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March Releases!

A topic by casskdesigns created Mar 16, 2019 Views: 871 Replies: 28
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Just released a new project ? Post it here and tell people about it.

We will start a new thread each month. 7 days into a new month, the past month's thread will be archived.


I just released Hearts of Magic: Threads Entangled, a hack of Firebrands about fey nobles, arcanist-bureaucrats, and anarchist witches falling for their enemies, fighting with their friends, and allying with their rivals, amid a struggle for a magepunk fantasy city.  

 it's made up of ten games:

  • Solitaire - what were you doing? what have we heard about you?
  • A Chase - do you have the nerve to pursue?
  • A Conversation Over Food - at ease together, or a tense meal?
  • A Dance - when the music ends, will I see you again?
  • A Free-for-all - why do we fight, and what are the stakes?
  • Meeting Sword to Sword - steel meets steel, gaze meets gaze - who will blink?
  • An Oblique Discussion - how can I tell you the things I can not say?
  • Stealing Time Together - alone, together, with a gentle "may I?"
  • Weaving a Spell - how do the two of us make magic greater than either alone?
  • A Wizard's Battle - can you resist the full strength of my powers?

it's for 3-5 players, with no materials necessary beyond a coin to flip, and intended for one-shot play with no prep and no GM. It's perfect for new players and veteran story gamers alike!


Right now, a game I contributed to is on Kickstarter. It's called Cut to the Chase and there are a bunch of great designers involved that provide some really evocative settings for this two-player microgame.

Kimberly Lam and I recently published Gazetteer, a play-by-post game that runs about 12-40 posts total, and generates the basis for an OSR-ish adventure when played.

I just released Rules Lawyer, a 2-player, competitive game of magical rule generation and argumentation. 


My newest game was for WizJam, and it's still very much a work in progress. It's called cementville. It's a TTRPG for players and a GM about witches and wizards living poor in the rust belt, and how casting and magical goals are effected by poverty. It is a diceless system. Instead of rolling to resolve moves or spells, you instead try to flip a card from at least a foot up to hit a target of the DMs choice. Depending on where and how the cards land, spells and actions have different resolutions. It's made to be played as an ongoing campaign, but could easily be a one shot as well. Let me know what you think!


I had a sudden burst of energy tonight and managed to post two games, somehow?
Embers On My Tongue is a 2+ player game emulating the feeling of Fire Emblem games (both long-term strategy and also making characters smooch). It's diceless and GMless.

Commune is a 2+ player game about a kind-hearted and curious fey creature exploring the human world for the first time. It's also diceless and GMless, played with a jigsaw puzzle.

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So my biggest two "recent" releases (because I've been porting across a lot of stuff into Itch which I have had up on other platforms) are...

Beta Maxx X

Beta Maxx X is a Pulpy Space Opera/Fantasy TTRPG (gorgeous artwork by the skilled George Cotronis aka Ravenkult on Twitter and other places) running on its own d10 die-pool based system. 

The Other World Game

I've created a card and dice based game that is a camp, murderous, fantasy-themed, football (the round ball kind) game.  It should remind you of things like Bloodbowl, and many tropes about 'The World Game'. This is a Print-and-Play set for people to playtest and later this year I am planning to Kickstart to get the rest of the art I will need for the first three teams.

I recently released The Other Shoe , which is a GMless, Tarot based storytelling game about mental illness. I have no idea if it works as a game, honestly, because I didn't feel like playtesting it (I get enough of being mentally ill in real life), but I think it is, at the very least, interesting. 


I just released Anime is Real & It's My Boyfriend, a pbta game meant to evoke the spirit of anime!

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After working for about a week straight I made a first draft of an entire Forged in the Dark game for Wizjam, the Otherselves, where you play regular people in mundane circumstances who also happen to have wildly powerful magic at their disposal. It's meant to evoke the likes of Mob Psycho 100 and Cultist Simulator in what kind of stories you can tell with it, primarily, and it's been a great time both making it and thinking about it for the past two weeks. It follows a dichotomy where using magic utilizes the standard FitD mechanics while mundane life operates as a diceless game. I also plan to keep working on it in the following months, editing and adding stuff over time to render it into a finished product, but it nevertheless ought to be playable as it is right now.


I just last week put out Abkronos, which is a World of Dungeons-derived game based on the old Continuum RPG! It's about travelling in time and space to mess up history and rebel against a time-travelling society that refuses to interfere, with weird and horrifying consequences. It's also just 3 slim pages and designed for quick deployment for one-shots (although there are some mechanics in there that can facilitate multi-session play). It's got me jazzed about making more mini-games while I work on my bigger ongoing projects.

Cool. This is totally my sort of game.

