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Thanks for playing! We hope you enjoy Paremedium 2 as well (=

Yes sir. Base game + All 5 DLC adventures!

Thanks for playing! Glad to hear you enjoyed Paramedium 2! Stay in the Light. (=

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The full game is available for $19.99 and includes DLC 1-3.
DLC 4-5 are available as add-on purchase.

Wonderful, thank you! 
We've set our visual novel game Faulty Apprentice for sale, too!  

We sure do!

Cheers! -din

8 hours for the base game if you're a pretty fast reader, and each DLC is about 1 hour.

You'll need the game on Steam to play DLC4 + 5. Email me a ss that confirms you own the base game on here and I can send you a Steam Key. Thanks for playing! -din

We are looking at options but haven't found a good way to make them purchaseable on itchio currently so they are only playable on Steam at this time.  Even if you support us on Patreon, you will get a steam key for them. Thanks for being interested! 

Hey just wanted to follow up. Sadly, I don't think we will be able to make a 64bit mac version anytime in the near future. We tried, but will need to puchase a mac computer in order to do that, and unfortunately thats out of the budget for a small indie studio like ours. Hopefully there will be an easier way to do it in a future update of Unity, and when there is, we will be sure to support Mac 64bit!

Thanks for being interested in Faulty Apprentice and apoligies for being the bearer of bad news. -din

Yes. We should be updating soon. I was just holding back because I use Photoshop cs6, but I think I found a way to make it work in 64bit. Thanks for your patience and letting me know you're interested, Mystakill. I'll get a 64bit version up in a week or two when we do a minor FA update!


You take on the role of a farm boy (the character with the red stone in the artwork) and cannot change gender. Cheers!

The one you saw was male, and the other is a trap.

It should be attached to this devlog or can be downloaded directly from the official Faulty Apprentice game page. Merry Christmas and thanks for playing! -din

Yes, two (=

Sure! Email us proof of your purchase to: and we'll send you the pack. Thanks for playing Faulty Apprentice! -din

If you are experiencing technical problems, I don't think Steam would change anything =/. Contact us on the AGL DIscord and we can work with you directly. I want you to be able to play. Sorry if I sound rude, just trying to answer honestly and quickly. Cheers! -din

Send a copy of your receipt to or to DIn or Jes on the AGL Discord and we'll get you sorted out. Cheers! -din

Sorry but, you're grossly misinformed sir and I would request you do more research or ask questions before spreading misinformation. 

The copy FA on this page is the uncensored version. We haven't had a censored version of FA in years. There is a toggle in the options menu to turn on and off censor. The page you are linking is out of date and was designed to build funding via donations during demo phase of development (4 years ago). As a thank you to those that donated $5 on the old page before release we offered a copy of the finished product of FA on this page. Which was a pretty sweet deal (=

I have no idea where you got the impression of getting a steam key for purchasing on itchio. I am a new developer but that seems wierd to me. If you wish to play on Steam why not just buy FA there?

DLC4 is Patreon exclusive to thank our AWESOME patron's that have paid for the three DLC updates you can enjoy for Free.


You can see full H scenes in the DLC. The base game it goes to black screen with sound effects for those moments. 

Wouldn't be fair. You don't get a itchio key when purchasing on Steam. Why not buy on Steam if you want to play there?

Hey nice artwork (=

Sorry for the trouble! Please message us on our discord so we can assist you directly

Hey GBPatch, thanks for letting me know! Best of luck with your games as well (= 


The email probably got sent to your junk mail or something. Email us at with your the email you used to order and we'll find your download key. Cheers! -din

Hey NP! We are happy you enjoyed Paramedium! Email us at and we can give you download code for Paramedium 2 as a thank you for making your video (=

Stay in the Light -din

The Fakku builds may need to be updated, we'll get in touch with our contact there first thing Monday when they are online. Thanks for letting us know, humble, and apologies for the issue! -din

Wow, you're right. Thank you for reporting that! Just updated the builds. Sorry for the trouble, hope you enjoy the DLC! -din

Hey Aptitud! Since we extended the in-game days to 20, you may have to play further and have a save point on day 20 to unlock the DLC at start menu. Let me know if that works and be sure to have a relationship with one of the instructors to unlock a bonus DLC scene (=

Thanks for playing! -din

Hey Idolfan! Since we are such a small indie-studio (3 people), the financial loss of putting together the KS campaign and it failing was pretty harsh. So for our studios survival we cannot attempt another (at least not in the near future). However, we are so happy to hear you enjoyed our Paramedium game jams and thank you for playing!! I will be sure to forward your message to the rest of the team (=

Stay in the Light  -din

Thank you for playing and glad you enjoyed our humble little game! Stay in the Light! =D

That Mac version is 32bit and not Catelina compatible. Thank you for being interested in Faulty Apprentice though!

To unlock the Relationship scene for Midnight you need to have Relationship Meter at 9.5, Morale at 8+ and complete their Urgent Job. Talking to them each Sunday in-game is possible to miss, and you need to talk to them twice on the first Sunday. Hope that helps!

Thanks for playing and glad you are enjoying your apprenticeship! If you have any more questions feel free to ask here or on our discord. (=

Cheers! -din

Fixed protagonist as a dude.

Build updates with bug fixes /changes are uploaded here when they become available. Simply check your version number agains the current version on here to see if you are up to date. (The itchio app may also update automatically, I'm not sure) 

As for DLC Quests, they will definitely be available on Patreon, and we are considering options on how and if to release to public.

Thanks for playing! -din

On it! Thanks for letting me know, sorry for the trouble! -din

We already sent out Steam Keys, please check your junk mail folder and if you haven't received yours please email us at 

And yes, the previous ch.1 and ch.2 update links are canceled because they are out of date. Cheers! -din

Thanks for the detailed feedback Victor and congrats for surviving the final battle! I know what you mean, I wish I could have added more paths for acquiring the Master Armor sets but so many variations to the final battle already I think it would have fried my brain XD 

I'm glad we got you with those twists and turns in the story! I tried to make the story start out fun and light to let player get used to characters and feel secure in the castle and forget the final battle, and then get really serious! So glad to hear those scenes are working. (=

Thank you for playing and giving such detailed feedback! As a show of appreciating, below is a sneak peak of what to look forward to next! 

Oh and you should join our discord to hang out with other apprentices! (=

Cheers! -din

Will be uploading a new build with that issue fixed very soon, thanks for reporting!