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I am artist/writer, so can't speak on such technical terms. I kmow it runs a bit heavy though. Some players in our discord could probably help more. They are pretty savy.

Steam's mac policy makes it unrealistic for a small dev like me to put a mac version on steam. If you have paypal and FA doesn't run, I can refund you personaly. email me at

We had a demo during devolpment but by the time the game released it was very out of date. Should have made a new one yes, but too late now. Best I can suggest is watching a playthrough? This one is very thurough and has a cute girl playing:  *skip to video 3 to skip the prologue and get better idea of actual game.

Cheers and thanks for being interested in my game, Faulty Apprentice! I'll be releasing the spin-off, Best Elf in May so its a great time to play. Feel free to hit me up on discord if you have any more questions:


AGL stands for Agility. We started off as an art studio doing contract art for other games, so we named ourselves after agility because we could quickly meet and adapt to diffent studios art needs. Thats why our website is . I started making Faulty Apprentice while we were still open to contract work, so the name just sorta carried over. Tbh, no one ever guess Agility for the name even when it was an art studio, but while its a funny story about an epic fail of name decision, it was an epic win in decision of taking a risk and sacrifice to make my own game (=

Cheers and thanks for asking haha! -Din

Hey Baroncrovax! Sorry, the sales are a bit tricky on here so I have to manually adjust the price of the art collection, since its not supposed to go on sale. Thanks for letting me know, price is back to standard $19.99. Thanks for playing and glad to hear you enjoy the artwork! (= -Din

I like the art style! Gives me Record of Lodoss War vibes (=

Hmm sorry about that. The problem might have came from my end. I re-uploaded the files without .ziping them. Hopefully that helps! You should be able to download after few days though. If you still have trouble though, email me at and I'll make sure you get sorted out. -Din

Hmm, thats a tough question. Itchio doesn't work well with DLC items, that's why we just include the DLCs in the base game here. However I just made the digital art book available on our website's digital store. 

Thanks for being interested in the art book! (=

Yes, all DLC are included in the main game files. You must complete the main story, and then the first DLC, Escape From Borg Mountain. After that DLC can be played in any order. Hope you enjoy! (=


We are currently working on an update patch that will be releasing this week here on itchio with the new girl DLC included. We delay itchio updates since itch doesn't auto update games like steam and we want to make sure if players downloaad the latest build, it is nice and stable. Thanks for your patience and sorry for the delay. This updat was very large so taking a bit longer than usual. -Din

Negative, Steam and itchio purchases are seperate.

Negative, Steam and itchio purchases are seperate.

Thanks for the tip, I'll have my programmer look into "Mitch." Cheers! -Din

Hey thanks for letting us know you're interested in an Android version! We have been considering putting our games on Android but not sure if they will be acceptable in the official app store. Would you still consider buying our games for Android if they were available on our website?

Cheers! -Din

The price for Faulty Apprentice on itchio includes the DLC content, but on Steam its seperate. Content is all the same though. It was just easier to do it that way here on itchio. If you have any more questions just let me know! -Din

Thanks for the report! Should be fixed in the new 1.2.3 build. Sorry about that!

Hey Soldancer! We streamlined the bait system to just three types, Gems+, Exp+ and Sand Dollars+ when we updated the Slot mechanic. It is same as on Steam so wasn't based on Pearls being available on itchio now. Puchasing the outfit packs unlocks them immediately. While I think your idea is cool, I can totally see other players complaining "I buy the outfits and then I have to buy them again?" I'll definitely consider it though!

I'm happy you have been enjoying the new character! We want to keep adding more unique girls as well as collaborate with other devs like we did with Talia from Future Fragments. So look forward to more updates! (Hopefully in a more timely manner) XD 

Thank you for playing our humble game. We really appreciate your business and want to keep making content that you enjoy playing (=


We have a lot of players in our discord that have to deal with your same situation. It's really lame. I think some of them have found a work around but as a developer I can't really get involved.

