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Just posted the first draft of the rules with art and stuff. Gotta play around with this a bit, its still a lil rough at the starting line, but its neat enough to share now

Should have an early draft up later this evening, doing a quick playtest or two soon but I'm pretty happy with the core mechanic so far.

I'm testing out a kind of draft system for Obstacles, where each person places an object of their choice around them until they both agree it looks good, it works out pretty well so far!

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I'm going to put together a small miniatures race/battle/defense game based on chess pieces and movement, hope that's ok with the rules. The general concept right now is movement based on Car Lengths, and you can build a "squad" from the various chess pieces; I.E. one car can be a Knight, one a Rook, etc, with different special moves and attacks for each.

Hey Folks, Sandy Pug Games is a Tabletop RPG design group that has been making cool stuff for about a year and a half now, and we've recently launched here on Itch. What a wonderful community and marketplace it is! We'll be uploading more of our work in the coming weeks but for now, I thought you'd all enjoy our Fiasco playset collection, which is Pay What You Want right here:

The collection includes the dark-horror-comedy set Infomercial World, where you and your friends find yourselves awakened within the nightmare that is late night infomercials. Nothing works, you can't do anything right, and these suburbs have no end in sight. Also included is The Closed Circle, a murder mystery playset designed around the trope of a closed box mystery - the killer is among you, no one can leave, no one can enter, will you solve it in time, or are you the killer, and will you get off scot free? Finally there's The First 100 Days, a political comedy set about playing out the first 100 days of a particularly wobbly presidential administration. Will you ride the sinking ship into the ground? Foster Revolution? Hell, will you make it work?

Fiasco, for those who don't know, is a fantastic small GMless RPG designed to create Coen's Brothers-esque situations and stories, published by the fantastic Bully pit games. It's one of, if not the best party style RPG systems out there, and I highly recommend you check it out, even if the above playsets don't grab you!