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Dig a Thousand Holes Publishing

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I once made a brief appearance in an apartment wrestling league as Brawny James Dio. I had a bout with the Devil's Gardener during which we, unfortunately, broke a friend's couch and I, tragically, lost the title.

I'm fairly certain I went with "Holy Diver" as my entrance music. It was obvious, but also one of my finishers.

Morning all,

I'm Eppy (he/him). I've been publishing tabletop roleplaying games for a while now, starting with Dread way back in the day (which hasn't made it to yet but might). Most of my back catalog is Worlds Without Master, the magazine of sword & sorcery games and fiction.

I enjoy experimenting with form quite a bit and  I have an abiding affection for programmable calculator instruction manuals. Someday I'll coalesce these two facts into what will certainly be my proudest commercial failure.