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A lot has happened between the last update and now. But I do hope, once I have some more breathing space, to get back to this and all my other ttrpg projects.

The game implies (but definitely doesn't outright state, which I should probably fix) that your Apocalypse is built collectively by the table. You can do that on the fly, giving a vague premise and adding details as they come up, or at the very start of the game, building yourself a pretty set sandbox. It's totally up to you.

Three players. A GM is optional.

I'm not sure if I mention it in the pdf text itself but there's a few different resources you can use.

  • Here's an overview of general Rider-Waite decks:
  • Most apps will let you do three card draws and also have meanings with them. I suggest the Golden Thread app, as it also has a lookup.
  • Your deck probably came with a booklet (or maybe a pdf) that has meanings more specific to its designs and inspirations. That one is probably your best bet.

I don't have a specific guide or a deck specifically for this game though. Hope that helps!

My original post has been edited.

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As The World Ends...:
The Way You Make Me Feel:
H E I S T: Get Rich or Die Trying (in playtest):

Depending on what you're asking about, I'd say Theory (for more generalized and broad topics) or one of the subcategories for a specific system under Design would be the perfect place for you. Help Wanted is more intended for looking for, say, a layout artist, writer, or sensitivity consultant. Hope that helps!

I should do this, huhn?

I'm Allie Bustion, sometimes called Mads. @madpierrot on Twitter. My Patreon's over here and I do a fair few posts that are either early access or not gated. I do a lot of things, as my bio says. I don't exactly do one thing when I design games but I do pull a lot from PbtA and FitD for mechanics and popular culture for themes.

My current big things are Misbehavin', a FitD Prohibition era urban fantasy hack that delves into marginalization and (hopefully) let's you feel empowered to make some change, and Parliament of Supplements, a Kickstarted collection of hacks and supplements for various systems that I just never get enough time to work on. I'm pretty proud of the small games I've made that are available on itch.

The best place to talk about something that doesn't currently have its own Design subcategory would be the Other Systems subcategory.

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The Sword, "Celestial Crown"

Alternately, FEMM's "Fxxk Boyz Get Money"

*sits in rocking chair*

I use to moderate for a LiveJournal community that was pretty well known in certain circles back in the day... Before that, I was on Gaia, like, a lot.

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If you're looking for critique and feedback on your game, hack, or supplement, drop it in here. Make sure to leave a note of what you're comfortable with having critiqued, if you want it to be open or in private, and anything else of note. If you're no longer looking for critique, feel free to edit that into your post or delete the post entirely.

Need a few people to work out the kinks in your game? Make a new thread here with a few details.

Name of System: (include if this is a hack or supplement for something else)
Number of Players: 
Approximate Session Length: 
Testing Period: (how long do you think you'll be testing for?)
Other Details: (things about the system, potential content warnings, what you're planning to test, et cetera)
How To Contact: 

Feel free to update your threads as details and needs change. Good luck and godspeed!

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Eventually, this post will be a mega-thread of upcoming conventions with a spreadsheet that can be filtered for ease of use. First though, I need something to work from.  If you feel up to it, drop your local conventions in this Google form and we can get started on making a great resource for people.

Convention Database (work in progress)

Casual Game Revolution's Database