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Good lord, Adam

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Communism is by definition stateless, where common ownership of the means of production enables massively more in the way of private enterprise (in the sense of individuals having time to build, make, research, develop projects, offer services, etc) than the fascist state depicted in the game (Fascism itself is often said to lack an economic ideology, frequently finds itself allied with large corporations and I tend to agree that it often plays out as a state-capital alliance in modern times, see Italy and Germany in WW2, or the various fascist/corporate collaborations in the global south), though I agree maybe a better word could be used given how the term kinda carries the connotation of enterprise as in corporate enterprise or a capital venture. I mean it more in the sense of the freedom to do what you want with your own time has been outlawed by the state.

Ideologically you may be mixing up Full Blown Communism with the transitionary state of Socialism, which does tend to carry state monopolies on production as a means of removing the means of production from the hands of the few and democratizing them among the workers directly, typically coordinated into a centralized state. In the world of Rennasistance this period passed for most of the world decades ago, and now everyone is living Fully Automated Luxury Space Communism. I'd say most of the people outside of Neo-Klettgau don't work for anyone but themselves now.

Utterly lost it at the reveal in the last paragraph, well done

They do! You're supposed to do two rounds of both, at least how I figured it. Generally you can set your own intervals and even total health, if you wanna play 300,000,000HP Planet. Eagle eyed readers may notice the health total in the book adds up to more than 10 Million, at least at the time of this comment. Honestly that was a mistake but I thought it was so funny that I'd done all this Branding around it being 10 Million, then fucked up the maths, that we wanted to keep it in till it was noticed. May or may not actually fix it. 


heck yeah!

Looks like that section got trimmed in the layout for some reason - Mooks deal one damage per player action, and that damage doubles whenever you spend a Power on them. They're one of those run-away-train style things that start off being weak but can quickly end up doing absurd Damage to the planet. I'll fix the missing section and upload a V2 in a few minutes, thanks for letting me know!

The spirit of the trigger is that you would be like, flying or attacking from a great height as opposed to punching it on the surface or something, but I think your reading of it is pretty valid too!

We do ship internationally, but I'd ask you drop another $10 on the price for the shipping if you're able! Sorry, I know that sucks 😓

Yes! In theory, anyway. Nobody has bought a copy in a while 😅

In your defense there is no way on gods green earth that I would mention this to adam driver lmfao

Congrats on your newfound sorcorery! Poop however you want!

You've unlocked a powerful bonus mode with this one

Hey! That's so sweet of you, thank you! Unfortunately I have no idea why that'd be happening. I'll poke around and see if there's anything I can do to fix it, but I deeply appreciate you trying regardless!

Yes! Shipping is just a little expensive, roughly $15 iirc. If you purchase a core game and add that to the amount as a tip I can have one in the mailbox first thing Monday!

this is absolutely incredible. Oh my god


All of SPGs games are good to cover, DM me on Twitter for a free copy if you need it!

You had me sold at Imelda Staunton as a gritty suffragette private eye holy heck

I love that this is an "unofficial addition"

They're intentionally left to your interpretation here, for my personal game, the brain represents mental health, the heart represents emotional health, etc. I felt like giving the stats hard names would limit the sorts of activities some might assign to them. Hope this helps!

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Thank you so much! Very possibly, I struggled with Control when I first started playing Ironsworn too, it helped me to think of it as a token I gain or lose during actions, so if an action says "Gain control" I get the token, and if it says "Lose Control" I lose, and several moves require you to have the token before you use them. Like I said, took me a little while to get it but it's a really satisfying way to model that narrative push-pull of a fight.

For the next version update on this, I'll include an example of play around Control to make sure its a little clearer, thanks for the feedback!

Thank you so much!

Ya gotta post the URL bud!

Bööls Jorgaan

Oh my god

It's a solo game, just one player, no GM. I have heard rumours that someone has hacked a gmless group play version somewhere, but it's yet to make its way to me.

Please submit all compensation requests to Adam Driver, The Actor, or his agent. Thank you

This is the first time I've really produced anything with Epub or Mobi tools, please please let me know if they look funny. They looked fine on my kindle but as far as a test pool goes, 1 isn't v good 

Thank you so much! I hope you enjoy it <3

Yeah, Fiasco is an indie TTRPG based around replicating Coen's brothers movies, this is like a dungeon module but for Funny Plotlines.

The music is such a cute touch!

Get your submissions in! So excited to see what y'all have done!

For sure! I'd recommend just starting off reading and messing around with some of the easier to hack systems - Fate, Apocalypse World, etc - and just tweak them, see if you get any cool ideas about how their systems might work for this idea or that idea, then go from there. It's how basically everyone I know got started, and it can be a really fun, easy and quick way to go from idea to playable without worrying about the underlying maths.

Generally tho, my process for coming up with a system tends to start with me coming up with a list of abstract concepts that I want the system to do (Be easy to teach, rely on only one kind of dice, be based on tarot cards, etc) and then spend a lot of time thinking about how to tick those boxes while also, simultaneously, considering what I want the system to "say" and how I want to accomplish that. It's a long process, and it can be super frustrating but really rewarding. But it's not inherently better than using one of the many existent systems out there as your base!

I can totally understand the feeling, I def. felt something of that when I first started.

It helped me to begin by designing in part - have an idea for a cool combat system, write it up, play around with it, maybe build something ontop of that, maybe leave it for later. Hack other games, play around with making content in other settings (playbooks, adventures, classes or monsters, w/e).

Another thing to keep in mind is that a game doesn't have to be "complete" in a traditional sense - it doesn't have to model *every* imaginable action or game, just making the part of the game that interests you, that you feel equipped to make, is fine, even if that's just prose.

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Here's some work I did talking about some very common questions I get on Kickstarter

Here's a sort-of-guide on how to do Audio-book editions for TTRPGs

And while I'm here, this isn't really in-scope but I did a pretty extensive breakdown of my first Kickstarter that has a ton of great info for new people.

I'll be running a data collection and analysis project in the next few weeks to gather info on the exact kind of money people are making in the industry (both on Itch and outside of it). It's maybe a little larger than the scope of the jam but I think it's info that'll contribute a lot to what it is we do here.

And that's the core text complete! Gonna do some fancy layout tomorrow, but I'm p happy with this!

Right, here's where I'm at right now, tweaked the core concept a little and there's still about 25-50% left to write, but I'm really happy with what I have so far. Check out these roles!