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Download the game again as you normally would and re-install.

Sorry for the issues. Just uploaded a new patch that should solve that. Please download again at your earliest convenience! Thank you!

You can delete save files by clicking the X in top right of each save slot. Cheers!

Email us at plz

Sent to the email you use for your itchio account. Cheers!

Hey Ronehjr! The NSFW version is available here:

Since you already donated $10 on this page, I can email you a download code for the NSFW. Please expect it very soon from AGLstudioArt. Thank you for playing!!

Yes, your purchase of the $20 NSFW Treasure box (containing $35 worth of digital content) included: 

  • + Faulty Apprentice Chapter One NSFW $10
  • + Faulty Apprentice Wallpaper Pack NSFW $5
  • + Faulty Apprentice Wallpaper Pack 2 NSFW $5
  • + Alchemist Wallpaper Pack NSFW $5
  • + Dark Elf Prisoner Image Set NSFW $5
  • + Dark Elf Splash Art Image Set NSFW $5

Thank you! We are glad you are enjoying Paramedium! (=

Hello Raxynus! The $10 Knight tier gives you access to Chapter Two development on PatreonPreorders are for the final game that combines Chapters 1-3, so while preordering is the best deal, it does require patience. Thanks for being interested in Faulty Apprentice! If you have any more questions let me know (= -din

Email received and replied. You should be squared away now. Cheers!

Yes, Chapter Two is available on our Patreon!

Hey thanks for the video! Glad you enjoyed the first episode! =D

Can you email me your info so I can look up your order?

Hey Raxynus! Thanks for the additional reports. Very helpful!

Quickest way you can get rest of Faulty Apprentice is by helping us finish it faster! Commenting like you have done, giving positive rating and talking about the game to other people. The more awareness we can bring to Faulty Apprentice, the more funding we can generate to hire more team members. Since we are currently small team of three, getting more hands onboard will make the most impact!

Cheers and thanks for playing Raxynus! If you use discord feel free to join the AGL server too (=

You're right! Thanks for letting us know. Fixed!

Sorry about that =P

Hey PWWI! Sounds like you are as far as you can go with Brea for Chapter One, so nice job. (= 

To train with Sunny further you probably need to Talk to her. 

Glad you are enjoying your Apprenticeship so far! Let me know if you have any more questions, or join the AGL discord if you want to talk with your fellow Apprentices! =D

Cheers! -din

Are you playing v.1.0.3? That bug should be fixed already, but thank you for reporting!

Hey good catch! Thanks for letting us know!

Thank you for the kind words and support, Akuma! On behalf of the team, we are happy to see you enjoying Faulty Apprentice: Chapter One and look forward to sharing more with you in the future! -din

While you can affect the Morale of castle guards and their ending in the Final Battle, you cannot build an official Relationship with them at this time. However, the Bunny Guard was upgraded to the datable character roster thanks to the generous folks at Kickstarter. (=

Cheers! -din

Hey PWWI! Wow! Thank you for the ambush of support!! I went ahead and confirmed your pre-order was successful. We'll get in touch with you again at time of release to doublecheck everything anyways, so rest assured that ending survey issue won't stop us from getting you your copy! (=

Cheers and glad you are enjoying Faulty Apprentice so far! -din

Hey Newgman! Found the issue. Good news is the bug is in the meter only, so all your stats are still being saved! Should have a patch to fix that within the hour. Cheers and thanks again for playing Faulty Apprentice! -din

On it! Thanks for the report!

I will not sacrifice my Faulty Apprentice vision for anything other than budget restrictions. So rest assured touching will stay (=

Final release copy will include Chapter One and all subsequent chapters. Preordering is lowest price for the full release and gives you access to bonus rewards, but will not give you access to Ch1 NSFW version.

Purchasing Ch1 NSFW here on itch will give you access now and allow you to put the $10 you spend now towards the full game purchase at the time of release (to be announced).

Final price may vary, so both options have their merits. Hope that answers your questions, but if you have anymore let me know! =D


Yes sir!

We are only releasing Chapter One now, the full game release is still a ways away and date will be announced later this year. Itchio saves the credit you have already spent and will allow you to pay the difference at the time of release. When chapter one is up hopefully that will make the process more clear for you, but either way we'll get you sorted out eventually (=

Cheers! -din

Yup coming soon! Get hyped!! XD

Hey Rainbow! You should be able to pay the remaining difference for additional content on itchio games at any time. Future installments and in-game Events will be Patreon exclusive until final release. Chapter One will be replacing the outdated Demo, so depending how much you previously donated, you will have access to the uncensored Chapter One when we release tomorrow!

Thanks so much for being interested in Faulty Apprentice! If you have anymore question let me know =D


I think you might actually like the touching then, because of the consequences of not being in Relationship with that character. I won't spoil the fun though so you'll just have to try it when you feel daring XD We want to keep the touching though in both versions so you can pet Animals and interact with the environments too (=

We appreciate the honest feedback either way and are glad to hear you are looking forward to Faulty Apprentice Chapter One!

Cheers! -din

Haha you won't be when you see whats replacing it!

Cheers! -din

Hey thank you for playing! And glad you like, May. We look forward to including her in the future of Paramedium series =D

Hahah wooo! Countdown on the days has come. See you end of the Month! =D

Relationships will increase depending how often you interact with them, then depending on your choices will affect that characters fate. Hope that answers your question, but we'll be revamping the page to explain the new systems better either way. Glad to hear you're excited, we are too!! =D

-geoff trebs @dinmoney (=

Thanks! Wait till you play Chapter One, that was nothing =D

Hey, great video, Step! Thanks so much for sharing. We are happy you are enjoying our Paramedium series and look forward to more! =D

Hahah we'll see! Do you want May to come back?
Thanks for sharing the playthrough. Was hilarious! 
We'll certainly let you know when Paramedium 3 is on its way! =D
- din

Hahah cheers! Can't argue a Princess ships well with a hero (to be) XD

@svolozhanin7 Have you tried the Training Demo we just released? That is made with completely new engine so should work for you. Cheers! -din