices you make when Talking. Some will have requirements (stat wise) but Magic Spells do not affect Relationship Paths. 

Thanks for playing Faulty Apprentice! -din

You should try playing Faulty Apprentice anyways! A little censorship never hurt anyone (=

Hey thanks for the comment Game Junkie! We are happy to hear you enjoyed our little game jam! Hopefully one day we will have enough budget to afford full voice acting haha XD

Enjoy episode 2! 

She looks badass!!

Hey thanks for the pre-order! Enjoy the demo =D

This game looks beautiful O_O

Download the game again as you normally would and re-install.

Sorry for the issues. Just uploaded a new patch that should solve that. Please download again at your earliest convenience! Thank you!

You can delete save files by clicking the X in top right of each save slot. Cheers!

Email us at plz

Sent to the email you use for your itchio account. Cheers!

Hey Ronehjr! The NSFW version is available here:

Since you already donated $10 on this page, I can email you a download code for the NSFW. Please expect it very soon from AGLstudioArt. Thank you for playing!!

Yes, your purchase of the $20 NSFW Treasure box (containing $35 worth of digital content) included: 

  • + Faulty Apprentice Chapter One NSFW $10
  • + Faulty Apprentice Wallpaper Pack NSFW $5
  • + Faulty Apprentice Wallpaper Pack 2 NSFW $5
  • + Alchemist Wallpaper Pack NSFW $5
  • + Dark Elf Prisoner Image Set NSFW $5
  • + Dark Elf Splash Art Image Set NSFW $5

Thank you! We are glad you are enjoying Paramedium! (=

Yes, Chapter Two is available on our Patreon!

Hey thanks for the video! Glad you enjoyed the first episode! =D