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Hey thank you for playing! And glad you like, May. We look forward to including her in the future of Paramedium series =D

Hahah wooo! Countdown on the days has come. See you end of the Month! =D

Relationships will increase depending how often you interact with them, then depending on your choices will affect that characters fate. Hope that answers your question, but we'll be revamping the page to explain the new systems better either way. Glad to hear you're excited, we are too!! =D

-geoff trebs @dinmoney (=

Thanks! Wait till you play Chapter One, that was nothing =D

Hey, great video, Step! Thanks so much for sharing. We are happy you are enjoying our Paramedium series and look forward to more! =D

Hahah we'll see! Do you want May to come back?
Thanks for sharing the playthrough. Was hilarious! 
We'll certainly let you know when Paramedium 3 is on its way! =D
- din

Hahah cheers! Can't argue a Princess ships well with a hero (to be) XD

@svolozhanin7 Have you tried the Training Demo we just released? That is made with completely new engine so should work for you. Cheers! -din

Yes! The datable roster has expanded quite a bit! You can start building a relationship with the Princess in the Alpha build on our Patreon. Cheers! -din

Haha thanks for making a video! Glad you are enjoying the Paramedium series so far! We originally made them for halloween game jams, but we look forward to developing a full game after our Faulty Apprentice title is complete. If you make another vid let us know. Cheers! 

- din

Hey Anna! Glad to hear you are enjoying the Paramedium series so far! We look forward to producing more content after we are finished with Faulty Apprentice. Thanks for playing and Happy Halloween! =D

- din

Loved the video! You girls are too cute. We are happy to see you both enjoying the Paramedium series. We can't wait to make more once we are finished with Faulty Apprentice! Have a great rest of your halloween season! =D

Din + AGL Team

Excellent, have fun! =D

Can you try creating a new folder, and opening then unzipping into that folder? If its a security issue, you may need to run in administrator mode. Hopefully that helps!

Hey thanks for playing, Shedlon! Have a great Halloween Season!

Hahahhahahaha we are happy to see you guys having fun playing the first episode!! Can't wait for the Paramedium 2 video now! =D

Cheers and thanks again for playing!

Hey thanks for playing and making a video!! Glad you liked the first episode! Happy Halloween =D

We are using Unity 3D. Should be the first thing you see starting the game =P
Cheers! -din

Hey Deudanann, was the Sword Training is the only minigame you have issue with? What do you think we could do to make it more interesting? The purpose of this training demo is solely to test the minigames, so we appreciate the feedback!

Hahahah yeah, you have to play longer than 5min to see oppai =P

Hey, Rathias! Glad you dig our Paramedium series and thanks for making a video! We are looking forward to continuing the series as well once we're finished with Faulty Apprentice. Cheers and have a great Halloween season! =D

Din + AGL Team

Damn, the pm1 mac version was actually made in Tyranobuilder Visual Novel Engine, while pm2 was made in Unity engine. So thats why only one is working for you. Unfortunately we cannot use Tyrano for pm2 so you might be out of luck )=

Thank you for being interested though! Maybe borrow someone else's computer? =P

NOO!!! That's wierd... What part is getting stuck?

If you are unzipping it on your desktop, try unzipping it in a folder. 

That's probably just because we are an independent developer. If there was a specific 'file' in question though, i'd be happy to check it out. So far no one has gotten any viruses, unless you count the sudden need for more Paramedium after you finish the games! XD

Thanks for letting me know! Hope you enjoy the games, plz send us a link here or on twitter @AGLstudioArt when your vids are complete (=

Cheers! -din

Hahahha thanks! Glad you like it! =D

I believe so yes, cheers!

Hey thanks for playing! Glad to hear you are pumped! Have fun =D
Din + team AGL

Fixed! Sorry about that and thanks for letting me know!

Hey! Glad you enjoyed the first episode! And yes, Attic scene must have been brutal on a laptop XD

Thanks for playing Paramedium! =D

There will be implied romance situations in full game, you can only build relationships so far in this demo. Genre is fantasy dating sim with rpg elements. Hope you like it! More updates coming soon =D


Hopefully around Christmas time, but follow us on Twitter or our website to know right away!

Cheers! -din

Thank you for the words of encouragement! We are glad you are enjoying Faulty Apprentice so far! Have some awesome updates coming soon (=

Follow and/or support us on Patreon for updates and beta access the new game engine!

Cheers! -din

Hey thanks Raithias! Glad you enjoyed this old demo! Look forward to some awesome updates soon (=
- din

Hey Zephy! Not planning to add that feature, no. Thanks for giving Faulty Apprentice a chance either way! -Din

Hopefully by end of the year

Next public release will be in one month, but for specific date would be best to follow us on Twitter @AGLstudioArt

Glad its still looking good! Can't wait to see the video (=

We have a new update coming next month with Full Screen option and some other long over due upgrades! Thanks for letting us know your interested, and be sure to link us the video when you're done so we can check it out! -Din

100% agree! We have already begun rebuilding the game and adding the options you mentioned. Thanks for checking out Faulty Apprentice and please look forward to an updated demo in the next few months (= Cheers! -din

Email received, we're seeing what we can do. Thanks for the ss. Will get back to you via email with a hopeful solution as soon as we can!

Cheers! -din