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AGL Studios

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Yikes, not sure about that... Hopefully since we are rebuilding the game in Unity, the problem will resolve itself.  Let me know if you have any more questions. Thank you for playing Faulty Apprentice!

Cheers! -din

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Hey HawkLord! Haha once you finally catch her, she'll be nicer XD
Glad you are enjoying Faulty Apprentice so far! To answer your questions, we originally planned for $9.99, but due to the overwhelming response on Kickstarter, we have expanded the scope and will be adding more content. Should have a price narrowed down when we are closer to completion (in about 5months)

Cheers and thanks for playing!! -din

Woo! Glad to hear you are considering donating! If you do, I'll be sure to put that 2.50 to good use, every little bit helps!
Thanks for being interested in Faulty Apprentice. hope you dig it (=

Nope, just the NSFW version (and its only $2.50 for next two days!) Here is link to the normal Faulty Apprentice Demo that is Free to play. Both Demos are same except for censoring. All donations go towards game development. Good luck with your Apprenticeship! -din

Hey glad you are enjoying Faulty Apprentice! The demo currently does not support full screen, but we will have that feature in the full game. Thanks for playing! -din

Hey Cerviathrax! Currently no plans to have datable guards other than the Bunny, but glad you have some favorites! We did reach the final stretch goal Kickstarter but it was in the final minutes and the page locks so we couldn't edit the image. Thanks for playing Faulty Apprentice and have a great holiday season! (=

Upon full game release, yes. Thanks for being interested in Faulty Apprentice! -din

Hey Daring Steel! Don't worry you're not the only Apprentice she's gotten =P
You have to do an Urgent Job by Friday afternoon or the First Guard will kick you out for being a Faulty Apprentice XD

Glad you are enjoying the game so far! Demo has 3 endings and 1 bad (not including game overs). Ends when you see "To be continued..."

Thanks for playing!
- din

This demo is same, Patreon just gives you access to it. But as a Patron you get access to development art, wallpapers, and new builds like the Traveling Merchant beta we released today (=

Yes and more! Patreon gives you access to all of our games, so you will get not only Faulty Apprentice game builds, but our halloween game Paramedium2 as well! Thank you for considering to support us (=

Hey Hugzie! You can find a link to the NSFW version of the demo at the top of the page, but here is direct link. The NSFW version features mild nudity and adult themes. Planning to release late spring 2018. 

We have a Patreon if you are interested in being a part of the development process (=
Also be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for news and updates!

Thanks for being interested in Faulty Apprentice!

Hey svolozhanin7! Please check out the dev log of Faulty Apprentice, if you send us your email used to purchase the NSFW version we'll send you a download code (=

Glad you enjoy our games! Appreciate the kind words as well, cheers!

Thats a good question. We are planning a DRM free version to release here on itchio,  but might have to be a separate page as well. We'll have to see what is best option when we are closer to release. Cheers!

We had to separate the demos for various reasons. The finished game will be released on Steam. Just closed preorders after extending the deadline several times. Sorry you missed it. 

If you do not wish to support us on Patreon, plz follow us on Twitter or Facebook for updates @AGLstudioArt


Hey glad you enjoyed the sequel, Raine, and thanks for making the video! We've been working hard to level up our games since the first Paramedium, so it means a lot to hear the improvements are being appreciated (=

Keep up the fun videos on your end! And may your rolls in dnd be high XD

You can preorder here: bit.ly/preorderFA Deadline is in 4 days at: 11/07/17!
Price will increase after the deadline since the game is expanding, thanks to our Kickstarter campaign!  


Ok just uploaded a new version, should unzip directly into an app. 
Sorry for the trouble, let me know if you are still having issues.
Thanks for your patience.

I'll check right now!

Hey Killjoy! Thanks so much for playing and making another awesome video! We'll be going through it and fixing those spelling errors. Happy to hear you enjoyed the game. We especially liked that you kept Nina's name, that was sweet (= 

Stay in the Light!

Hello and thank you from the US!
Great video and glad you enjoyed the game (=

Stay in the Light!

Hey thanks Madeline! Glad you enjoyed the game, and great job brining May to life with your voice work (=


Hahha Paramedium is totally Judge Dredd mixed with X-Files! XD
Thanks for the kind words and support Aboddon! 

And the Light will stay with you (=

Thank you Nel! Glad you enjoyed the new features! (=

Hey thank you Hawk! Glad you enjoyed the latest episode of Paramedium! =D

Woo!! Glad to hear your pumped! Best of luck with Nina too (=
We'll be starting beta tests on Patreon soon if you're interested, cheers!

Hahahahha if you press the button without entering a name, you can find out! Might be sliiiiiightly less epic than "Roland" though XD

Cheers and thanks for playing Faulty Apprentice!! (=

Hey Nohawk, thanks for the kind words, we're glad that you enjoyed it! :)

Hey Killjoy! Thanks for the video! We like your voice!

Those name bugs should be fixed already, but thanks for letting us know anyway! We appreciate all the kind words, make sure you save some room in your schedule for a Paramedium 2 playthrough!
It's coming out this month, please look forward to it!


Woo! First copy sold! You're the best! 

Hey Raithias! Glad you enjoyed it!
That name thing was not supposed to happen, thanks for letting us know. We're fixing it right now, we should have a new build up soon!


We actually didn't know there was a preorder option XD
Thanks for letting us know! Just put it up (=

Cheers and thanks for the support skd3!

Hey Tigress! Thank you for the kind words. Glad you enjoyed Paramedium! We were totally going for that manga feel (=
We actually just started working on a sequel, please follow us on Twitter and here on Itchio for updates!


Thanks calimack!! :D

Hahaha YEA! Glad to see the enthusiasm! It will be a bit longer, yes!  And your ships just might XD

Wooo!! Yup, going to be a sequel! Glad to hear you are excited! =D

Thanks for playing the first Paramdium!!

Hey thanks Logic! Appreciate the kind words and support! You might see more Paramedium sooner than you think (=

Hey thanks Mister! Glad to hear you are interested in more Paramedium! Keep an eye out, cause Halloween season is coming up (=

Hey thank you so much for the kind words! I'm very lucky to have a partner I can rely on to make games with. Glad you enjoyed Paramedium! If you're interested in more of my work, check out Faulty Apprentice, and if you'd like to join the process check out our Patreon.
Thanks again and good luck with your games as well! (=

Yikes sorry to hear that )=
Will look into it. If you restart and record the issue that would be awesome, but no pressure. I know that's a lot of work.

Thanks for giving Paramedium a try either way!

No release date yet, estimated spring 2018, cheers!