At first I thought "Didn't I make a game almost exactly like that?" But that was a 2 page RPG combining Continuum and Cthulhu Dark. Now I guess I don't have to make the World of Dungeons version, because you already made it.


I just released Steading, a solo-rpg/journaling game about being a witch and making yourself at home in a new place. I wrote it for #WizJam21k19, and you can play it with two six-sided dice and something to write with.


This is good and people should buy it.


I loved this, fyi <3 It's such a sweet game.

aww, thank you! I'm glad you had a good time with it!


The other day I released slough, a solo LARP for #WizJam2k19 about regretting where life has brought you and preparing to change your form and leave your old life behind. It takes about a half hour to play, and requires an index card, a candle, and a book full of forms (animal, plant, mythical) that you might wish to take.

Deleted post

I just released Let someone else pass by in the night to the #CozyGameJam

It is a super short little game about  Maslow's hierarchy of needs and positive sum outcomes in game theory, and totally free.


I've put out Princess Academy Adventures, a PbtA game about demigod-avatar magical princesses having school life adventures in a chaotic world. There's also a sourcebook detailing some of the factions in the world and a few dozen monsters.

I originally made it to play with my daughters, and we've had a lot of fun with it over the years. I figured other people might enjoy it too, so here it is.


I only just recently joined itchio but my third and latest title was submitted for the WizJam: 

 Welcome to Skryndr is a bombastic game about unloveable beings seeking out the aid of wizards to intervene on their behalf.

Players role-play dates and take turns acting as magical matchmakers for their clients, seeking to acquire the enviable accomplishment of a FIVE STAR RATING✨.

All you need to play are some notecards, pencils, and a standard deck of playing cards.

And remember, magic is meant to be your friend, practice consent in all things 💖

Not exactly new, but the first of my things now living on Itch:   Schema, a light engine for Tabletop roleplay with complex stakes, using cards and Fate Dice. 

My most recent game i'm sorry did you say street magic, another WizJam submission! It's a GMless game where players create a city together, and then explore the way that the city grows and evolves over time.

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I'm personally new, and I've brought Rockalypse, the Fate-powered game of post-apocalyptic musical conflict.

It's Tank Girl meets JemBlade Runner meets Scott Pilgrim, and Gorillaz meets...well, the Gorillaz. (They were already playing Rockalypse even before it existed.)

As heard on One Shot

I released a little game this month called Moss Creeps, Stone Crumbles for the #CozyGameJam. It's a diceless, GM-less drawing game about 100 years in the life of a forest. One player in the circle draws a little, minimalist scene and the next one interprets it, and so on:

While we've been working on a different game together for quite some time, my wife and I recently released The River, which is a diceless space fantasy game where the player characters are all star wizards trying to save the source of magick itself from a threat no one else sees, in the hive of scum and villainy that is the Grey Zone. The game is diceless in the sense that mundane tasks are resolved without randomization, while all magick is resolved using a card-based system. There's actually two completely different magick systems that draw from the same poker deck (with jokers).

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While not technically released yet, itch and Lulu get a head start on SAND DOGS!

Sand Dogs is a fast-playing campaign RPG that provides simple but durable rules to play indefinitely in a psychedelic dieselpunk fantasy that links to all the other planes in the Soft Horizon. Obstacles to online play have been removed, making this a go-to choice for playing with friends anywhere on the ‘net.

Hardcopy can be had through Lulu -- if you buy the hardcopy I'll ship you the digital for free.

Technically released now!

I released three games in March. 

They are all prototypes that need love but they are all also very important to me. 

Cast a Queer Spell is a journaling about growing up queer and weird in a repressive magical society that thinks it understands magic. It can be played solo written down or with a group with people talking and being part of the same class as they deal with being misidentified while going from birth to early adulthood. It was made for March of the Wizards.

We Are Beautiful Scrap is a cozy game about super cyborgs after the final battle building a home, pursuing their interests, playing fetch with cyborg t-rexes, and finding the truth of the universe in an endless scrapyard full of ancient wonders. It was made for the Short Rest game jam and was inspired by the first couple minutes of Battle Angel Alita.

No Crime But Living: Fleeing Facist Wizards in a Modern Magical Police State is a dark game about outcast mages hunted by facist wizards for who they are, not anything they've done. It is a dark hack of Psi*Run that adds some twists I'm proud of. It is GM-less, Co-op, and can be played solo (though is better with a few people). It is also as dark as any news program and some characters have a trait that allows the Authority to murder you with impunity for any reason. So, content warnings. All of them. It also features a flexible magic system about embracing your background and what it means, highlights intersectional struggles, and I'm really proud of it even in its current state. It was made for the Roll to Breathe game jam.

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