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Not yet, but should be imminently!

That detail with the mushroom cloud is so gd good`

Essentially, yeah. Should be adding some content for GMs before the KS launch that should clarify this

that said i'm hesitant to say anything for certain and 100% recommend you take a look at the relevant docs yourself before making any choices. Esp with the new version of OGL potentially coming soon, its a difficult time to say anything for sure, and that goes double since I'm not a lawyer 😅

I'm not 100% sure I'm  following, but I don't *think* you have anything to worry about. It's just not quite how the documents function, their inclusion doesn't itself convey a right, their inclusion is a condition of the rights being exchanged, if that makes sense.

(1 edit)

The idea, at least right now, is that we'll balance movement to be fairly powerful compared to attacks, and give you plenty of ways to attack and move as a single action (which effectively gives you two moves as well). The Action + Move tends to work pretty well in a lot of the digital games I'm drawing from, but who knows, there's certainly room to play around with the economy of it all when we get serious about play testing. Thanks for the interest!

Hey! So, two answers! Firstly, you're entitled to a download code for itch with your physical purchase, just email me at and I'll send you one

Secondly, we've got the character sheets up for free right here! - 

Have fun!

yeah, just email me sandypuggames (@)

Ce'st Magnifique! Ah! Beautiful!

What are you working on 👀

An outstanding collection of weirdos dripping with a perfect unique twist on Ald-Amuran weirdness. Nice work!

Yeah but folks who bought the physical book, or the PDF from a third party retailer, or whatever, might not have gotten them for a variety of reasons

already added to the page 😅 Awesome video! Huge thanks for pointing people our way!

I love this!

This is a *fantastic* review. Almost all of these make me wish the movies in question were real but this is one of the few that makes me believe it might be. Thanks!

Not at all! Glad for the chance to chat about it!

Mechanically speaking the Mentor character should only take one of the given Guide moves at the start of the game, then through Advancement they gain more. Unfortunately we goosed the advancement rule that helps clear this up, it's in the errata here:

Otherwise a Mentor character has access to all the abilities of a regular one, with the sort of agreed upon fictive conceit that you are acting as a mentor within the game, and you'd be a pretty bad one if you hogged the spotlight, or got in the players way. Try to play with a mind to the character back at base or on the sidelines. The moves, hopefully, try to reflect this style of play with big once-in-a-session supporting acts. I dunno how well I did with those alas 😅. You can of course opt not to use those rules if you're concerned about it at all! Playing through as a more traditional GM/Player relationship works just fine.

Aw heck yeah it's here! Can't wait to read through these!

fwiw there will be a time when these resources are easily available for free, we're just working on it.

Wherever you bought it should have a note that says you're entitled to an Itch key. just email me at and I'll hook you up.

Hey Mushrooms!

I believe you should hit File and there should be an option to save a copy. I didn't make the sheet tho so I can't say for certain. As for the art, I'm not sure what you mean by maps, but we have an art drive we've made publicly available, and you're very welcome to extract the images from the book (if you rename the PDF to a .zip it should allow you to unextract the contents). I'll follow up this comment with a link to our drive when I get back home.


this is the first one of these where the player was the agent of chaos actively trying to destroy Adam's asperations of screenwriter fame

Hit me up at!

Besides the HTML version, no.

Outstanding work. Love all the new archetypes, love the adventure starters in the case files section, just a great addition to the universe!

Oh I see! Thanks!

Hey friend! Could you post a screenshot of what you mean? I'm not seeing what you mean in my version

Thanks for the heads up Ceetee! It's a glitch with the PDF elements getting rasterized that seems to hit us at random, will try and get a clean copy up today

This was a point of some contention within the squad, with some of us thinking the size restriction was a balancing thing, and others thinking other forms of physical contact are ok - I think the spirit of the move def. allows for some leeway with the physical contact, just means you'll have to get creative with the bigger Monsters (Interesting to imagine applying it to Gaa’domi!)

Generally marking a clock segment as a failure should happen when narratively appropriate - when a lead goes dry, when a resource is permanently out of reach, or just generally when it's unlikely that this avenue of investigation fails. Marking a segment is kind of like the full stop at the end of a little mini arc.

I can see how that's not clear, and we should have made it explicit, but almost any move rolled at 6 or below could potentially trigger a X for a clock. Hope this helps 

Or, as it turns out, right now. Should be downloadable now.

There is! I'll try and get it up over the weekend.

Alas it looks like we goofed on 1. It should read that the Mentor can pick 2 additional Mentor moves from the Mentor starting moves selection.
2. Its a straight swap out for a background/training at that level. If you have a -1 in Boating, you can't use that to swap out for a 0 in Chicken Keeping, although I suppose if you wanted a slightly faster or more broadly capable character that would be an easy tweak.

Played and deeply enjoyed this over on steam. Wonderful and interesting mechanic well realized in an engrossing and strangely familiar world. Dreamlike and the mechanic feels complimentary to that. Loved how playful the whole thing felt, from the subtle humor to the phone backgrounds. Got the rocket ending!

Totally understandable. This is your work, and you're the one who gets to decide how and why things get done.  

Hey NiftyHat! Great questions, I'll add them to the errata doc.

1) Yes you may.

2) All equipment stacks, yes. This can become very broken very quickly.

3) After, tho before is an interesting idea.

4) I think changing their character sheet is a reasonable interpretation of that rule. Equally so would just be a character change too, emotion, goals, internal philosophy, loss or gain of loved ones, etc.