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i had so much fun writing something for this zine and everyone else's pieces are SO cool i love this au

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Woah, this is rad! Do you have a twitter or homepage I can credit? I'd love to give this a shoutout on my twitter

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We playtested the 1.2 rules during the Moon Landing charity stream and it was an incredible game! Here's part 1 of that actual play.

i’m glad you’re enjoying it!!!

yoooo this rules!! i’m glad you had a blast!

thank you abe

this is so cool, i love the monster chase idea and the google slides map!! i'm glad you liked it!

Yes, house is gmless!

Thank you!! I'm glad you liked all my stories! :)

Oh gosh, thank you so much! I was wondering if the double buy was an itch fluke, haha. I can totally refund the second one for you if you like!

Hmmm, I threw Super Soakers and water guns into the rules, so I would be totally inclined to give bubble wands/bubble guns a pass!

This month I released BACHELORLOCK, a romance-flavored hack of my game CHORELOCK, for people who prefer dating demons to making demons do menial tasks. It's a simple 2 player game, and free!

I also released Catbox, a GM-less game where player characters all have a hidden agenda they must complete, and are all stuck together in one location (decided upon prior to gameplay). It has a lot of cool mechanics for keeping and revealing secrets that I'm very excited about!


a game about a house.

house is a game i wrote for the Not A Game Game Jam that is both a game and not really a game at all. It's a completely playable exploration/narrative game about exploring a house that you and your friends "build" on a sheet of paper, but the rulebook is also designed to function as a self-contained work of short fiction!

i just released house for the not a game game jam! it's a game (sort of) about exploring a house that is wrong.

lately it's been bdg's playlist of 'castle chase music' (music with a dance beat that also sounds like someone is chasing you through a castle)

A game about getting demons to do your chores.

Chorelock can technically be a play-by-post, or played over a voice chat client, but it's ideally an in-person game that you play with the other person sitting in front of you.  It's a two player game where one person plays as a warlock, and the other plays as demons they're summoning to try and bargain with to do their chores. Made for the Transferable Class Skills Jam!

I just released CHORELOCK, my game for the Transferable Class Skills jam! It's a two player roleplaying/bargaining game where one person plays as a warlock trying to convince some demons (the other player) to do their chores.

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My Very First Warlock was a traveling inventor/armchair demonologist named Tannis Kind who made a pact with a demon when he was a teenager, taught himself how to make magitech, and became basically a traveling coffee machine salesman. He sort of stumbled into an adventuring group that ended up looking for magical artifacts that belonged to the gods, to return them to the gods that had left them lying around a long time ago. He had been betrothed to the Fae King for quite some time prior to the campaign, but left the Feywild and subsequently lost three years of memory because (at least in our campaign) if you leave the Feywild without proper protection against it, you get a memory wipe. Which made for a fun campaign arc when our party had to travel into the Feywild and Tannis was hailed as the king's fiancee and members of the court immediately started trying to either get on his good side or poison him, and he had no idea what was happening. Also one time he made a guy clip through the floor so hard that the guy died.

Currently I play (in 5e) Tannis's brother Peregrine, an anthropologist who accidentally picked up a cursed talking sword that is trying to make him into an evil jock, and (in Shadowrun) Foxtrot Donowitz, a Jewish orc MMA fighter.

i just read this for the first time recently and i LOVED it!

i loved this demo and i can't wait for the full version of the game!!!

Big Motherfuckin' Crab Truckers is transcendent and I wish it was as popular of a Funny Animal Game as Honey Heist

The girl with the coiled hair will use the knocker.

Record Collection was the jam that really got me Deep Into working on my own games, because I love love love music, and the idea of using it as a jumping-off point for TTRPG-making had somehow never occurred to me. Wide-open themes like that are what I have the most fun with...I would love to see a jam sort of the same as ReCo, but with favorite written works instead of music, maybe? That might just be the English major in me jumping out.

The Dark Sentencer
A prison escape game with a tarot-based system.

Dark Sentencer was written for the 2019 Record Collection Jam, and is a game where you and your friends play as a bunch of space criminals trying to escape a prison planet.  It uses an original, tarot deck based system to guide players through character creation and to shape the outcome of the story, including the tone of each scene.

Pick of Destiny
A musical game about rocking demon's faces off.

Pick of Destiny was also written for ReCo2k19, and is a game where you and your friends becoming a touring band that must battle against the Seven Lords of Hell, and Satan Himself in a series of fantasy rock-offs. It has a pretty simple d6-based rolling system, as well as a special object (the Pick of Destiny) that is passed from player to player to both give their character a buff and allow them to choose the background music for each battle.

Banquo at the Feast

A storytelling game about murder most foul.

I wrote Banquo at the Feast for the 200 Word RPG challenge in 2018, and it was the first game I ever seriously attempted to write! It's a storytelling game that takes all my favorite parts of party games like Mafia and Werewolf (the murdery parts) and flips the scenario so everyone around the table is implicated in the murder in some way or another. The objective of the game is basically to convince everyone else that someone at the table is more guilty than you are, and also someone gets to play the ghost of the murdered person, who calls everyone out on their BS.

i’m really happy with the original system i scrapped together for dark sentencer, my first record collection jam game! it was initially going to be a hack of there is no way out of this arena, but then i realized i wanted to explore character creation more, and hit on the core mechanic of drawing a major arcana card to tell you something about your character that you can build on. i like the element of randomness that comes with using a tarot deck to dictate how the game will go, and using suits to determine the mood of a scene came naturally from there, since each suit already has certain meaning ascribed to it.

i mean, clearly wow wow

actually fairly recently, because forum rps are seeing a resurgence with tumblr dying off...but i haven't been truly dedicated to a forum since unforum (a big arg community forum) died back in 2017 :(

my shadowrun gm has us pull from a tarot deck sometimes to determine events that will happen during a session, and it's always very cool and mysterious :)

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hey everyone! i'm marn (she/her pronouns). i've been playing ttrpgs for about four years now, though i've been doing play-by-post roleplay in various forms since roughly 2004-2005! i've tooled around with various homebrew systems/vague hacks of existing systems, but last year's 200 word rpg challenge was the first time i actually ventured into writing my own game for real. for that i wrote banquo at the feast, a shakesperian tragedy "hack" of quick, narrative party games like mafia and werewolf! i also wrote two games for the record collection jam back in january - the dark sentencer (a tarot-based narrative game about escaping space prison), and pick of destiny (a fantasy battle game about rocking demons' faces off). i've also been noodling around with a lasers and feelings hack based on humans vs zombies, a larp/nerf tag game i helped mod for like four years.

i also write a ton (like, a ton) of stuff that isn't games, and i co-host a podcastabout immersive fiction and alternate reality games! you can find me on twitter @corpserevivers.

ooh, i would love a tarot jam! i developed a pretty cool tarot-based system for one of my record collection jam games that i really want to try and apply to other games.

thanks!! i'd seen systems like this with a regular deck of cards before, and wanted to see if i could map it onto a tarot deck instead.