Anyways, some good news for you. We should have paypal working as an in-game purchase option! Hope that will work for you and you can enjoy the premium outfits (= -Din

Hey MuhGuy. I am looking into providers to facility in-app purchases outside of Steam but it has been proving much more difficult than I anticipated. Currently I offer codes through my Patreon to redeem for Pearls. I don't mean to exclude you, and I do want your business. If you're interested I would be happy to give you a steam key for your purchase here on itchio. 

I apologies for the situation and thank you for playing. -Din

No, you don't need to re-buy, but the wallpapers are limited time. You have to download them during the month they are available.

Woooo!! Another fun video! Thank you for making that and especially thank you for playing. Glad you enjoyed (and survived) another night as a Paramedium (=


Thank you for playing and making a fun video! Can't wait to watch you play though Paramedium 2! =D


Thanks for the feedback! The 2G outfit bug should be fixed now, but if you already purchased it, you will have a duplicate. Sorry about that. Glad you are enjoying the update! =D


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Ahoy matey! Welcome to the official place for bug reports.

A way to keep track of everything that needs to be fixed for future updates.


  1. Please check this thread to make sure the bug you've encountered hasn't already been reported. If it has, you can rest assured that it's either already fixed or our programmer is working on it.
  2. To further help us fix bugs, please give me as much information as you can about how you encountered the bug. The more information you provide, the easier it will be for our programmer to reproduce the bug.

Thank you for helping by submitting the report.

  • PS. please make sure to manually download the LATEST BUILD!

Our projects are a labor of love and to know people enjoy playing them as much as we enjoy making them is what keeps us going. With your support, we will be able to animate sprites/backgrounds and expand our team by hiring writers and casting more voice actors!

OFFICIAL GIRLS OVERBOARD DISCORD- Did you know we have an official Discord?

Becoming a Patron will give you access to exclusive chats and roles!

Thank you Itch!!

Best Elf is currently in development but all 5 DLCs are included with Faulty Apprentice here on (=

Hey Nutt! I appreciate the feedback and can understand your position. Technically you don't have to talk to everyone day AND night. The game doesn't tell you this, but the night option is there in case you need to catch up. So you will probably max everyone out before the end. The game also doesn't tell you this, but Sundays are the only days were it is important to speak with everyone because the dialogues are main story specific and will only trigger those days. 

For what its worth, as the artist and writer that (tried to) make every character interesting to talk to, I appcriate your dilligence spending time with everyone. (= While it's too late for me to change Faulty Apprentice, I promise to do my best to improve and make better games in the future!


Brilliant. Thank you for sharing, ElPausero!

Hmm, there should be a "Continue" and a "Load Game" after the start of day one from either your own save or the auto-save.. If you can join our Discord we might be able to help you find the folder the saves are located in and some other apprentices might be able to jump in with solutions. Very sorry to hear you are having trouble! -Din

If you manage to find a solution, please let me know so I can make a READ ME instruction file for mac users. Again very sorry you have having to deal with this issue )=

Hmm, as long as the app icon isn't faded out with a Ø symbol on it, there should be a way to open it. Maybe opening process is different for Big Sir.. I am still on mojave otherwise I could help you. Sorry you are having issues! Hopefully you can find a way to open the app. I really want you to start your apprenticship!! -Din

Since we are not a liscenced publisher for Mac, you will need to manually open the game via the Security & Privacy menu in System Preferences. Click "Open Anyways". You may have to click open anyways mulitple times (Mac REALLY doesn't like indie publishers XD)

If you need any more help feel free to contact me directly on Discord.

Good luck and Merry Christmas!

Yikes that's a pretty crazy bug. If you join our discord, our programmer can work with you directly. We have plans to implement a Sell All feature to reset your material box in the next Beta update as well as many more improvements!

Thank you for the feedback and glad you are enjoying Girls Overboard even in this development phase! (= -Din

All DLC is included in the base game now. There is nothing seperate to download. Cheers!

Hey, thanks for the report! Good luck with the rest of your apprenticeship!

Thanks for playing! We hope you enjoy Paremedium 2 as well (=

Yes sir. Base game + All 5 DLC adventures!

Thanks for playing! Glad to hear you enjoyed Paramedium 2! Stay in the Light. (=